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SKYE’S LINKS 03/02/23

docslavWell, that didn’t take long. Yesterday (3/01) in TTP, your read Betsy McCaughey’s Biden’s ‘America Last’ Health Treaty. And voilá, there it suddenly is in the New York Post this morning (3/02), retitled Biden’s WHO Pandemic Treaty Would Kill Americans In The Name Of ‘Equity’.

FYI, the treaty Betsy is referring to is the “Zero” or initial draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty or WHOCA+.  You’ll find, for example, her reference to the U.S. being obligated to hand over a whopping 20% of its medical supplies to WHO for global distribution in real time on page 18, “Fair and equitable benefit-sharing”, paragraph (h).

Enter “global health equity” in duckduckgo, and you’ll see dozens of entries advocating it without any criticism of it whatever, led by WHO and the CDC.  It is the latest example of how pathologically blatant Woke Fascism has become.

And how fundamentally Anti-American.  We all know – even if FJB doesn’t – how The Declaration of Independence begins: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The key word in this regard is pursuit.  “Equal” or equality for an American means equality of effort or pursuit to achieve our life goals.  What it most absolutely does not mean is equality of outcome, which can only mean outcome as defined by government. That’s fascism by definition.

And that is precisely what FJB and his puppet masters are demanding.


You don’t get to do this, Joe…

You don’t get to do this, Joe…

The good news is that this is a treaty which must be approved by 2/3 of the Senate which will never happen.  And here is a clear indication that it won’t be “provisionally” in effect beforehand by Executive Order because almost five dozen Dems (59) voted yesterday (3/01) to stymie Biden’s EOs.  The bill passed 272-148:

Dozens of DEMOCRATS side with Republicans to pass measure that would force Biden administration to audit executive orders to prevent more inflation and ‘wasteful spending’.



This is likely to be very important!  It looks like Elon Musk is going to create a non-woke AI company:

Elon Musk Allegedly Forming New AI Venture To Take On ‘Woke’ ChatGPT


Why Musk’s above effort is so important:

Dear Despots & Tyrants, Generative AI Could Be The Authoritarian Breakthrough In Brainwashing You’ve Been Waiting For

Mr. Soros: at 92, it’s time for your evil to leave this world

Mr. Soros: at 92, it’s time for your evil to leave this world

Yes, there really is a plot to make AI Woke.  This is a very scary and worthwhile must-read:

Trail of Funding for AI ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ Leads to Leftist Billionaires Omidyar, Hoffman, Soros


Xiden’s executive order to embed Woke AI into Federalie deep state bureaucracy. Very bad news, indeed, but wait until Congress defunds your EO, Woke Joe:

Joe Biden Releases Executive Order Promoting Woke AI


By contrast, this is exceedingly good news.  What America desperately needs to reclaim freedom is peaceful civil disobedience to government unconstitutionality, and states can lead the way.  So celebrate this… More states refuse to cooperate with Federalies on Xiden’s anti-Second Amendment jihad:

Iowa, Ohio, Weigh In-State Ban on Federal Gun Control Enforcement


ESG takes a big hit from the West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore, whose non-ESG investment fund outperformed ESG-burdened BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and many other Wall Street giant.  Riley’s a good ole boy who knows how to kick Woke Wall Street’s can:

Moore Says W. Virginia Outperformed BlackRock, Other Blacklisted Firms


On the other hand, Tim Buckley is a massive Wall Street Titan.  As CEO of the Vanguard Group with over $8 Trillion under worldwide asset management (2nd only to Blackrock), he is nuking with megatonnage the whole ESG woke scam.  Please read why Vanguard’s CEO abandoned the worldwide ESG investing alliance:

Vanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: “Not In The Game Of Politics”


Vax narratives are about to be shredded by House committee investigation:

Congress Prepares To Investigate COVID-19 Vaccines


Whoops!  Suddenly the narrative is changing; FBI Director says that the FBI has considered the lab leak hypothesis most likely for some time:

Wray: FBI ‘For Quite Some Time’ Determined Lab Incident Is ‘Most Likely’ Origin of COVID


Johns Hopkins University scientist decries political “tribal” response to pandemic info:

JHU Prof. Dr. Adalja: Scientific Community’s Censorship of Lab Leak Was Political, ‘Other Tribe’ Had ‘to Say Something Different’ from Right

The Evil of Fauci

The Evil of Fauci

Ted Cruz goes after lying Fauci:

Cruz: “Abominable” Fauci Has “Hurt Millions Of Kids”


Ron Paul goes after the Xiden administration Fauci/CCP virus origin coverup:

Rand Paul Calls For Declassification Of COVID Lab-Leak Documents


But science-denying DOD is still doubling down on its willful ignorance regarding natural immunity:

Biden Defense Official Rejects Medical Journal’s Finding that Natural Immunity Is as Effective as Vaccination


Fauci is not the only liar in town; Buttigieg weaponizes train wreck with lies that even the Washington Post couldn’t swallow:

Buttigieg’s Derailment: NTSB Exposes East Palestine Claim As “Misinformation”


For investors; the Fed funds rate is still about 3%% below the actual inflation rate, meaning that the real interest rate is still deeply negative   Let us hope that the Fed doesn’t chicken out on reining in the inflation that their money creation caused.  We need at least three or four more 75 basis point increases, but will be lucky to get a 50 at the next meeting:

Carney on ‘Kudlow’: The Fed Has Been Fueling Inflation and May ‘Chicken Out’ from Fighting It


For investors and everyone else: John Mauldin on the US national debt and deficits:

Mandatory Madness, Deficits Forever

As good as it gets?

As good as it gets?

For investors; the likely shape of stock prices to come:

Capitalism Is Broken If Record Profit Margins Don’t Revert

We’ll close in hopes that Lori “The Loser” Lightfoot may finally learn that “Crime doesn’t pay”: