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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 10/15/20

the-art-of-the-dealArt of the Deal:

Rubino: Well Played, Mr. President. Sorry To Have Doubted You


Instant Karma –  I LOVE this!

NY GOP Foils TikTok Pranksters with Fee, Reaps $16K from Trump Haters


Distrust in upcoming election accuracy is at a record high:

Poll: Confidence in Accuracy of Upcoming Election Matches Record Low


The ‘Crats are crazed:

Another Coup? Trump Slams “Crazy Nancy” After Speaker Unveils 25th Amendment Panel


Pelosi invests big bucks in CrowdStrike, a key mover in the Russia Russia Russia conspiracy against Trump:

Pelosis Take Big Stake In CrowdStrike, Democrat-Connected Linchpin Of Russia Probe


How the central banks have destroyed productivity increases:

On The Destruction Of The World Economy By The Central Banks


When more is never enough; how ever increasing debt is destroying economic growth:

More Stimulus And The 2nd Derivative Effect


On the other hand – Excellent news:

Small Business Optimism Soars to Prepandemic Levels


Unmasking tyranny:

Does The Coronavirus Make Our Constitutional Freedom Of Assembly Obsolete?

(Only if you’re a BLM/Antifa rioter)


CDC article on mask effectiveness:


Watch out for those unregistered high capacity knives that are sold without background checks:

FBI: Over 4 Times More Killed with Knives Than Rifles


Look out for those unregistered no background check high capacity fists:

FBI: More People Killed with Hands, Fists, than Rifles in 2019


The 2020 Final Solution for Freedom:

Blue State Blues: Once Socialism Gets In, You Can Never Vote It Out


Another NYT conspiracy theory:

Nolte: New York Times Spreads, Scrubs Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory


‘Crat court packing plans:

Exclusive — Pence: Biden, Harris Must ‘Come Clean’ on Court Packing


No, They Don’t’: Joe Biden Dismisses Idea that Voters ‘Deserve’ to Know Court Packing Stance


What could happen after the election:

Doug Casey On What Happens After The Election


Blueprint for an election disrupting coup.  The irony is strong in this one.  Here are the Commie Dems telling us how to prevent Trump from an electoral coup which they are engineering against him!

Stopping the Coup: The 2020 Guide


They asked for it, and they got it.  No one cares about you, LeBron!

Ratings for NBA Finals Finale Crash by Nearly 70% from 2019, Again