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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 08/04/22


Huge jackpot win in the 9th Circuit on social media being a public forum and that the First Amendment prohibits viewpoint discrimination by public officials on this media.  This is a very big deal that has received practically no attention, and has immensely important consequences going forward.  If appealed to SCOTUS, I’m confident that this 3-0 decision will be upheld:

9th Circuit: Political Officials’ Blocking of Social Media Comments May Violate the First Amendment


Evidence of social media collaboration with the Federalies arrives:

CDC Gave Big Tech Platforms Guidance On COVID Censorship


The Rumble versus Google lawsuit moves forward to the discovery stage.  Here is why this is likely to be a very big deal:

Court Rejects Google’s Attempt To Dismiss Rumble’s Antitrust Lawsuit, Ensuring Vast Discovery

Would-be SCOTUS assassin Nicholas Roske

Would-be SCOTUS assassin Nicholas Roske

Crickets from the MSM on the attempt to assassinate three SCOTUS Justices to save Roe:

Nicholas Roske Used Reddit and Discord To Plan Assassination of Kavanaugh And Potentially Two Other Justices


The above is to be expected considering the concerted attacks on the legitimacy of SCOTUS by the ‘Crats:

“Rebalance The Bench”: Turley Opines On Democrat Push For ‘Sweeping’ Supreme Court Changes


The origin of the lockdowns that wrecked America:

Fauci, Birx, & The Small-Print That Destroyed America


On the origins of the Fauci/CCP virus that killed millions:

Rand Paul: Gain-of-Function Hearing Showed Fauci Is Being Dishonest, We Need to Stop Sending China Things that Can Create Bioweapons


“Man Bites Dog” story — Mexico City residents are concerned about the flood of American immigrants:

Los Angeles Times Sounds the Alarm on Mass Immigration — of Americans in Mexico City

Also used on climate alarmist models

Also used on climate alarmist models

Those rising temperature reports don’t really mean what they claim:

Garbage In, Garbage Out: 96% of NOAA Temperature Stations Fail ‘Uncorrupted Placement’ Standards


Got food?  BASF slashes ammonia (fertilizer) production in Germany:

BASF Prepares To Slash Ammonia Production In Germany Amid Worsening NatGas Crunch

UN Human Rights Council meeting

UN Human Rights Council meeting

Got food?  Do you think that I am unrealistically alarmed? There really is a major plot:

UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War On Farmers’


Got electricity?  Not for much longer at anywhere near the current price if you live in Hawaii.  This is coming to your own state very soon:

Hawaii Electricity Prices To Skyrocket As Final Shipment Of Coal Arrives


Got oil and gas?  Why fracking can no longer quickly fix our energy problems:

US Frack Growth Constrained In “Perfect Storm”


Got holsters?  The Federalies want your name, address, and the gun types:

US Department Of Commerce Asks Gun Holster Companies For Sales Records


Multiple FBI whistleblowers have stepped forward to House Republicans to expose deep state FBI corruption:

Whistleblowers: FBI Manipulating ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Data To Fit Biden Narrative


Continuing mask mandate madness and other Fauci/CCP virus extremism:

“Expert” Narratives Are Collapsing


Rand Paul is on the hunt for those guilty of a coverup of the Fauci/CCP virus origins; if you are in a hurry, scroll to the end of the article and read the last page:

Rand Paul Demands Answers After NIH Admits Redacting COVID-19 Origins Emails ‘To Prevent Misinformation’


Israel’s war on cash is a taste of things to come:

Israel’s War On Cash Is About To Get More Drastic


China has its own generational problems, and they are serious:

Why China’s Youth Unemployment Has Hit A Record 19.3%


Cogent speculations for investors:

Is The Fed At The End Of Its Rope?


For investors. pay close attention to the comments on productivity.  Non-farm business productivity dropped a mind boggling 7.3% in the first quarter of 2022.  I suspect that this is due to a combination of malinvestments, regulatory costs and uncertainties, and generational changes (we pay them, and they pretend to work):

A Weird Recession


For investors; Xiden induced false expectations are going to make the panic worse:

Lying About The Economy Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse


The thoroughly alarming shape of things to come for the 2024 election. Must-read of the Week:

They Can’t Let Him Back In