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empty-shelvesThe American mainstream media are the most dangerous enemy of America.

There can no longer be any doubt about that fact.  For nearly four years, they have worked hand in hand with the Democrat party to do whatever harm they can to this country if it will take Trump down and out.

The Left has trouble learning from its mistakes.  From moment one, every calculated smear Leftists threw at the president made him more popular, not less.  They time-released all the dirt they thought they had on him for maximum damage — the Billy Bush tape, emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Russia collusion, Ukraine.

And now the Chicom flu.

They are dogged in their pathetic attempts to terminate Trump’s presidency by any means available, but they are so incredibly stupid in how they carry out their misguided plan.  Everything they do makes him more popular.

Sure, the people who rabidly hate him cannot be reasoned with; they are willing to sacrifice the wealth and security of the country if they can be rid of this highly effective man who has made them a sideshow.  And that is what the Left has become.

Leftists, the media and those for whom they so willingly betray their nation, the Schiff-Pelosi Democrats, are a virus unto themselves.  They are a virus far more lethal to America than COVID-19.

They are gleeful that President Trump’s massively successful economy that was going to guarantee his re-election has crashed due to this disease.

Do they care that it may have been engineered by China, either by design or incompetence?  Of course not, certainly not as long as it works.  That China and its highly paid lobbyists within our government and media are doing that country’s bidding is treasonous.  The collapse of the American economy and the tragedies and hardships that would bring to millions of American are not too big a price to pay to defeat the most successful president the U.S. has had in decades.

They are all Bill Mahers now, hoping for the worst, even if the worst is a maximum death and destruction.  It is clear now exactly how this nation is divided: between those who love this country and the liberty and freedoms once guaranteed by our revered Constitution and those who hate this nation as founded and, like Rep. James Clyburn, want to see it “restructured,” socialized, communized.

A man was arrested in Malibu, Calif. for paddling by himself in the ocean.  He was endangering no one.  In a matter of a few weeks, we have become a police state, fascist and menacing.  The Left now sees an opportunity to force upon us its regressive agenda, which is far more deadly to us all than the Chicom flu.

By all accounts, most of those who have died around the world, most but not all, have had serious underlying health conditions: obesity, diabetes, chronic lung or heart disease.  The media conceal these data.  They do not fit with their narrative that Trump is somehow responsible for the advance of the disease, even though he was on it from the beginning.

Even Dr. Fauci was downplaying the seriousness as late as January 21.  So were the Left media, who have now frantically deleted all their tweets making light of it.  Now they speak with one talking-point voice: it’s all Trump’s fault.  These people need to be seen for who and what they are: tools of a far-Left establishment that to this day cannot abide an outsider like Donald Trump in their midst.

The more effective he is as a leader, the more they have to see him gone.

Wake up, Americans!  We are by nature a civil and law-abiding people, but what we are being subjected to is monstrous.  740 people die in California each day from a vast variety of causes.  The virus has upped that number by four people a day.

California has a population of forty million people.  Is that a viable justification for destroying the livelihoods of multi-millions, which will no doubt lead to far more death and destruction?

Drs. Fauci and Birx may be experts in their fields, but their fields are not economics or the preservation of the nation.  Both of them see this pandemic through a narrow lens.  Both of them downplayed the danger of this virus until mid-January, but we are now hostage to their models.

Their models are like climate change models, loaded with bias and speculation.  They are relatively meaningless, yet we have shuttered the business of the United States because of their guesswork!

It is time for President Trump to utilize his uncommon common sense and put a stop this China-orchestrated full-scale attack on our country.

Easter Sunday would the perfect day to set the nation free from the madness this particular virus has perpetrated on us all.

President Trump, let those with compromised immune systems self-quarantine, and set the rest of the population free to get back to work.  You can do it.  Do it now.


Patricia McCarthy is a TTPer of many years.  She writes for American Thinker.  TTP encourages you to read more of her!