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SKYE’S LINKS 03/09/23

authentifakeIt’s All Fake

The Crisis of Inauthenticity


Here is a thought exercise. How fake and inauthentic is required to be manufactured and inauthentic?

Elvis used a seven-channel vacuum tube reverberator throughout his career. It is on display at the Sun Records Museum in Memphis. The Elvis sound that the world fell in love with was passed through this same custom built reverberator with every performance. The public seldom heard his unmodified voice

Nashville sensation Lanie Gardner used high compression and equalization, a $20,000 microphone, and many takes to stitch together her music on an iPhone model 8. She used tools available on TikTok that once required a million dollar studio, such as time shifting and fast fourier transform algorithyms. Her accent is removed digitally and vocal timbre is added. Honestly, by removing the drug and alcohol induced vocal slur from the 1977 Rumours album version, Lanie sounds better than the original Stevie Nicks. Below is the stealth promotion spot for Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice that made her a star at age 21:

How deep must a fake be before the line is crossed? Perhaps it is a matter of intent? The language does not have words and phrases to express degrees of inauthenticity, whether manipulation is good (Elvis and Lanie) or harmful, such as the sexualized deep fakes portraying Hollywood actresses.

Lanie Gardner is talented with or without digital augmentation; below, she is singing an old 1950’s Wanda Jackson song during a Tribute to 1958 production at the Grand Ole’ Opry when just 15 years old. However, except for the electric guitar in the background, this rendition is analog, lacking high-tech augmentation, and it was produced in 2014 using copies of period stage props and clothing:


Comparing the digital spoofing of Stevie Nicks in the first video with the analog spoof of Wanda Jackson in the second clearly shows the capability of the new digital tools. The truth is, in many ways, people prefer the more inauthentic and augmented performance. Inauthenticity is a fundamental problem facing society and is not always bad. But sometimes, it isn’t good.

Extend the question to the government, Fifth Generation Warfare, the narrative, and all the perils of the digital world. Post Covid, we know it is all fake and inauthentic. Post-Trump, we understand that the news is pretty much bogus.

But how fake? The technologies available are waiting for the language to catch up.



beryl-howellThe D. C. Courts Are Fake and Malicious

Inside the Federalie J6 “jurisprudence”:

January 6 and the shameful trail of government abuse and overreach is all about finding and punishing, punishing without mercy, those that do not believe that Joe Biden won the sham election of 2020. The center of the Stalinist Purges is Beryl Howell, the chief judge in the D.C. district Court.

She is an Obama appointee and appears to be leading the “get Trump” operation from the district court. Her term is near expiry, so there is such an acceleration of activity.


untruthful-justiceThey never intended to tell the truth. They just wanted to get Trump and punish Americans for questioning their authority.

Nothing on or about the J6 Committee was real. It was all a kangaroo court.

We’ve known for over two years that the January 6th Select Committee never cared about the facts. They had a narrative they wanted to present, and that was the only one they would let people see. Remember that footage of the “QAnon Shaman” being guided through the Capitol? His lawyers never even had access to that footage before. You can bet his four-year sentence will be appealed in light of the new evidence.

Another disturbing revelation comes from Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chair of the January 6 Select Committee, who admitted that he never even reviewed any footage before it was shown to the public.

J6’s head makes a startling revelation


rep-thomas-massieTucker interviews GOP Rep Thomas Massie in this video.

The DoJ perpetrated this sham. Federal agents encouraged the violence.

The ‘Crat/MSM J6 narrative is  unraveling:

GOP Rep. Massie to Tucker Carlson: January 6 Tapes ‘Changed My Perception’ — ‘And I Was There


“Under public pressure, the January 6 Committee finally interviewed Ray Epps. He told the committee he never entered the Capitol and therefore never committed a crime,” Carlson explained. “In text messages showed that at 2:12:00 PM, he boasted to his nephew that he had ‘orchestrated’ the protest at the Capitol.”

“He admitted he helped get people there,” Carlson said. “Tonight, we can tell you that, at the very least, Ray Epps lied in his sworn testimony to the January 6 Committee. Epps testified that when he sent the text messages to his nephew, he had already left the Capitol grounds to return to his hotel room. That is not true.”

“The surveillance footage we found shows Ray Epps remained at the Capitol for at least another half an hour,” Carlson said, allegedly displaying the video proof. “What was Epps doing? We cannot say, but we do know that he lied to investigators. The January 6 Committee likely knew this too. Democrats had access to the same tape, yet they defended Ray Epps.”

It looks like federal agent Ray Epps lied to the J6 committee. They never expected to be discovered.



Jim Jordan coached wrestling for Ohio State University, and his experience shows. The FBI plans to build a new HQ larger than the Pentagon to support their expanded mission as national thought police. We will see about this now that the world understands the lengths the Bureau is willing to go to support authoritarianism. Woodrow Wilson established the FBI, and Woodrow Wilson was no friend to the Constitution.

Ohio Rep Jordan promises to use the power of the purse to rein in the FBI:

GOP To Use “Power Of The Purse” Against FBI: Rep. Jim Jordan




Oh sure, follow the science, they said. They meant to follow the political science.

Useless masks and lockdowns and all that, the official pandemic narrative is failing, too:


The lies expanded to fit the available space. So-called Covid experts turned out to be political hacks. From the physician’s office to the floor of Congress, Covid taught Americans that authority figures fabricate and fib for power and wealth.

Failing big time:

Ten myths told by COVID experts — and now debunked



It’s All Fake

Who would have thunk it? A government staffed via protected class membership instead of merit is a trainwreck. Why pursue competency when it is easier to fake it? There are no consequences for government employees.


