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As California goes, so goes the nation – into a Democrat sewer

As California goes, so goes the nation – into a Democrat sewer

Kathmandu, Nepal. I’m back from Wheeler Expeditions’ 6th Himalaya Helicopter Expedition – a mind-boggingly memorable experience all of us will treasure for the rest of our lives.

I was hoping that this week’s news might be better than that of the last.  That hope has been dashed to the degree it’s given me a wide-awake nightmare.  Let’s start with how last week’s HFR (11/09) began:

“Obviously, the majority of voters failed their IQ test on Tuesday (11/06).  My initial reaction is: forget all the silver lining, Trump-really-won Pollyanna happy talk.  This turned out really badly. 


It shouldn’t have been close, it shouldn’t have been remotely close.  The Left, the flat-out Fascism that has taken over the Democrat Party, needed to have the hell beaten out of it electorally.  Now a preponderance of voters – your fellow citizens – gave the green light for that fascism to flourish.


And of course, whenever it’s close, the Dems will use every filthy trick they know to cheat their way into victories they didn’t earn.  Already provisional ballot boxes are being discovered in the trunk of someone’s car, recounts are demanded, suddenly losers like Arizona’s Enema surge ahead, and in many other states as well.


While every attempt of the President to rectify the disaster will be massively protested and condemned by the Pelosicrats megaphoned by the Enemedia.


What do we do?  We fight.  There is no other choice, other than submission to being slaves of the Left.”

What we’ve got at the end of this week is the realization of just how much we have to fight to avoid that submission, how deeply entrenched the cultural and moral corruption of the Left’s Fascism has become throughout our country.

Our entire electoral system is corrupted to the core.  That’s because Democrats are no longer democrats but fascists.  Their morality is no longer American but Marxist.

An “ends justify the means” Marxist morality means the abandonment of any moral decency, honesty, and integrity.  Any degree of lying, cheating, stealing, intimidation, bullying, thuggery, and terrorist violence is moral for them as long as it is done to get their hands on the guns – real police guns with bullets – of government power over all of us.

As Senator Lindsay Graham explained to Hannity, “There is nothing Democrats won’t do to win.”


So what’s my nightmare?  At this moment only one man stands between us and the Orwellian Fascism the Democrats are determined to impose upon us – and what if he says:

“To hell with it.  I gave it my all, creating more jobs for more people of every ethnicity ever, achieved more breakthroughs for peace such as with North Korea ever, campaigned for more candidates with gigantic rallies ever – and voters decide they would rather have more unemployment, more government control over their lives, and less peace?  I’m worth billions.  My wife and family are threatened scurrilously and violently every day.  I don’t need this.  I quit.  Good luck, America.  I’m out.”

Can you imagine the tsunami of hate and oppression that would wash our country out to sea?  Plunging our economy into another Depression the Democrat Fascist solution to which – their only solution for any problem or crisis – is more and more government control, not less?

So our first priority must be to support and encourage him in any and every way we can.  American cannot afford to have this headline of yesterday (11/15) apply to the White House tomorrow: Seattle City Council Candidate Drops From Race Following Vile Racist Threats from the Far Left to His Wife and Children.

On Tuesday (11/13), the LA Times headlined: Trump, Stung by Midterms and Nervous about Mueller, Retreats from Traditional Presidential Duties.  Now the LAT is a California Commie Rag, so it’s a compilation of every negative thing or quote it could find.  And it’s understandable that after pouring the most massive amount of energy into the campaign, massive for anyone of any age much less if you’re 72, his neurotransmitters are seriously depleted and need to be recharged.

Nonetheless, the story makes you realize, if he gives up, all is lost.  So call the White House switchboard or send the White House an Email today and often from then on, just to offer encouragement and gratitude to America’s heroic President upon whom our future depends.  Have every pro-America friend of yours do the same.  It’s the least we can do.


But what can we do, actual action on a personal level?  Let me tell you a short story.  We think snowflakery is confined to college kids who need safe spaces for protection against being triggered by microaggressions.  Think again.

A friend of mine is one of the most prominent pediatric surgeons in the country.  He’s saved countless lives of babies from terrible injuries or birth defects (like being born without an esophagus or internal organs external on the outside of its stomach).  Political correct snowflakery has infected medical care and hospitals to such a degree today he’s thinking of quitting.

A surgeon colleague of his was informed that an anonymous nurse in the hospital had accused him of making offensive comments to her.  Hospital administrators instantly assumed his guilt and forced him to undergo humiliating Gulag-type re-education training, all the while refusing to disclose the identity of his accuser or what she specifically accused him of.

Over and again, he tells me, what he was taught in medical school – that the patient’s concerns always come first, the physician’s or medical staff’s last – is reversed now.  The “feelings” of medical staff have priority and you must walk on eggshells not to offend them.

It goes on and on, yet another reminder of how everything the Left touches – from health care to sports to education to comedy, every aspect of society – is ruined and spoiled.  Which means you get to pick your own local target to fight back, to protest and oppose local fascism wherever you live.

The best place might be your local school or school board, or your local high school sports teams.  Wherever local lefties are trying to ruin something, condemn their fascism, don’t hold back and never back down.

Whenever you do, be assured that ultimately they’ll retreat into being children with schoolyard insults, most dependably calling you a racist.  That’s when to laugh in their faces and call them racist for hating whites, or explaining that racism is “schmaycism” – gobbledygook with no meaning other than the leftie doesn’t like something, and you couldn’t care less about his or her feelings.

