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A Special Announcement from To The Point

With the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts this week, the Democrats have abandoned their maniacal attempt to pass ObamaCare "health reform" legislation.

Yet it is little known that a significant part of the ObamaCare program has secretly already been voted into law as part of the stimulus bill Congress passed in February, 2009. 

Last September, you learned that Sarah Palin’s Death Panels Already Exist.

They are the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, which will set policy, and the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, who will enforce it.

The stimulus bill – Obama’s "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act" of $787 billion – authorizes $1.1 billion for the Federal Council and $19.5 billion for the Coordinator, for a total $20.6 billion.

The mortal threat that ObamaCare poses to the health and freedom of all Americans cannot be eliminated until the sections of the stimulus bill authorizing funding for the Federal Council and the Coordinator are repealed.

Today (1/22), Congressman Thad McCotter (R-MI) introduced legislation to do just that:  The Freedom from Rationed Health Care Act.  The Bill number is HR 4500.

The Bill rescinds all funding for and repeals all provisions of the ‘‘Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality” and the ‘‘Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology,” and directs the money to the Federal Treasury to reduce federal debt.

Rep. McCotter’s medical advisor, orthopedic surgeon Dave Janda, MD states:

"The Freedom From Rationed Health Care Act repeals the Democrats’ flawed premise for government-run health care – specifically, that cutting costs by denying and rationing care for every American will reduce health care costs. As a practicing physician on the frontline, I believe the Democrats’ government-run rationing approach is the most unethical and inhumane means of addressing health care costs."

Rep. McCotter believes that once Americans understand that secret death panel health rationing boards were hidden in the Stimulus Bill, they will be outraged and support his legislation to eliminate them.

He urges that Americans tell their fellow citizens about the secret Stimulus Bill Death Panels and HR 4500.  To The Point could not encourage you more to do so.