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JOHN NEHRING 1942-2008

One of the most beloved members of our To The Point family has passed on.

Anyone who knew him could assure you that you'll never meet a kinder, more decent man than John Nehring.  There was a sweetness, a gentleness to him, combined with a profound love of liberty and a core of pro-American steel.

An Eagle Scout and National Merit Scholar from Columbus, Ohio, John graduated near the top of his class at the Air Force Academy.  He was an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot in Vietnam, got a Masters degree in economics at Georgetown, taught business & economics at the Air Force Academy, served in the Air Force for 30 years and retired as a full bird colonel.

For the past several years, John taught economics at Embry-Riddle University in Colorado Springs, opening his students' eyes to the great advocates of economic freedom, such as  Ludwig von Mises, Frederic Bastiat, and Milton Friedman.

If John loved anything as much as his family and friends, flying, and freedom, it was the Colorado Rockies.  He took every chance he'd get to go hiking, camping, fly-fishing, rafting, or skiing in the mountains he loved.

TTP'ers knew John as our favorite Paulista.  John's understanding of the economics of freedom made him devoted to the presidential campaign of Ron Paul.  He was one of the TTP User Forum's most frequent contributors as "johnwss," and even in the most spirited forum discussions, he was always thoughtful and respectful.

So when I wrote Ending Inflation In Three Words last week, I mentioned how excited John would be about the three word solution to inflation (tax-free gold) – and when there was no response from John on the Forum, folks were puzzled.  "Where's John?" they asked.

Quickly we noticed that John hadn't posted anything for some time.  Now we were worried.  We called his home and got an answer machine.  Every effort to locate him failed.  Over the last few days, we started fearing the worst.  Last night (4/24), one of us reached John's brother Richard who told us the sad news.

His death was entirely sudden and without warning, a pulmonary embolism on March 19.

All of those who attended the TTP Rendezvous in Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, and Sarasota and had the privilege of meeting John will never forget his warmth and quiet likeability.  We all will miss him so much in Boston this August.  Just think of how he would have reveled in a Revolutionary Rendezvous!

"This is a tremendous loss for all of us," says Mark Gilligan, author of TTP's Marco the Wizard column.  "He was a gentleman, a Christian, and a patriot."

Any comments TTP'ers would care to make about John in the Forum for this article will serve as a Memoriam to him, the total of which will be sent to his children.

John Nehring was such a wonderful human being, a good and true American.  Rest in peace.