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hug-the-presidentIt was “The Hug Seen ‘Round the World.”

On Tuesday (5/15), President Trump spoke at the 37th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the US Capitol in Washington.  The link is to the full text of his heart-warming address, in which he pledged that his presidency’s policy is “to protect those who protect us.”  I encourage you to read it entire.

Among those fallen officers and their families he praised by name was that of NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia.  He then called her family – her three children and 90 year-old mother, Adrianna Valoy – to join him on the stage.  The President of the United States hugged and kissed this 90 year-old lady, then held her hand as he continued his speech.  She was overwhelmed by his loving humanity, as you can see.

The story and the picture was carried all over the world – the New York Post, the London Daily Mail, the BBC but three examples, with the latter two having videos of the touching scene.

Yet neither the New York Times nor CNN reporting the event could bring themselves to show any photos.  Which exemplifies a main theme of this week’s HFR – that the party affiliation of “D” no longer stands for Democrat.  Rather, D now stands for Delusional.


Before we get deep into that, time to jump into the Yanny-Laurel debate.  What do you hear?

For me, I 100% no doubt hear “Yanny” – yet many others swear they hear “Laurel,” although I can’t imagine how they do this.  Nonetheless, a giant humungous Yanny-Laurel debate has broken out all over America just in the last few days dividing friends, families, and the nation over which they hear.

Now the White House has entered the fray.  Watch how POTUS decides the debate among his staff:


Now let’s talk about her:

She is Atë (ah-tay), the daughter, Hesiod (ca. 700 BC) tells us in his Theogony (Origins of the Gods), of Eris, the God of Strife.  As such, Atë is the Goddess of Delusion, Folly, and Ruin.

You’ve heard the famous dictum, “He whom the gods would destroy they first drive insane.”  When they wished this, it was Atë they sent to do the driving.   You can be sure that if Hesiod were alive today he would instantly recognize Atë at work upon the minds of Democrats.

Yesterday (5/17), you saw Marc Thiessen’s Democrat Hysteria Helps Trump.  Marc focused on the Dems’ immoral inability to congratulate the President on bringing three US hostages back from North Korea, and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Let’s look at three other examples of what Atë is doing to the Dems and their Lying Swine Fake News propagandists.

It’s not just that Dems refused to participate in the Jerusalem Embassy opening on Monday (5/14) and couldn’t say a kind word about it.  No, it’s that they overtly and publicly joined the side of Moslem terrorists whose goal is to destroy the State of Israel.

Dinesh D’Souza summed it up:

But the bottom of the Nazi Left barrel was the cover of the New York Communist News on Tuesday (5/15):

Israelis “kill” and “slaughter” the peace-loving Palestinian terrorists of Hamas on the payroll of the Tehran Terror Masters.  This is delusional dishonesty based on pure hatred for America and Israel it’s hard not to conclude this is going over to the Dark Nazi Side.

Note that Egypt’s President Al-Sisi immediately summoned the Chief Terrorist of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh to Cairo where he was read the riot act:  “The blood of the dead (the Gazans killed) is on your hands,” he was told.  “History will not forgive Hamas.”

Hopefully, history won’t forgive the ghouls of the New York Daily News either.  Nor the Islamofascist leader of Turkey, Recip Erdogan, who called Israel a “terrorist state” for defending itself against the Hamas terrorists who are on his payroll as well. Bibi Netanyahu’s response:  “Mr. Erdogan is the last man to be preaching morality to Israel.”

Right along with Ismail Haniyeh.  I wonder if any journo will ask him about this video clip of Hamas putting their dead martyrs in shrouds killed by the evil Israelis on display.  It’s hard, though, to pretend you’re a dead Hamas martyr when you’re nose keeps itching.


But Atë was not done with the Dems this week.  After the Dems and their Fake News propagandists took the side of the Islamo-Nazis of Hamas, they jumped Atë’s shark yet again by taking the side of the horrific monsters of MS-13 gangs.

On Wednesday, POTUS held a round-table discussion at the White House regarding California’s sanctuary cities, attended by state lawmakers and law enforcement.  Here’s his response to a question by Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Sims about what to do with MS-13 members:

The Dem megaphone went ballistic.  The New York Times quickly published a late edition front page headline: Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant.

