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Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin

Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin

Let’s be clear:  The Democrat Party has gone full Marxist Nazi Fascist.

They mean to eliminate our Constitution and Bill of Rights, such as the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion. They have already eliminated due process, free and fair elections, and the democratic legitimacy of government in America.

They mean to impose upon all Americans a totalitarian submission to them equal to that of Soviet Russia, Communist Cuba, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Communist China.  They mean to commit genocide upon “white supremacists” – meaning all whites but themselves.

Yet there is a fatal flaw in their plan.  Here’s the thought experiment to expose it.

Imagine:  Would there have been a Soviet Union without Lenin or Stalin?  A Communist Cuba without Castro?  A Fascist Italy without Mussolini?  A Nazi Germany without Hitler?  A Communist China without Mao?

The questions answer themselves:  No, there never would have been.  Each of these horrific dictatorships required a uniquely charismatic dictator to create them.  The same goes for Argentina and Perón, North Korea and Kim Il Sung, Zimbabwe and Mugabe, Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini, Venezuela and Chavez.

The key word above is create.  Once a totalitarian dictatorship is made possible and created by an individual of charismatic evil, it can be perpetuated and sustained by its ruling elite, bureaucracy, and secret police once the dictator dies.

Unless extinguished quickly by military force, as was Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, they develop a Newtonian inertial momentum that can keep on going for decades until it is purposefully stopped — such as Ronald Reagan did with the Soviet Union.

Thus Cuba remains Communist without Castro, Venezuela ruled by a Maduro nobody, NorkLand by a fat kid, China morphs into a fascism of Han nationalism while pretending to revere Mao.

Yet the fact remains, none of these criminally insane governments would ever have gotten off the ground without the charismatic leader who created them.

So we come to the Democrats’ Fatal Flaw.  They have no Castro, no Mao, no Hitler.  They have no leader at all of any charisma whatever.  You can’t get a political leader with less charisma, less capacity to lead millions into submission than the senile corrupt pedophile whom the Dems have chosen – unless it is the eternally unlovable harlot they plan to be his replacement.

The Democrats thought they could put the cart before the horse.  The Frankfurt School of Marxism enabled their “march through the institutions,” resulting in their current monopolistic control of academia Kindergarten through college, Big Media, Big Social Media, Big Tech, Big Hollywood, the Deep Administrative State.

That’s the cart to carry them across the finish line:  full Marxist Nazi Fascist control of the Federal Government with full control over the lives of every American.  But not only did they put the cart before the horse – they’ve got no horse.

Which means they have no hope whatever of generating the passionate following of millions required to achieve their dream.  Who can generate that for them?  Not Cadaver & Whore.  Gov. Nursing Home Killer in Albany?  Gov. Lockdown in Sacramento?  Stacey the Blob in Georgia?  No one.  Nobody.  They’ve got no horse.

But we do.

The biggest, baddest, strongest, bravest, most kick-ass charismatic horse in America by orders of magnitude who already has the passionate following of eighty to a hundred million Americans of every race, color, creed, and economic class from worker to billionaire.

The cosmic irony is that he is a charismatic leader for freedom, not freedom’s extinction, for America’s founding principles, not their elimination, for cutting off the tentacles of the Deep State, not tightening them around our throats, for weakening our nation’s enemies, not strengthening them, in sum, for America and Western Civilization, not their destruction.

This is an opportunity Providence is handing our Freedom Leader and every patriot in America on a platinum platter – to conduct a Second American Revolution of Peaceful Civil Disobedience refusing to obey the dictates of an illegitimate, unlawful, and unelected Ersatz Government in Washington, and its minions in Dem-run states and cities.

Mass civil disobedience is what won freedom for blacks against the Jim Crow laws of the Democrat South.  It is what will enable all of us to win our freedom from Democrat Fascism today.

Note that refusal to obey is not pacifism.  Self-defense against the initiation of violence is a fundamental human right.  The 2nd Amendment must be put to use.  Any Antifa thugs attacking us must be Rittenhoused.

We have the opportunity today to collapse the entire edifice of Democrat Fascist control over our culture, our institutions, and our government, just as President Reagan succeeded in doing with the Soviet Union.

We have the President to lead us to Make America Free Again.  By rallying and fighting for him, we will make sure the flaw in the Democrat plan to destroy America is fatal.