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The biggest problem we now face is the most basic of all: our elections are tainted, and our government is becoming more illegitimate each election cycle. Totalitarian control of our lives is just over the horizon.

There are several concrete steps that can be taken to ensure fair elections, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are either too fearful or too corrupted themselves to propose a solution that would result in a legitimate government. I’m writing to ask TTPers what you think should be done.

This week (2/19), Fox News headlined a story:  Did An Obama Supporter Vote 6 Times?

This article represents the barest tip of the iceberg. Four years ago a snowbird neighbor here in Florida for the winter from Boston admitted to me that he had voted absentee in Massachusetts and in person here, and that he knew others who customarily do the same. I told him that he and they had committed felonies. He just laughed and said that they’d all get away with it. And, of course, they did.

Stories like the one in the link make me want to slam my head on the table in frustration. Fraud is rampant and naked, especially in national elections. If it’s not stopped — and it can be — you realize that we no longer have a legitimate government.

We all know who is benefiting from the fraud, which gets more and more brazen every electoral cycle. Every politician who opposes rational and reasonable steps to prevent cheating and ensure honest elections deserves to be thrown out of the Capitol then prosecuted for knowingly enabling or perpetrating election fraud.

Illegitimate governments deserve to be overthrown, indeed, they must be and their puppet administrations locked away forever in ignominious sack cloth and ashes.

In 2008,  Obama told us in so many words that the civilian military force he seeks would be as well funded and armed as the U.S. military. You don’t have to wonder why. The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition –1.6 billion rounds so far –and these bullets, mostly for 9 millimeter and .40 caliber firearms, are the more expensive (and medically significant) hollow point variety, which are illegal for military use.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal recently provided a specific example of admitted voter fraud. The proud cheater in this story should be made a cautionary example: prosecuted, fined heavily, jailed, and disenfranchised permanently. She’s admitted her guilt. If the likes of her aren’t dealt with severely, before long we’ll see open voter fraud in every precinct.

Either responsible citizens will do something about it, or before long America won’t be worth living in anymore. What are we going to do about this? Does the GOP have the moxie? (Doubtful.) Will the Democrats redouble their efforts until the day that dissent can be criminalized? (Undoubtedly, unless a firestorm of citizens’ rage gives them an attitude adjustment.)

Voter fraud is so prevalent by now that I believe as much as 10% of all votes nationwide are fraudulent, and that the percentage of fraud is significantly higher than that in some heavily Democrat precincts and states. Cheating redounds to Democrat benefit by an almost absurdly solid margin.

I would estimate 25:1, and Democrat friendly organizations like ACORN or whatever its name is now are totally and nakedly dedicated to increasing fraud, with heavy political support from Democrats in Congress, and Obama who was an ACORN lawyer.

After the 2012 elections, which many commentators who are anything but cranks believe was stolen, there was a dismaying number of reports of various precincts in Blue states with turnouts of up to 131% of registered voters, with 100% of votes cast going to Obama in more than a few of those places.

The mathematical odds of a unanimous vote for any candidate are zero in any populated place that’s not controlled by a totalitarian entity. If there was a shred of legality in those results, at least a few "lofo" — low information — voters would have voted for Romney, if only by mistake. That it didn’t happen is solid proof of rampant cheating. Of course, it was Uncle Joe Stalin who said, "It’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes."

By now most historians have conceded that the 1960 presidential election was stolen with stuffed ballot boxes in Hizzonner Richard J. Daley’s Chicago and LBJ’s Texas. Nixon, a patriot if nothing else, didn’t want to divide the nation and de-legitimize the federal government, so he kept his objections to himself, all the way to his grave.

In 2000, Algore was prevented from stealing the presidency by eagle-eyed Floridian volunteer observers of vote counters. A Democrat Party official was caught with a stack of pre-marked ballots in the trunk of his car at the place where the votes were being publicly counted. All Gore needed was 538 more to swing the election. Denied his prize, his "birthright," by such a razor thin margin, he went Nutso Rizzo, and it served him — if not the outside world since then — right.

