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Senator Good Ole Boy, John Kennedy of Louisiana

Senator Good Ole Boy, John Kennedy of Louisiana

Crazy Joe Biden released a new budget recently, and it’s absolutely gut-busting. With the topline total hitting an eye-watering $6.9 trillion, it would be the most expensive budget in American history, and it’s not even close. It’s so bad that it makes Barack Obama look conservative.

Luckily, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), who is famous for his dry sense of humor, has the perfect solution for what to do with it.

“Sen. John Kennedy: ‘The only way I know how to improve the President’s budget is with a shredder.’

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) March 12, 2023


Hammer, meet nail. Biden’s budget would be an abject disaster, both from the standpoint of fiscal sanity and from a policy perspective as well.

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently pointed out, the president’s proposed budget mentions equity 63 times while mentioning climate 148 times. In other words, it’s a radical progressive extravaganza meant to restructure the entire nation around left-wing ideals.

Given all the issues the nation is dealing with, does this seem like a good time to be reshaping it in the image of race hustlers and socialists?  Would there be any time whatever to do this?

Of course, there is the out-sized monetary aspect to consider as well. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the blowing out of spending under the guise of providing emergency relief, the United States spent around $5 trillion a year.

Even at that lower number, deficits were at or near $1 trillion per year. Under Biden’s proposal, any future gains in tax revenue would be completely eaten up, and baseline deficits would hover around $1.5 trillion per year for the next ten years.

This can’t continue forever, and you’d think elected officials would at least hit the brakes, even if they aren’t willing to cut spending, which is what sanity requires. But nope, Biden is content to just keep raising spending levels until we all end up eating nothing but beans and using leaves as toilet paper.

Besides, the short-term effects are terrible as well. All this spending will undoubtedly push inflation, which has already sky-rocketed under the current administration, even higher. How does paying $10 for a dozen eggs sound?

It’s high time to face this reality: There’s something especially insidious about having a geriatric president who knows he’s not going to make it ten more years spending the rest of us and future generations into oblivion. So much for all that empathy the press claims Biden has.

That’s one reason we should strive to have as few people over 75 in government as possible. There’s very little incentive to do the right thing when you know you won’t be around to suffer the consequences.


Bonchie names himself for his Scottish family ancestors from Dumfries, Scotland.