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Has this been a great week or what?  However, before the fun starts – big fun, and you won’t believe who the HFR Hero of the Week is – first some housekeeping.

I’m in discussion with the TTP Webmaster regarding problems a number of you are having with the TTP Forum’s Fireboard software.  He gave me three options:  a band-aid patch; a new Forum software integrated into the website (he called this home remodeling); or upgrading the entire TTP platform with improvements across the whole site (he called this moving to a new home).

The choice is clearly between two and three.  I’m inclined towards the "new home" but we’ve got to test it out before the move.  So we are trying to fix this, quickly but carefully. 

What wonderful teachable moments there were this week.  Two in particular were supreme examples of the power of affirmations.  There are two kinds: positive affirmations, like "Remember to go to the store"; and negative affirmations, like "Don’t forget to go to the store." 

Any shrink will tell you the latter are dangerous, because it’s the key word that sticks in your brain:  "Don’t FORGET to go to the store" is really telling someone to forget, not remember.

Yesterday (11/14), the man whom every libtard in America believes is the smartest man ever to work in the Oval Office announced on national television, "I don’t think I’M STUPID enough" to mislead people on Zerocare.  Great messaging, genius.  You just told the entire country you are.

If there is one man in Washington convinced he is far smarter than Zero it’s his Secretary of State.  On Sunday (11/20), he told NBC’s Meet The Press, "We (the Royal We, meaning ‘I’) are not blind, and I don’t think we are STUPID."

Zero and Kerry informing the world just how stupid they are couldn’t have come at a better time.  To the millions of folks outraged at Zerocare’s demolition of their health insurance, it’s obvious now that their president is a know-nothing idiot – and that his SecState is also reinforces the message.

The media scorn for Kerry this week has been blistering.  The WaPo’s deputy editorial page editor, Jackson Diehl, mocked Kerry’s statement in Geneva that "I can tell you without any reservations, we made significant progress."  

"It’s hard to think of a previous chief of Foggy Bottom who has so conspicuously detached himself from on-the-ground realities," Diehl commented.

He’s been on the job for less than a year, but Mr. Kerry is already "the worst Secretary of State ever," pronounced Jonathan Tobin of Commentary magazine.

Mr. Kerry’s "ego and cluelessness are easily turned against him by the Iranians," agreed WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin.  "Kerry is by all accounts completely unaware of his own pomposity and silliness."

Today, thanks to Zero’s admission that "I’M STUPID," it will dawn on many that these observations apply equally to Kerry’s boss.

Which brings us to the HFR Hero of the Week. 

Kerry had flown to Geneva on Sunday (11/10) ready to sign a total sell-out to the Mullahs of Iran, giving them the green light to produce nukes with which to obliterate Israel and sell to other Moslem terrorists.  His counterparts in the six-nation negotiating group were all there, the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China – ready and eager, he was assured, to sign the sell-out with him.

The champagne was on ice, the signing ceremony moments away – and suddenly, sacré bleu! zut alors!, the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, announces, "This is a sucker’s deal.  France will not accept it."  He demanded that Iran agree to shut down its new plutonium-producing Arak reactor and get rid of its stockpile of weapons-grade uranium – or else the sanctions on Iran remain. 

The stunned Iranians walked off in a huff.  Kerry’s entire charade imploded.  He and the other diplos screamed at Fabius and stamped their feet.  He smiled and shrugged.  Iran’s Chief Islamofascist, Ayatollah Khamenei, called him on Twitter a "gun-slinging frog."  Fabius loved it. 

Yes, France is on the side of the Sunnis against the Shias, the Saudis – who are investing billions in France – against their Persian arch-enemies, but nonetheless, France and Fabius had the guts to defy the sell-out that the US and the Brits were eager for.

A Frenchman for Hero of the Week?  Sure looks like it.  But wait!  There’s another contender!  And just as shocking. 

The greatest threat to our nation right now is Amnesty for Illegals.  20+ million new Democrat voters and you can kiss America goodbye.  A monumental effort by hundreds of major US companies – Dell, Facebook, GE, EBay, Google, Intel, Microsoft, US Chamber of Commerce, a long, long list – has been putting immense pressure on the House to pass their "number one priority" – immigration reform (the latest euphemism for amnesty).