Breitbart has a compendium of all the libtard fake newsers going bananas: Dems, Media Outraged After Trump Calls MS-13 Gang Members ‘Animals’.  Plus one of all the Hollywood retard celebrities: Celebrities Freak After Trump Calls MS-13 Gangsters ‘Animals’.

The only way to deal with this lunacy is to shove it right back in the lunatics’ faces – as the President and Sarah Huckabee Sanders did yesterday (5/17):

“Horrible, horrible disgusting people.”  Right on, Sarah!  Just one clarification, Sarah – were you talking about MS-13, the media, or both?


The bottom line to these examples is that the Dems have been living in Delusional City since November 2016 and they are getting worse by the day – Atë is accelerating their march to delusion, folly, and ruin.  Like this:

Daily Caller headline on Wednesday (5/16): Liberal Writers Say Democrats Should Give Up On White Republicans.  The HFR of course couldn’t agree more.  Yes, please, give up on whites, don’t even try, Dems – that’s the foolproof way to victory in November, right?

Alas, one sober voice in the hyper-hate-Trump-leftie The Week, cautioned against this: Damon Linker in “The White Minority Illusion” 5/11).  It’s refreshing to see a liberal explain reality to other liberals – consider Damon’s a must-read for the week.  His conclusion:

“The ‘emerging Democratic majority requires anti-white identity politics as its midwife…  As it is, liberals risk actively antagonizing (and hence galvanizing against them) what will remain for some significant time to come the single-largest demographic group in the United States. There may be more foolish electoral strategies out there, but I’m hard-pressed to think of one.”

Cross your fingers that Damon’s wide advice is ignored, and the Dems remain convinced that the way to retake the House and Senate in November is to advocate more taxes and government, have no specific policies on how to improve the economy better than Trump’s historical performance, be for open borders and illegal immigrants rather than American citizens, and on the side of Moslem terrorists and MS-13 butchers.

Can there be any doubt that Atë is succeeding at destroying the Democrats by making them going insane?

Oh, by the way, Dems, have your heard the latest?  Black Support For Trump Is Rising Into The Danger Zone For Democrats.  Sorry.


Another bottom line on Atë – her specialty is turning the brains of really smart people into goo.

To put it neurologically, when your amygdala is in charge of your frontal cortex, your capacity for rational thought is down the tubes.  No matter, or even especially, if your IQ  is high – the smarter you are, the more cleverly persuasive are your justifications for believing nonsense.

It seems though that, like the lefties at The Week, the flagship of the Hate Trump Left, may be catching on.  In last Sunday’s (5/12) edition of the New York Times, there appeared a revelatory must-read by University of Virginia Professor of Political Science Gerard Alexander:  Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.

Just one excerpt out of many other gems:

“A backlash against liberals — a backlash that most liberals don’t seem to realize they’re causing — is going to get President Trump re-elected… Within just a few years, many liberals went from starting to talk about microaggressions to suggesting that it is racist even to question whether microaggressions are that important.


‘Gender identity disorder’ was considered a form of mental illness until recently, but today anyone hesitant about transgender women using the ladies’ room is labeled a bigot.


Liberals denounce “cultural appropriation” without, in many cases, doing the work of persuading people that there is anything wrong with, say, a teenager not of Chinese descent wearing a Chinese-style dress to prom or eating at a burrito cart run by two non-Latino women.”

Keep it up, Prof. Alexander says, and Libs and Dems will guarantee Trump’s reelection.  The good news is that his advice is very likely to go unheeded.  An example is the absolute brain-dead Mother’s Day ad sponsored by idiot billionaire Dem mega-donor Tom Steyer.

You’re not going to believe how stupidly counter-productive this is.  Entitled, “This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about the Republican Party,” you might think it’s a parody but it’s not.  Realize, this demented Dem donor scumbag is wacko politicizing Mother’s Day.

Actually, go to the YouTube page — – for the comments.  Typical is: “The real title of this video should be: ‘This video will make you vote for Trump in 2020’.”

Or: “So the Democrats conflate Trump with Nazism and are just hysterical soccer mom pearl clutchers, while the Republicans [in the ad] are younger, understand reality, and are normal teens and twentysomethings.”

