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Article Archives

SKYES LINKS 08/20/20

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Rolling Over: The Number Of US Hospitalizations Is Declining By 1 Percent Per Day


Don’t let anyone guilt you over the bad consequences of their own behavior; unwise shortsighted  behavior that results in deadly consequences rather than systemic racism  is causing more minority deaths from the Wuhan virus:

Social distancing responses to COVID-19 emergency declarations strongly differentiated by income



November 3, 2020; the shape of things to come:

Election Roulette: How To Rig An Outcome


Something about China; interesting correlation between crops, culture, and humans regulating human  behavior:

Historically rice-farming societies have tighter social norms in China and worldwide


Good comments on inflation:

The Road To Inflation In Post-COVID Times


If you thought that the 737-MAX was as bad as it could get, just wait for airplanes designed by this generation of STEM graduates:

Students Claim ‘Merit’-Criteria “Possess Inherent Bias”


This will fix it:

“That’s Ridiculous”: Jill Biden – Not Joe, Appears On Live TV To Defend VP’s Cognitive Ability


Get ’em now:

Kamala Harris Brings Extreme Gun Control Position to Biden Ticket



Chicago BLM Organizer Defends Looting: ‘That Is Reparations’


Notable figures:

Kristi Noem: More South Dakotans Dead from ‘Accidental Injuries’ than Coronavirus


Small business survey:

Survey Shows Twice as Many Small Businesses Say They Can Survive Current Conditions


Smart play: this is a facially invalid content based restriction on speech and is subject to strict scrutiny:

Nolte: Nevada’s Democrat Governor Punishes Casino for Holding Worship Service


Good grief!

Nolte: L.A. Times Claims Camping Is Racist


State of the economy:

Carney: The Economic Recovery Looks Stronger Than Expected


The Left wants a huge federal government, and now they are getting it:

Feds Stepping in to Prosecute Portland Rioters Charged with Crimes


Darn right!

Nolte: HBO Max Vandalizes ‘Blazing Saddles’ with Patronizing Explanation


HUGE First [Second!] Amendment win in the Ninth Circuit:

Ninth Circuit Rules Against California Ban on ‘Large Capacity Mags’


Good news for everyone – except the ‘Crats:

Retail Sales Rise on Strong Electronics and Appliance Stores Sales


Voters will love this:

BLM Activists Storm Seattle Neighborhood, Demand Residents Get Out



Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman


Game changing, if for real:

Saliva Test For COVID-19 With “Less Than 1 Second” Results Enters Trial Phase In Israel


Get ready for a lot more:

YouTube To End Election “Interference”… By Interfering With The Free Press


It is going to get a lot worse between now and Nov. 3:

Facebook Bans Hundreds Of QAnon Groups, Pages And Instagram Accounts


Do you Google?  Watch YouTube?  Use G-Mail?

Report: Google Passes Data on ‘Far Right’ Users to Counterterrorism Agency


Cuomo coverup of his NY nursing home coronavirus deaths; when even the AP can’t stomach it, it is really bad:

Cuomo brushes back AP report of care home death undercount