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Jack Kelly


In every army, there are (a few) Grants and (many) McClellans. The key to success in war is to find and promote the Grants. Keep this in mind as you examine what Time magazine calls the "Revolt of the Generals."

Six retired Army and Marine generals have called for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  There are about 4,700 retired flag officers. For every general speaking out against Secretary Rumsfeld, there are more than 780 who are not.

The generals speaking out may have reasons other than patriotism for doing so. Gen. Zinni is flogging a book. MajGen. John Riggs was busted a grade and forced to retire because of a procurement scandal. MajGen. Eaton oversaw the rebuilding of the Iraqi army in 2003-2004, when everyone now agrees this was a disaster.



The mood in Washington has been sour lately, so many were grateful when the Democrats in Congress provided a little levity Wednesday, March 29 by issuing their national security strategy.

It would have been more appropriate to delay its release until Saturday, April 1st - April Fools' Day.

On Feb. 3rd, the Defense Department issued its quadrennial report on defense strategy.  It was 92 pages long.  The "Democratic Plan to Protect America and Restore Our Leadership in the World" is six pages long.  Half of these pages are in Spanish, saying what was said in English.  And there is a cover page in each language. 

So the actual "plan" is just two pages long, presented in bullet points in large type, with plenty of white space between them.  It contains 833 words. Party elders must have burned the midnight oil for months to produce this magnum opus.