We are running out of conspiracy theories because so many of them have turned into conspiracy facts – and this is causing a long overdue loss of faith in government propaganda:

“I dare you to say it came from a bat one more time!”

How far has the official narrative collapsed?  The Senate has voted unanimously to declassify the Fauci/CCP virus origin intel:


The House committee investigating the pandemic origins published an email from Fauci showing his covert involvement in a paper published in Nature Medicine which claimed that a lab origin for the virus was highly improbable.  Not only was the paper B.S., but it was also published the day after the journal received it; I am a scientist and have never heard of such a thing;  peer review typically takes weeks to months – not hours:

Fauci ‘Prompted’ a Study to Discredite Pandemic Came from Wuhan Lab


More on the virus-origin coverup here:

Republicans Demand Accountability Following Reports of Fauci Commissioning Paper to Discredit Lab Leak Theory



The psyche tools used to convince the world that the virus has natural origins were evident. They came straight from the teachings of Eddie Bernays, master propagandist.

Dr. Robert Redfield, a prior CDC boss, calls shenanigans on the Federalie claim that the virus origin was natural, like SARS or MERES:

Redfield: Fauci, Collins Used Scientifically ‘Misleading’ Argument Against Lab Leak by Comparing COVID to Viruses ‘It’s Nothing Like


Government officials are seldom held accountable for their results, but their cushy jobs and funding can be blocked for lack of busy work. Professional meeting goers created the Covid response. Once committed, there was no mechanism to unravel poor decisions. Even if every last American died, we would have died knowing that no bureaucrat’s career was harmed.

Dr. Scott Atlas on what went wrong and what needs to be done next:


breakthru-wallShielding Big Pharma from liability is unconstitutional. It violates the Seventh Amendment.

The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right to a jury trial in civil cases. At the time of its ratification in 1791, advocates of the amendment sought to protect the rights of ordinary citizens against commercial powers that would otherwise corrupt the judicial system for their benefit.

Republican State Legislatures challenge the legal immunity of Big Pharma:

States Can Break Through Pharma’s Liability Shield



gec-interagency-partnershipRead the following story with some caution. The AP promotes that Trump supporters are mostly Bots and that social media support for Trump is the work product of foreign intelligence agencies. The AP can’t fathom why anyone would support Trump and his politics of deregulation. After all, according to the group thinking over at the AP, government bureaucracy knows all and never lies.

The AP story appears to be yet another product from the Interagency Partnership. These are the government organizations dedicated to the narrative; Their perspective is from Fifth Generation Warfare, where the battle to control the planet occurs within the minds of individuals.

The problem, of course, is that the narrative is a one-size-fits-all propaganda campaign. It is ultimately ludicrous to expect the daily narrative to substitute for authentic truth. The folks at the Interagency Partnership are trying to do the impossible, causing actual harm. The United States and its people are not a brand to be managed. We are a mature Republic. A little truth might go a long way.

We have entered the Twilight Zone; imagine a world where all the lights are powered by gas and Twitter is infested with a massive herd of pro-Trump bots… Could this be true,  and if so, who has done it?




The Republic might splinter. There might be secession, or perhaps just the obsolescence and fading away of the central government. The idea of secession is taught to be an act of treason, but it is not. Quite the opposite, it is prudent to consider all of the possible national futures.

We have a central government; about one-third of the state governments remain in power through force, deceit, and treachery. This is the lesson from Covid. The future is unknown, but per the Mises Institute article below, the future of the Republic is in increasing peril as it becomes less authentic.

Wisdom from the Mises Institute: “Secession and disintegration have always been inevitable for large, diverse states.”  It is a matter of when and how not if:

Secession Is Inevitable. It’s About When Not If



Economics and Such

Money goes where laws are predictable and consistent.

Florida and Texas have pro-growth environments where money can be prudently invested. States with arbitrary and malicious governments make poor investment grounds.

JPMorgan CEO loves Florida and Texas and now has more employees in Texas than in New York:


The government put its thumb on the housing scale by buying mortgage-backed securities. Small investors and buyers have difficulty competing with institutional investors as the big guys have cash on hand. Banks dislike making smaller real estate loans because of thin profit margins.

This has created a national housing shortage at the lower end, where starter home buyers once thrived.

For investors, here are some compelling thoughts on housing:

The Face Of Housing Ownership Is Changing


First-time buyers face a challenging environment.

More for investors on houses:

First-Time Homebuyers Are Absolutely Screwed Right Now


Everybody gets a trophy; everybody is a winner. Right?

More wisdom for investors:

Gen Zers Are Overly Optimistic About Being Wealthy


It’s all about green cronyism. If a company has a solar farm on its books, it will push solar power. The ends justify the means. Or something like that.

Green Fascism 101:

Pinkerton: The Circle of Green — Big Money, Big Democrats, and Climate Change


Profits are being made by ignoring Joe Biden:


heisenbergs-uncertainty-principleLOL. Is there an analogy between the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, where observing a subatomic particle affects the ability to measure the particle, and the Fed? The Fed might attempt to follow the market but, in doing so, actually affects the market. This is a fun article.



It looks like loose monetary policy leads to malinvestments and actual economic harm. Fredrich Hayek is right again.


More about how the Fed’s repression of free market interest rates creates financial crises:

Fed Study Shows Loose Monetary Policy Leads To Disaster And Financial Crisis


Below is the academic paper supporting the above link.

Fed Working Paper on this subject; they know the truth but is their acting on it an option?