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The first thing to be grateful to GZ for is, we no longer need refer to Zero as black. 

Zimmerman is the son of a white father, Robert Zimmerman of German extraction, and a Hispanic mother, Gladys Mesa from Lima, Peru.  According to Reuters, the father of Gladys’ maternal grandmother was part Black African, or "Afro-Peruvian."

At first, the racist narrative of the Enemedia required that GZ be identified as "white" – after all, he had a very white name.  When it was discovered his mother was Peruvian Latino, they invented the term "white Hispanic" to describe him.  As Bernard Goldberg noted on Fox, they couldn’t say GZ was simply Hispanic, or leave race out the story altogether.

No, the story had to be "white racist vigilante shoots unarmed black kid."  The entire foundation of what makes this a news story is racism.  So GZ is always without fail described by the Enemedia as "white Hispanic."  Oh, okay.  That means that Barack Hussein Obama is no longer just plain black.  He is now, and should forever be described as "white black," with a white mother and a black father.

Zero is not "the first black president" – he is the first "white black president."  From now on, you get to inform any journalist or letter-to-the-editor writer or media talking head who insists on calling Zero "black" that he/she is to call him instead, "white black" just like they call GZ "white Hispanic."

The Libtard Enemedia has no one to blame for this travesty but themselves.  It is only because of their racist insistence that GZ is white (shhh… part Hispanic also) that you’re watching wall-to-wall TV news coverage of the trial, that black racists like Al Sharpton are screaming their heads off and threatening violence if GZ is found not guilty.

The trial, of course, is a ludicrous farce.  The witnesses for the prosecution have obliterated the case against him. 

Eyewitness neighbor Jonathan Good testified that, although it was at night, he could see the two fighting with a person in black clothing on top throwing  "ground and pound" punches "MMA-style," and the person being punched on the bottom wearing red clothing and having lighter skin.  Martin was wearing a black hoodie while Zimmerman was wearing a red jacket.

Sanford Police Investigator Chris Serino testified that when questioning GZ he tried to trick him by telling him something that wasn’t true (to get his reaction which might reveal a suspect is lying or inconsistent) – namely, that there was video surveillance footage of the shooting, GZ’s reaction was a relieved "Thank God."  (Note that Serino, for refusing to advocate GZ should be prosecuted for murder instead of manslaughter, was demoted to lowly patrolman.)

There’s more – including the ridiculous testimony of the state’s "star witness," a rude, crude, mentally-challenged lying illiterate named Rachel Jeantel – but the bottom line is the case against GZ is imploding so badly that the hyper-libtards at MSNBC agree that there is "little hope" of his conviction.   That includes Goldie Taylor, who is so in the tank for Trayvon that she wore a hoodie on MSNBC once to show her "solidarity" for GZ’s black "victim."  She’s black herself, of course.

This brings us to Surviving A Riot by Shooting Illustrated writer Bob Owens.  It’s in your interests to consider Bob’s advice, and that in the book he recommends, A Failure of Civility, written by two SpecOps combat vets.  You can get the Kindle edition for 10 bucks.

Let’s go beyond this, however.  All the way to Egypt.  What is going on there is simply astounding.  The pictures -such as those of this UPI story, are jaw-dropping.  Especially when you consider what millions upon millions of Egyptians are demonstrating against:  radical Islamism and Sharia law which they equate with fascist tyranny.

Egyptians overthrew the corrupt tyranny of Hosni Mubarak only to end up with a sharia tyranny of the Moslem Brotherhood in its place – and even though the vast majority of Egyptians are Moslem, they aren’t going to stand for it.

Who or what is behind these gigantic protests?  An amorphous movement called Tamarod, meaning "Rebel" or "Rebellion" in Arabic.  Its goal is the resignation of President Morsi and the removal of the Moslem Brotherhood from power, followed by new elections.

Now, here’s what almost no one gets so far:  The Tamarod movement is Egypt’s Tea Party.  Both are anti-fascist freedom movements.  Of course, the US Tea Parties have a far deeper and more solid foundation – the US Constitution and the demand for the federal government to limit itself to the Constitution’s enumerated powers.

Nonetheless, what is happening in Egypt should inspire all Tea Partyers in America.  If tens of millions of Egyptians can demand the resignation of their corrupt fascist leader, why can’t tens of millions of Americans do the same?

Well, then, why aren’t they?  Americans have the greatest tradition of freedom in human history.  Egyptians don’t have any at all.  So why aren’t vast numbers of Americans in the streets demanding their freedom from the federalie fascisti, led by an irretrievably corrupt president who hates their country?  What does it take?

Maybe it takes George Zimmerman getting acquitted. 

It looks like he has to be, given the case against him is non-existent.  And should he be, there will be race riots.  I don’t want them, no one except racist crazies want them, but there are a lot of racist crazies who do, so there will be.  And not just by blacks on whites, by the way, but on Hispanics and Asians as well, bet on it.

And you can bet that however many racist crazies there are determined to Kill Whitey, to loot, pillage, and rape, there are orders of magnitude more normal people with lots of guns even more determined to stop them.

So here’s the question:  Could race riots all over the country be the spark, the catalyst, that ignites a massive demand in the millions for Zero to resign?

America at this moment is a tinderbox.  Scores of millions of Americans are sick, tired, and above their nostrils with government lies, taxes, scandals, corruption, incompetence, moral depravity, moochers, a lousy economy with no jobs, and liberal guilt trips blaming them for it all.     

In a blind leap of faith, they elected a white black man with no qualifications whatever to be their president, solely on the color of his skin.  Exhausted by the endless accusation they were racist, they voted for him in order to prove once and for all they weren’t – and in their bottomless naïveté, thought they would be absolved of their racist sins.

But this just made them suckers to have the guilt trip ladled on thicker than ever.  And now we’ve come to this.  Something, somewhere and sometime, is going to snap.  The utter, complete total absurdity of George Zimmerman’s prosecution and threats of pillaging race riots if he’s not found guilty against all evidence, combined with the utter, complete total failure of Zero’s scandalous presidency could combine into the perfect storm.

The perfect storm to rid America of the curse of liberal guilt and libtard culture, of race hustling, of federalie fascism, and this fascist white black president.  We may end up with a constitutional government, or we may end up with Red States going their own way and breaking America apart, letting Blue State Moocher America fend for itself.

The Blue States may end up with the terror of a Second French Revolution.  But after they’ve gone through their spasm of insanity, maybe they’ll come to their senses enough to join Constitutional America again.

Will the fate of a night watchman in Sanford, Florida determine the fate of America?  I don’t know nor does anyone else.  But our country is a tinderbox, and his fate could be the spark.  What will be left after the fire – just ashes or a phoenix rising out of them?  I’m betting on the American Phoenix, and if he emerges, I’ll say, "Thanks, George."