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cease-fire-hamsThe most obvious thing to leap out of Joe Biden’s weekend interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capeheart was Biden’s abject apology for referring to the fact that Laken Riley’s confessed killer is an illegal alien.

However, what that interview also revealed is that Biden has a very specific reason for demanding that Israel call a ceasefire in its war against Hamas: Doing so will allow Hamas to “survive” and “rebuild.”

As Israel engages in an existential fight against the self-avowed genocidal forces arrayed against her, Biden is stabbing her in the back.

Almost since the beginning of Israel’s war against Hamas, Biden has called for Israel to rein herself in. He tried to be subtle in the beginning, but now that his base has made patently clear that support for Israel is a “red line” for it, he’s become open in his hostility to the Jewish state.

Whether it’s drawing his own “red lines” against Israel’s effort to clean Hamas out of Rafah,* his plan to interfere in Israel’s domestic politics by taking out Benjamin Netanyahu, or his announcement that he’s using U.S. troops to supply Gaza, which really means supplying Hamas, he’s all-in it to ensure that Israel cannot defeat an enemy that openly demands the Jewish people’s extermination.


Biden’s taking sides in the fight became very apparent during the State of the Union speech when, to justify American involvement with boats-on-the-water in Gaza, he used Hamas’s casualty figures. Thus, he claimed that 30,000 civilians were dead.

That’s a number from Hamas, and even the Pentagon had to concede its unreliability when it walked back Lloyd Austin’s reliance on that “data.” In fact, accurate data analysis reveals that Hamas’s casualty numbers, in addition to being unvetted, are manifestly faked:

Here’s the problem with this data: The numbers are not real.
That much is obvious to anyone who understands how naturally
occurring numbers work. The casualties are not overwhelmingly
women and children, and the majority may be Hamas fighters.


Of course, given how successful The Lancet’s lies about Iraqi casualties were in the early days of the Iraq War, it’s not surprising that Hamas would follow the same playbook. Indeed, the Nazis came up with this playbook when they lied about civilian casualties during the Dresden bombing. Yes, civilians died, but the numbers were faked to make the Nazis look like victims.

When thinking about civilian casualty figures during war, there’s something important to keep in mind: When an army targets civilians, as Hamas did in Israel, that’s evil and a war crime. When an army targets a legitimate military objective and civilians get in the way, whether because their home is the battlefield or because, as with Hamas, the military deliberately hides itself amongst civilians, that is not a war crime. It’s tragic, but it’s also the nature of war. Hamas started it, and now Israel wants to finish it.

Biden, however, does not want Israel to finish it. He’s done everything he can to prevent Israel from finishing it, and in his interview with Capeheart, he explicitly stated why: Hamas needs to “survive” and “rebuild.”

CAPEHEART: Who? Who actually wants a deal? Do you think Hamas actually wants a ceasefire?

BIDEN: Well, I think, Hamas would like a total ceasefire across the board because they then they [sic] they see they have a better chance to survive and maybe rebuild. But that’s not what I think the vast majority of people think. You have to look.

[Six second pause as Biden’s brain recalibrates.]

After it happened in World War 2 and the carpet bombing that took place, what happened was we ended up in a situation where we changed the rules of the game, what constitutes the general rules of war.


Biden’s WWII analogy is epically stupid, and that’s separate from his unspoken reliance on those Nazi figures about Dresden.

What we learned from WWI is that after the enemy loses, if you don’t help it rebuild along liberal democratic lines, it may return worse than before.

That’s why, after the Italians, Germans, and Japanese offered unconditional military surrenders, we helped rebuild them in a civil mode.

Biden is twisting that to mean that we must save an unrepentant genocidal enemy’s military and help rebuild that, too.

The classic definition of a gaffe is when a politician accidentally speaks the truth. Biden’s gaffe was epic because he exposed what’s really going on with his machinations since October 7: Hamas must survive and thrive.


Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.