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I had my say about Ron Paul in No Paulista.  Yet the good gynecologist from Lake Jackson, Texas, has a devoted following among TTPers, and it is in their honor that To The Point is holding a contest.

And that is for the greatest Libertarian Motion Picture.

What movie ever made, in your opinion, best celebrates individual freedom, private property, the loathing and ridicule of government tyranny, the glory of the individual human being, and which has the most fun doing so?

There are a lot of choices.  We think of Hollywood as an anti-American cesspool of liberal lunacy.  But once you begin to look around, there's a wealth of pro-freedom entertainment.

I mean, what was the original Star Wars but a struggle for freedom against tyranny?  Or Lord of the Rings?

You might choose Shenandoah starring Jimmy Stewart, who struggles to be free of both the North and the South in the Civil War ("The war is not mine and I take no note of it.")

Or the greatest movie John Wayne ever made, The Searchers, whose Ethan Edwards is an ultimate in individualism.

It might be Casablanca, where the capitalist Humphrey Bogart and idealist Ingrid Bergman fight the Nazis. 

What about Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal?  There was no greater champion of the individual than Ayn Rand, no greater literary expression of that ideal than the character of Howard Roark.

My own choice might surprise you.  It's Paint Your Wagon with Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, and Jean Seberg.   It's hands down the funniest libertarian movie ever, and has lines like Marvin, playing prospector Ben Rumson in the Gold Rush days, explaining to his partner, Eastwood, "Look here, this is California.  Out here you don't have to love your neighbor.  You just leave the bastard alone."

The Gold Rush boom town they create, No Name City, has a legal code based on mining law, but there is no government of any kind whatever, no police or sheriff, and it's peaceful with no crime.  It's been my favorite flick for forty years.

So what's yours?  Let us know – and To The Point's impartial panel of judges will pick the winner.

Our panel of judges will be composed of all the attendees at the Sarasota Beach Party Rendezvous

As we watch a glorious sunset on the beach, a vote will be taken and the winner, should he or she be among us, will be awarded a Long Island Ice Tea. 

And if the winner is not among us, but has instead chosen to remain in some frozen winter wasteland instead, then we will all have a Long Island Ice Tea or its equivalent in his or her honor.        

So you better come to the Rendezvous.  You just might win.  And you sure wouldn't want to miss that sunset.