Funniest are the comments about her being an alkie at the end:  “That cocktail chug says Hillary all over it” – “Drunk Moms don’t let their kids think” – “This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about alcoholism.”  Enjoy.


Break time.  First, the HFR pays homage to the coolest American writer of the 20th century – Tom Wolfe, who passed on at age 88 on Monday (5/14).

I became entranced with him 50 years ago when he came out with the story of the LSD hippies in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1968).

That prompted me to read his earlier (1965) The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby about the car culture of LA in the 50s and 60s – which I grew up in.

I loved how he skewered libtard artists with their stupid contraptions of some cardboard piece moving meaninglessly around while the tiny electric motor moving it was hidden away as it shouldn’t be seen.  He compared that to real works of art, real life practical works of art serving the useful purpose of transportation in style – i.e., custom designed and painted Harleys, the most prominently and proudly displayed feature of which was the huge chrome-plated engine.

And of course I loved his 1970 Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak-Catchers, exposing the pathological hypocrisies of Limousine Liberals.

Yet my favorite Tom Wolfe book is his 1975 The Painted Word.  A more decisive vivisection of the utterly pathetic phoniness of Modern Art will never be written.  Trust me, you’ll love it.

I think you’ll also enjoy the tribute to Tom Wolfe today (5/18) by the Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti: Jonathan Swift in a White Suit.  Key quote:

“Tom Wolfe has been celebrated for his literary innovations and output, his sartorial panache, his gimlet eye, his unfailing gentility. But his reputation as a Grand Old Man of Letters should not obscure one of his most important themes: the inability of American intellectuals to understand and appreciate their country.”

Thanks, Tom.  RIP.


Now for a trio of international bulletins.

In The Sooner the Better Dept. comes this news (5/15) from the Vatican: Pope Francis Hints He may Retire.  He won’t be missed.

In The Standing Up to Euroweenies Dept. we learn (5/12), Hungary’s Orban Blocks EU Condemnation of Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move.  Thanks, Viktor.

And in This Is a Threat?? Dept we get – be ready for this – Angry Iran Threatens to Expose Western Officials Who Took Their Bribes to Make Obama’s Nuke Deal Happen.  That is unless the corrupt officials manage to “pressure” POTUS Trump to stay in the deal.  Like that’ll work – who knew Iran’s mullahs are just as delusional as the Dems?


In closing, are we finally coming to closure on the real scandal?  Not the Russia Collusion Hoax, but the Corruption of the Obama-Mueller-Comey FBI?  The POTUS today (5/18):

As Gateway sums it:  CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC Hide LARGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN US HISTORY from Front Page – Obama Spying on Trump Campaign – as revealed by the New York Times exposing on Wednesday(5/16): Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation.

This combined with – at last! – news today (5/18) that IG Horowitz has stopped playing Godot: Inspector General Will Declare FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton Email Probe.  Now the focus will be on the criminality of Comey and his partners in crime, McCabe, Clapper, and Brennan.  Mueller will be history, shuffling off into the night.


We end with the latest news on the culture front.  Remember that movie back in the 80s, The Karate Kid, with the lovable diminutive karate master Mr. Miyagi training the hero kid (Daniel) to fight the blonde handsome bully villain (Johnny)?

Well, it’s over 30 years later today, and Daniel (Ralph Maccio) and Johnny (William Zabka) are all grown up reunited in a YouTube series that debuted on May 2:  Cobra Kai.   And guess what – their roles are reversed, with Johnny as the albeit flawed hero.

The cultural implications are clear – for as sci-fi write Bruce Niemeier puts it in “The Karate Kid We Need” – Cobra Kai “celebrates masculinity, bashes political correctness, and most importantly gives viewers hours of fun, in 2018.”

Niemeier sees Cobra Kai as “the story of a Gen X-er striving–imperfectly but successfully–to repair the severe damage postmodern culture has done to Millennials.”

Which is why, he says, “Cobra Kai is resonating with young adults… It’s a good bet that many viewers never had anyone like Johnny Lawrence to challenge them and let them earn a genuine sense of self-worth.”

Here’s the trailer.  Enjoy it, and consider subscribing so your kids and grandkids can watch with you.