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Where Jesus was born, Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel

Is there a Christian who hasn’t dreamed of being, once in their lives, at the very spot where Jesus was born?

Or laying their hands on the Stone of Anointing, the slab Jesus’s body was laid upon after being taken down from the Cross?

Stone of Anointing – Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Slab of Anointing, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, Israel

Is there a Jew who hasn’t dreamed of praying at the Western Wall?

Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel is called The Holy Land for very good reason.  It is the birthplace of the two founding religious traditions of Western Civilization.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced this sacred land, that’s wonderful.

But if you haven’t, you know you have to in your lifetime.  That time is nowakoshav in transliterated Hebrew.

It’s now because we are fast running out of time for TTPers to go on Hidden Holy Land II in October (October 8-18).  October is when the weather in Israel is perfect with hotels and reservations being taken fast.  We have room for only one, possibly two more couples, then we must close it out.  No more room at the inn.

It’s now because this is the last time I’ll take TTPers to Israel.  I’ve been there at least six times now, I’m turning over Wheeler Expeditions to my sons Brandon and Jackson next year.  If you want to go with me to Israel, it’s this October.

It’s now because we have a marvelous group of your fellow TTPers coming.  I know them all.  We all see the world eye-to-eye.  You’ll love being with them (and make lifetime friends).

It’s now because there is no better exploration of the Holy Land than what I’ve put together.  I personally designed our itinerary, there’s nothing else like it.  Read Hidden Holy Land II  on the TTP left side bar to see for yourself.

It’s now because you know in your bones that your life will feel incomplete if you don’t make The Holy Land a part of your life, and in a deep, rewarding way.

That’s certainly what happened to TTPers on Hidden Holy Land I last April.  Here’s what one of them, Mike Cooley, posted on the TTP Forum (6/16):

“I can attest to what an amazing trip this is.   If you are considering a trip to the Holy Land, THIS is the one to go on. Why do I say this?  The statement that you will go places and see things in the region that other trips do not go near is NOT an exaggeration.  


I was a member of the last expedition, and I had stayed an extra night in Tel Aviv.  While there, I met and told some local Israelis about the trip that I had just completed, and they were ASTONISHED to hear that I had been to Hebron, the Golan Heights, I walked through knee deep water in hand-carved tunnels underneath Jerusalem that are over 2,000 years old, and the list rolls on.


The lodging, food, and local expert guides were all outstanding.   THIS is a tour that takes you places few other tours, and a great many Israeli residents, seldom make it to.”

It’s now because as they say in Israel, vam la ‘akoshav, ayemtey?  If not now, when?

So click here for the details on The Hidden Holy Land II.  Now.  I’ll see you in Jerusalem. Israel now!  L’Chaim!