In June, the Senate passed S.744, a 1,300 page monstrosity that would grant immediate amnesty to virtually all illegals in the US in exchange for increased border security in a never-never land future.  The vote was 68-32, with 14 RINOs (including Rubio) voting Yea.  Not a single Dem voted Nay.

Last week (11/06), the crony capitalists of the Business Roundtable met with Zero on how to force a House vote on its version of S. 744 and send the bill to conference with the Senate.  They fully expected – as did all conservatives – Boehner to cave.

On Wednesday (11/13), John Boehner issued his response to the pleas of Zero and the hordes of Big Business lobbyists infesting the offices of every single Pub Congressista (both Capitol Hill and District offices).  In effect, his was the same as Laurent Fabius:  It’s a sucker’s deal.  Boehner’s words:

"The idea that we’re going to take up a 1,300-page bill that no one had ever read, which is what the Senate did, is not going to happen in the House. And frankly, I’ll make clear we have no intention of ever going to conference on the Senate bill."

Well, Hallelujah!!  Amnesty is DOA!  For now at least, as next year it will rise from the dead – or maybe not, as it’s too hot-potato to touch in an election year.  John Boehner just saved America.  Who cares why?  He did it.  And that’s why, even more than the amazing Frenchman, Speaker Boehner is, however astoundingly, HFR Hero of the Week.

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno disclosed that Usain Bolt is no longer the world’s fastest man: "A new record was set today in the 100 meter dash. It was set by Senate Democrats running away from Obamacare."

Zero’s "I’m Stupid" press conference yesterday was disastrous not only for his confession.  Leno’s joke resonated because the Zerocare  "fix" he offered was so ruinous that even Howard Dean denied his legal authority.  E.g., some state commissioners required insurers to sign contracts ending old policies; federalie bureaucrats have no power to void them.

Yet the key to Dem racing for the panic exits is Zero’s demeanor more than his stupid words.  As Charlie Cooke pointed out on Fox, "He looked broken.  He flailed… It was the lowest I’ve ever seen him."

Frankly, this is exactly what we need – for Zero’s spirit to be broken.  Maybe it is dawning on him that what was his proudest achievement is, in Cooke’s words, "the biggest mistake that any party has made in at least 100 years."  Zerocare could easily suck the entire Democrat Party into a death spiral.

Thus the "must read" article of the week by – how’s this for irony? – a pro-American Lebanese Shia Moslem who is a full professor of international studies at John Hopkins and senior fellow at Stanford.  In the wake  of Zero’s press conference catastrophe yesterday, readers of the Wall Street Journal awoke this morning to read Fouad Ajami’s "When the Obama Magic Died."

"Rule by personal charisma has met its proper fate. The spell has been broken, and the magician stands exposed."  And if the magical emperor has no clothes, neither do Democrats running for reelection next year.  The opportunity for a Realignment, a true turning point in America’s fate is emerging.  Will we be able to take advantage of it?

A number of stories appeared this week reporting that the Mafia may target Pope Francis.  Evidently, when the Pope delivered a homily during his daily Mass at the Vatican on Monday (11/11), saying the corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea, mafiosi thought he was talking about them.

What the Pope should really be worried about is whether Zero will send Secret Service agents after him for threatening the life of the President.  Clearly, as the world’s most corrupt man, the Pope was referring to Zero when he said that the corrupt live in a "whitewashed tomb, that appears beautiful from the outside, but inside is full of dead bones and putrefaction."

A life based on corruption is "varnished putrefaction."  Yep, sure sounds like he’s talking about Zero.

Remember that marvelous article on India by TTPer Karma Singh a couple of weeks ago (10/31)?  On Tuesday (11/12), Goldman Sachs issued a lengthy report advising its clients to consider investing in India based on the increasing likelihood of Narendra Modi’s electoral victory next May. 

Karma predicted that Modi will be the "capitalist salvation of India."  Goldman agrees.  Congratulations, Karma!

Meanwhile, dead Hugo Chavez’s thug protégé Nicolas Maduro is turning Venezuela into a Nation of Looters.  Undoubtedly, Maduro is giving Zero some ideas on how to get out of his own mess.  That’s no joke – read the article and you’ll see.

