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SKYE’S LINKS 03/16/23

Well, guess who is throwing Jacob Chansley a life line?  After Speaker McCarthy released the tape to Tucker Carlson showing his innocence, Elon was infuriated:


So much so, he cast the life line: Free Jacob Chansley!



But there’s so much more this week than Jake Chansley’s imprisonment for a guided Senate tour.  The latest J6 dirt: an FBI Special Agent got caught trying to hide an email in which she said, “My boss assigned me 338 items of evidence I have to destroy”:

Defendant Moves To Dismiss Jan. 6 Case Based On Newly Disclosed Footage, FBI Testimony


Which caused all hell to break loose in court.  Whether or not the DC kangaroo court will respond to this FBI/DOJ coverup, the American people – at least those who are permitted to find out about it – will quite rightly loathe both the DOJ and the FBI, and depending on its response, quite possibly the entire US Federalie Court system:

Proud Boys J6 Sedition Trial Halted After Leaked Chat Logs Show FBI Agent Said Her Boss Ordered Her To “Destroy Evidence”


Realize that denying defendants exculpatory evidence in a criminal proceeding, and lying to the court about the existence of such evidence are federal crimes.  The FBI are the perps now.  More on J6; it isn’t much like what the ‘Crats told you it was:

Julie Kelly: A Handy January 6 Fact Sheet


Breaking News! Kim Jong Un Attends Ivy League University To Learn New Brainwashing Techniques

Actually, Kim now wants to change schools. “Columbia students are pretty woke-washed,” he notes, “but the kids at Stanford leave them in the dust, so I’m transferring immediately.”  This, after a woke gang of Stanford Law School students, led by an associate Dean of DEI shouted down a 5th Court of Appeals Judge who came to speak before the student Federalist Society:

Blood-Boiling Moment Woke Stanford Law School Students Taunt Conservative Judge Invited To Speak There – Before Dean Of ‘Equity’ Ambushes Him With Pious Speech Accusing Him Of ‘Harm’.


But it gets worse!  Stanford University President Marc Tessier-Levigne and Dean of Stanford Law School Jenny Martinez issued a heartfelt public apology to Judge Kyle Duncan for the behavior of the students and Dean of Inclusivity Tirien Steinbach who disrupted his speech so much he had to be escorted out by US Marshals.

In response, the law students vandalized Dean Martinez’s classroom where she teaches constitutional law:

Stanford Students Vandalize Their Law School Dean’s Classroom After She Apologized To Fifth Circuit Conservative Judge After Students Shouted Down His Speech On Campus.

A must-read is what Judge Duncan has to say about this experience.  After explaining why the students are “unfit to be members of any bar,” he makes two concluding points:

“First, this is one of the best law schools in the world. The students are the cream of the crop. The future judges, senators, presidents, leaders of industry. And yet here is a mob of the best and brightest, shouting down a federal judge who’s been invited to campus, and thereby demonstrating that they don’t have the foggiest grasp of the basic concept of legal discourse: you have to meet reason with reason. Instead, their operating principle is: If I don’t like what you say or think, I will silence you. Power trumps reason.


Second, and this is critical, these students are evidently being formed to think and behave this way by the law school itself. I cannot fathom any other reason why they would feel free to spit vile insults in the face of an invited speaker they disagree with.”


Then comes his dire warning:

“What if, in ten or twenty years time, this kind of behavior is the norm in the courtroom, the law firm, the board room? And I don’t necessarily mean loud vulgarity and shouting people down. Instead, I mean a situation where power and ideology always trump reasoned debate. When we reach that place (and I’m assuming we haven’t already reached it in some way), then the rule of law will have turned into barbarism.”


Please consider reading entire: US Judge Kyle Duncan Interview.


