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Melania speaking at the Rose Garden last night (8/25)

Melania speaking at the Rose Garden last night (8/25)

Last night’s (8/25) lineup of speakers and events at the Republican National Convention was simply astonishing.  One wag commented: “Watching the DNC was like standing in an endless line at the DMV – watching the RNC was like an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii!”

There were at least 25 speakers – too many to discuss here – plus POTUS’ showmanship genius on display.  The Theme of RNC Day 2 was “America – The Land of Opportunity.”  What we’re going to do is provide a selection of what happened – to inspire you, to strengthen your conviction that November 3 will result in Freedom’s victory over Fascism and a Trump landslide for the record books.  And as encouragement to explore YouTube to watch more of what went on last night.

Be ensconced in your most comfortable chair, have adult beverage fortification at hand, and a hankie for no way you’re not going to tear (and cheer).  We begin with Daniel Cameron, Attorney General of Kentucky.

Ryan Holets, New Mexico Police Officer:

Nick Sandman, who has won defamation lawsuits against major media outlets such as WaPo and CNN for their attempts at trying to ruin his life:

Abby Johnson.  Be prepared for this, it’s a rough ride.  You’ll be more inspired than ever to support our President in his battle against Democrats’ satanic evil:

Jon Ponder, convicted bank robber and Richard Beasley, the FBI agent who arrested him, who tell the story of Jon’s redemption – after which POTUS has a special surprise:

Myron Lizer, Vice-President of the Navaho Nation:

Robert Vlaisavljevich (vly-sav-yay-vitch), Democrat mayor of Eveleth, a small iron ore mining town in Minnesota:

Tiffany Trump.  We haven’t seen much of POTUS’ second daughter, but after this, a lot of people will be clamoring to see and hear more. Wow:

Live from the White House, the President hosts a naturalization ceremony where five people from Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan, and Ghana are sworn in as American citizens.  Listen to the oath carefully, then the President’s words.  What a contrast to the Dem’s supporting illegals more than these new citizens.

Of course we save the best for last.  Powerful, moving, speaking from the heart, the most elegant and extraordinary First Lady our country has ever had, addressing the nation from the Rose Garden:

Quite a night.  The Dems are left rolling in the dust.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.  Can’t wait for November 3rd.