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“Yogi” of course is Yogi Berra.  One of his most legendary aphorisms was, “It’s never over until it’s over.”  Well, this game sure isn’t over yet – despite the virtually criminal deception of CNN and Fox in reporting and displaying the election results.

It’s 4pm eastern time, and both just “projected” Wisconsin to be for China Joe – “Pushing Trump’s prospects of reaching 270 further away,” screeched Fox.

We’ll get to Wisconsin’s massive vote fraud in a moment – but for right now, let’s examine the Newsmax map above.  While it stubbornly like everyone else reports Trumps Electoral count stuck at 214, click on the map link, run your cursor over Georgia, and you’ll get:


With 99% of the vote, Trump is ahead by 76,000.  Trump has won Georgia, so add its 16 to 214: 230.  Do this for North Carolina and you get the same:


Add 15 to 230: 245.  Pennsylvania looks like this:


His lead of 320,000 votes is so insurmountable the Trump Campaign just declared it:


Add 20 to 245: 265.  Now toss in Alaska’s 3 (he’s got 63% of the vote) and POTUS is at 268 – just 2 shy of the magic 270.  Team Trump’s internals make them sure they’ll carry Arizona by 30K votes when the counting’s done. Data Orbital thinks the same. Adding AZ’s 11 puts them over the top.

Yes, the Dems in charge of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are doing their best to steal the election, Team Trump lawyers are suing, and it will end up in court.  But the steal is just too big to get away with in PA – so if POTUS carries Arizona he’s reelected.

So keep the champagne on ice – too soon to pop any corks, but the time to do so may not be far off.