What could possibly go wrong?  How about a lying AI that gives fake answers?  The creator of OpenAI’s ChatGPT realizes that they made a mistake making it Woke.  Here is what went wrong:

‘We Made a Mistake:’ OpenAI Tries to Explain Away ChatGPT’s Wokeness After Musk’s Criticism


More on what could possibly go wrong?  Inspector General estimates that fraud and waste in a fraction of the bipartisan pandemic Federalie payout programs exceeds $276 billion – yes, Billion:

Inspectors General Estimate $276 Billion of Fraud, Waste in Pandemic Relief Funds: ‘Biggest Fraud in a Generation’


Dr. Robert Redfield, Trump’s CDC Director who first disclosed the virus likely came from the Wuhan lab

It was a telling first day at the House Committee on the origins of the pandemic:

6 Takeaways as House COVID-19 Panel Investigates Chinese Lab Leak


More disclosures from the above hearing and from the MO/LA 1st Amendment lawsuit about Fauci’s coverup, which is now rapidly unraveling:


Rand Paul spills more very serious beans, and they are even worse than we thought: “For example, we know that the NIH gave money to American universities who then gave it to military researchers … with the title of general and colonel in the [Chinese] People’s Liberation Army,”:

Watch: Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of “Elaborate Cover-Up” Of COVID Lab Leak

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan

‘Crat claims no government censorship of social media, Rep. Jordan has a devastating document response:

Rep. Jim Jordan Destroys Democrat Claim that Government Never Told Twitter to Censor


The disclosures have destroyed the fraudulent natural origin pandemic narrative,  and have forced both the House and Senate to unanimously vote to declassify the intel on the origins – lots more embarrassing disclosures to come:

House & Senate Unanimously Sends COVID Origins Declassification Bill to Biden


In a win for the Second Amendment and a further defeat for ESG, Visa and MasterCard agree to drop plans to track guns and ammo purchases, though Discover still plans to do so:

Visa and Mastercard Drop Plans to Track Gun Purchases

Dunce Cap Doctors

Dunce Cap Doctors

You bet your life – when you choose your physician.  Medical schools are corrupting teaching competence for DEI goals.  This article has some very practical suggestions for fixing this problem that can be adopted at State level:

Code Red: Downplaying Academic Excellence In Med School Admissions


For investors; there is a lot of fake economic data produced by governments, but there is plenty of real data, too – much of it from private sources,  Here is a real current economic indicator:

US Container Imports Plunge As Recession Fears Mount


More for investors; Is the Silicon Valley Bank (the 16th largest bank in America) bankruptcy, the second largest bank failure in American history, a case of getting woke and going broke?:

Pinkerton: Green, Woke, and Now Broke — How SVB Became the 2nd Biggest Bank Failure in U.S. History


More on SVB; many tech startups had all their working cash deposited in SVB, and the $250K FDIC guarantee isn’t going to keep them afloat.  Is this an extinction level event for thousands of tech startups?

CEO of Startup Accelerator ‘Y Combinator:’ Silicon Valley Bank Failure Is an ‘Extinction-Level Event’

innov-ignitionYeah, it ignited your bank on fire and burned it to the ground

Fun for investors- and everyone else!  Except those who invested in Silicon Valley Bank. SVB Wokeism is hilarious:

LULZ – Laughing Out Loud – on the SVB Website


But wait!  There’s more!

Fatal Distraction? Senior SVB Risk Manager Oversaw Woke LGBT Programs


A self-made venture capitalist billionaire who is running for President has some choice words for SVB, ESG, and DEI:

Exclusive – Ramaswamy: I’m Against Bailout for ESG ‘Evangelist’ Silicon Valley Bank


But what happened to SVB was caused by rising interest rates necessitated by inflation caused by recent massive money creation, and these changes operate throughout the economy – it is far from just a woke bank problem:

The Collapse Of SVB Portends Real Dangers


More on how classical economics killed SVB:

Silicon Valley Bank Followed Exactly What Regulation Recommended



The future of America(s) and the peaceful divorce option. “If the only glue binding together the union is a threat of military force and unthinkable bloodshed, then it is already lost.”:

MTG’s “National Divorce” May Be The Only Way To Prevent Bloodshed


Wisdom from the Mises Institute on the new Puritanism.  The fear of North Korea defector Yeomani Park as she visited Columbia University—“I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying”—is a grave warning to our country.

The Censored Generation


The dam is breaking and truth is flooding out.  In last Friday’s HFR, Jack Wheeler encouraged you to read famous left wing feminist Dr. Naomi Wolf’s sincere apology to conservatives. If you haven’t done so, read every word of it; it is truly amazing:

“Dear Conservatives, I Apologize…”