What is funny is that Nicky is being shut out of the Presidential Palace by Chavez’s two harpy daughters.  Love the hat, though.  It’s you, Nicky.

Wonderful news from my favorite country in Africa – Somaliland.  See The World’s Most Freedom-Loving People from last March.  On Monday (11/11), the Wall Street Journal reported that former chief of BP (British Petroleum), Tony Hayward, has signed a $100 million deal between his new oilco, Genel Energy, and Somaliland. 

The State Department and the UN are upset, of course, as they support the failed state of Somalia in its efforts to reconquer independent Somaliland.  Hayward could care less.  Good for him and for Somaliland.  Let’s wish them every success.

Speaking of Africa, here’s a lesson in It’s the culture, stupid!

Take a look at this Map of World IQ Scores.  (It may take a moment to load, and minimize the Deescritption box on the left.)  Put your cursor on any country and you’ll get its National IQ score.  This is an average of course.  India has an average IQ of 82 – which means with 1.2 billion people, there are countless millions of really smart high-IQ folks, but even more poor illiterates who drag the score down.

Out of the 37 lowest-scoring countries, 35 are African (the other bottom two are Haiti and Jamaica).  The dumbest of all is Equatorial Guinea with an average IQ of 59.  Having been there, I can vouch for the accuracy.  But there are anomalies.  Sierra Leone, in West Africa, scores 91 on a par with Thailand and Lithuania.  Yet its immediate neighbors are Liberia and Guinea, both at 67.

The difference cannot be race, for the peoples, especially for Liberia and Sierra Leone, are virtually the same.  It’s got to be culture.  Or take Ghana at 73.  Pretty low, but it’s thriving – while Nigeria at 83 is a corrupt violent morass.  Mozambique at 64 is doing far better than Angola (both Lusophone, or former Portuguese) at 68.

It’s not race, it’s culture.  (And there’s no way the scoring can be accused of racism, when the top three are Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, with Mongolia #5.)  Culture really matters, vastly more than race, and even IQ.

There’s a profound lesson for us here.  The Number One target of the Left that now owns and manages the Democrat Party, is not our economy but our culture.  The Dems, with their unrelenting attacks on our basic American culture of middle class values, is making an obsessive, fanatical effort to destroy those values of life, family, respect for the military, civility, decency, and patriotism.

You couldn’t get a better example of this than the Obamunists running the "Brosurance" ads attempting to entice the Young & Stupid into signing up for Zerocare.  Be prepared before you click the link:  Barf Alert!

The ads have gone totally viral.  But… it turns out that the "bros and ho’s" targeted by the ads aren’t as dumb as the Obamunists think.  For they’re not signing up.  The vast majority of those signing up are the old and sick – not the young and healthy.  Zerocare has to have at least two twenty-somethings sign up for every three geezers – or else it goes into the "Death Spiral." 

Death Spiral, here it comes.  And our culture will get the chance to thrive again.

We need to restrain ourselves at this point, because we could go off the rails with celebratory exultation.  But this week we may be seeing the moment we’ve been praying for, that of, "Stick a fork in him, he’s done."

Yesterday (11/14), The Week reported that Zero has lost Silicon Valley.  As Fouad Ajami says, the magic is gone.  A majority of Americans now know Zero lied to them on a literally critical issue and that they can never trust him again.  The myth created by the Enemedia has been shattered.  Zero is like Humpty-Dumpty – the myth can’t be pieced back together again.

You know the myth has fallen off the wall when the ringleader and conductor of the Enemedia, from whom they all take their marching order – the New York Times – compares, as it did yesterday, Zero and Zerocare to Bush and Hurricane Katrina.

Watch.  Calls for him to resign are going to mount – and they are going to come from Democrats terrified of their doom in 2014.  39 Dems bolted from Pelosi and voted for Upton’s Fix this afternoon.  Dirty Harry is so afraid now of his Senate control falling apart he won’t schedule a vote on it.

The Senate is now 55 Dem-45 Pub.  35 seats are up next year, 21 of them Dem, only 14 Pub.  Do the math.  As the Senate Dems see their Minority fate in front of them like a nightmare death mask – well, it is just going to be so much fun to watch them freak out in fear.  And in their fear, turn on the man responsible, the man behind the death mask – Zero.