The problem is that Lefties don’t have real lives, most of them work for government, live in their folks’ basement, are on welfare, or otherwise don’t have to do real work for a living such that they can make the purpose of their life being in a state of fascist outrage.

We on the other hand do have real lives and do real work, and don’t have the time for constant outrage.  So make tweaking and triggering Democrat fascisti – local, state, or national – your hobby.  Everyone needs a hobby.  You could make this yours – and make it fun.

You won’t believe how much fun it is to trigger lefties into paroxysms of meltdown rage.  And it’s so easy.  It really is an amazingly fun sport and so emotionally fulfilling.

Just be sure you’re always packing with concealed carry, have pepper spray at the ready, and be fully prepared to physically fight back if attacked.

The other necessary condition is to join forces with others in your community who think as you do.  Unified action is always more powerful than an individual acting alone.

And do this above all.  The counter to Democrats’ accusation of anything they disagree with being “Racist” is to constantly accuse them of being “Fascist” at every opportunity.  Calling them fascists – meaning their fundamental goal is government power over everyone’s life with them in charge of that power – has the advantage of being accurate.  They are Fascists, lying, cheating, brownshirt thugs.  Never cease to remind them of what they are.


If you want a particular cause, in my view nothing could be more important than Election Reform with Election Day Photo Voter ID Only as the goal.  That means no early voting, no mail-in voting, no provisional ballots, no election-day voter registration as outlined by Dan Sobieski in Ending Election Fraud  (TTP 11/14).  You’d keep absentee voting but that’s all.

The only silver lining in the 2018 Democrat Vote Fraud fiasco is that it is so blatantly, shamelessly obvious from California to Georgia to Florida and so many other places that a momentum is emerging to put an end to it.  One way to do it, without Congress passing any laws which the DemFascicrats won’t permit, is by POTUS Executive Orders as outlined in the HFR of 09/14/18:

“The Trojan Horse of the Democrats is massive electoral fraud – most massively in California with illegal aliens voting in the millions.


On Wednesday (9/12), the President signed an EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.  Unfortunately, it’s reactive instead of pro-active – sanctions are applied after the elections, and offers no methods to prevent such interference in the first place.


Further, the real and mortal threat is not foreign but domestic election interference.  I have urged the White House to utilize the designation (originally by Obama) of election systems as “critical infrastructure” for US national security by:


* Declaring social media monopolies Facebook/Twitter/Google/YouTube public utilities with no right to politically ban customers just like phone or electricity companies.


*Prevent Voter Fraud declaring gov’t issued Voter ID necessary to vote in all federal elections just like required by airlines and TSA.


We cannot allow the Democrats and Left to burn the American Troy down with voter trickery.  It’s almost too late as it is.  As Jim Hoft at GP notes (9/12), Illegal Aliens Give California Up to Five Extra Congressional Seats, with other high illegal alien states similar.


And as we learned this week (9/12), during the baneful Zero years, 2012-2016, illegal aliens stole upwards of 39 million Social Security numbers.  Woke now?”

To repeat,  it was Obama who issued an EO designating election systems as “critical infrastructure” for US national security.  The Dems never objected back then.  The evidence of the 2018 midterms that our electoral system is broken and requires radical solutions is blindingly clear – and thus justifies, in addition to the two solutions above, elimination of all Early Voting and Provisional Ballots and requiring Election Day Only Voting save for absentee ballots (requiring a postmark early enough to enable election day counting) in a POTUS EO.

Any objections other than lawsuits can be ignored.  Any lower court rulings against such an EO can be ignored and appealed, subject only to a ruling by SCOTUS.

Something truly radical has to be done and fast.  The Great Democrat Election Theft of 2018 must be a 180-degree turning point to eliminate Democrat electoral corruption.


Meanwhile, when it rains it pours.  This morning (11/16), a horse’s ass of a judge ruled for CNN’s publicity stunt on Acosta-her.  Trump will never ever call on this jerk ever again or see he is given a mike.  The White House better appeal fast.


At least voters across the country are getting a freezing cold shoulder from the Sun for being so stupid voting DemFascist.  Trouble is, all the rest of us have to suffer too.  Look at this wind chill map from yesterday (11/15):

For years, TTP has been warning that Global Warming Is A Fascist Hoax since our Solar Warming article in 2005.  As explained in Children of the Ice Ages in 2013, our Earth is still in the Pleistocene Ice Age with us enjoying a rare and geologically short Interglacial.  The last time the Earth was as warm as it is today was 120,000 years ago.

Today (11/16), NASA scientists are saying we could easily plunge into another Ice Age with mile-high ice caps covering much of the northern hemisphere.  What’s for sure is brainless Marxist twit Miss Occasional-Cortex will suffer an Ice Age of her own, frozen out of choice committee assignments by the veterans in Congress she insults over “climate change.”


It’s after midnight for me, which means it’s already Saturday and we’ve gone on long enough.  Let’s hope next week is better than this one.  So we’ll close with this solace regarding my nightmare described above:

Donald Trump is not a quitter.  He will not go down in history as a loser.  His whole life is about winning against odds, and that is what he will continue to do in the White House.  Remember to call or email the White House with your thanks and gratitude for all that he does.