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Article Archives

SKYES LINKS 05/27/21

monkeys-on-the-organ-grinders-leashThe truth is leaking out about the origins of the CCP virus:

Report: Leaks Show Mystery Disease Outbreak at Wuhan Lab in 2019

Gottlieb: Circumstantial Evidence Coronavirus ‘Could Have Come Out of a Lab’


Rand Paul accuses Fauci of perjury:

Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci Committed Perjury over Gain of Function Comments


Media hedging their bets:

Media Flip-Flop on Coronavirus Origin, Questioning if Trump Was Right


Tucker Carlson on the evolving Wuhan lab leak story:

FNC’s Carlson: Fauci Lied About Wuhan Lab — ‘Serially Dishonest and Incompetent’


Dr. Fauci and the NIH are here to help you:

Watch: Rep. Jordan Exposes Democrats’ Efforts To Stifle COVID Origin Investigation


‘Crats desperate to regain control of the narrative – what are they hiding?

Joe Biden Orders Coronavirus Investigation After Canceling Pompeo Effort


Inflation Nation: Home Prices Rise at Record Breaking Pace to All-Time High


As the Fed continues to inflate the money supply, price inflation roars higher, accelerated by shortages caused by the Federalies paying people more not to work than they could earn by working:

Inflation Nation: Businesses Say Prices Rising at ‘Unprecedented Rate’


Yesterday, my less than full grocery shopping cart cost over $200 even though it contained no beef, salmon, alcohol, chicken wings, soda. candy, goodies, or even paper products – just 2 person weeks of basic food.  This isn’t crushing me, but consider that this means $21,000+ per year in after tax income for food for a family of four…   It is going to get worse; the latest Purchasing Managers Index report says that inflation is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.  By November 2022, Zhou Xiden is going to make Jimmy Carter look good, and the Jimmy Carter experience made Ronald Reagan President:

Inflation Fears Soar As US PMIs Explode To New Record Highs In May


22 states now dropping $300 per week Federalie unemployment boost because of its disastrous effect on job offer acceptance:

22 States Now Dropping $300 Weekly Unemployment Boost Amid Mounting Job Shortage


Now it is 23 states:

Florida Nixes Federal Unemployment in Bid to Get 460,000 Back to Work


Did DeSantis get rolled? Florida tech censorship bill is fundamentally flawed; it lacks essential common carrier and/or public accommodation provisions; who got paid to take that out?:

DeSantis Signs Law Equipping Floridians to Fight Big Tech Censorship


Biden spends as much on healthcare for illegal aliens in first year as Trump spent on the wall:


Gotcha!  Pelosi caught defrauding donors:

Report: Pelosi Deceives Donors, Does Not Match Donationsnors:


Emphatic Blexit:

Former NBA Star Kwame Brown Calls Woke Black Dems ‘New Version of the KKK’


A truthful book about climate science:

Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, And Why It Matters


How to not get run over by America’s woke cultural revolution:

Two Ways To Push Back Against The Cultural Revolution


Judge orders examination of Fulton County Georgia absentee ballots:

Georgia Judge Decides To Unseal 2020 Absentee Ballots In Fulton County For Review


Your FBI leadership at work:

Report: Hunter’s Emails Show Ex-FBI Gave $100K to Biden’s Grandkids


Do we have to ask? The question answers itself.  FBI corruption is bought and paid for.

Why Did Former FBI Director Freeh Give $100k To A Trust For VP Biden’s Grandkids In 2016?