In Washington State and in Minnesota a gubernatorial and a Senate election, respectively, were stolen by Christine Gregoire and Al Franken as "new" votes kept being found and added to the tallies until, after multiple recounts, the Democrats finally prevailed. In those deep Blue states the counting was declared over as soon as enough Democrat votes could be manufactured.

In no instance was any major election "recounted" to Republican advantage. All recounts in recent history have benefited Democrats. In no instance that I know of did a Republican draw closer in margin to a Democrat, let alone eke out an electoral majority on a recount. It’s a one way street.

If Americans ever want to have a legitimate government again, drastic steps must be taken to clean out the fraud and the fraudsters. Without an honest electoral system, the government we have completely loses its legitimacy and should be overthrown, since it exists illegally. Any politician who objects to what I am about to say deserves a plumeopician (covered with tar and feathers) ride out of town.

Here are some suggestions:

1.) To clear dead, illegal, or ineligible voters from voter rolls, all registrations in all fifty states should be rescinded — thrown away — and each eligible voter should be given one year to register again in his home precinct, bringing along official ID, including a vault copy of the birth certificate, to verify citizenship and non-criminal status. Then an official federal picture ID should be provided for each voter. This ID should be protected by holograms and a magnetic strip with information verifying the voter’s identity. Without this ID, voting should be prohibited, with very few well circumscribed exceptions. Provisional voting or election day registrations should also be prohibited.

2.) The Clinton era Motor Voter bill should be repealed. Its sole purpose was to increase numbers of ineligible voters, benefiting Democrats. Any politician who still supports it favors voter fraud and does not belong in representative government. (See "plumeopician" above.)

3.) With the exception of invalids, American diplomats, and members of the armed forces who are deployed overseas, absentee voting should be outlawed. States like Oregon that have changed their plebiscite to mail in ballots should be given a solid whack on the tops of their heads and have their permissive laws overturned by federal courts. Cheating is the natural (and intended) result of making voting this easy. All Americans should appear in person at their local precincts on Election Day, official ID in hand, to be allowed to vote. All Americans should vote on the same day. If hour long lines are expected, open more precincts.

4.) To prevent people voting more than once, or in more than one state, verification and counting should be computerized and federalized. As a dyed-in-the-wool federalist and "Big L" libertarian, I hate to have to resort to federal control of anything other than foreign policy and national defense, but our voting system is rotten to the core and must be reformed. 

5.) Amnesty for illegals with the concomitant right to vote should never happen; that would never happen in any other nation. Only natural and naturalized citizens should be allowed to vote.

6.) Efforts by various states to weasel their way around the Electoral College and apportion electoral votes by district should be overturned by federal courts. Splitting electoral votes by district benefits Republicans, especially in Blue states, but all states should play by the same rules in national elections.

The idea of eliminating the Electoral College should be anathema to all thinking citizens, especially those who live in flyover country. Without those states’ electoral votes (which Yogi Berra called "those electrical votes"), national politicians can ignore them with impunity, and elections will be contested solely in the big cities. Further: the Electoral College confines cheating to a certain state, rather than tainting the entire national tally of popular votes.

7.) Anyone caught casting an illegal vote should be a.) permanently disenfranchised, b.) fined no less that $10,000, and c.) jailed for at least ninety days. Organized voter fraud (pioneered by ACORN and various unions) should carry long prison terms.  Colonial stocks, the pillory, and a special ducking stool for Pelosi Galore should be brought back into use.

OK, maybe not the ducking stool.  The main point is that: The Democrat Party has now institutionalized election theft, resulting in an illegitimate government. An illegitimate government should not be obeyed.

This issue is of bedrock importance.  Eliminating voter fraud should be able to win massive popular support if presented clearly and unapologetically to patriotic citizens. The only ones shrieking in dismay will be those who know they’re benefiting from it. Again, as a libertarian, I have severe qualms about federalizing voter registration, but cannot see any other solution that would work.

TTPers, what do you think?

David McAlister is a TTPer of many years.  He lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida.