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Tonight (9/24), China’s Chief Chicom – Xi Jinping (shee-jun-ping), General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of the People’s Republic of China – will have a private “working dinner” at the White House with President Zero.

Tomorrow (9/24) comes all the pomp – 21-gun salute on the South Lawn, Rose Garden joint Zero-Xi press conference, lunch at State with Lurch and SloJo, reception at Capitol Hill, formal State Dinner at the White House with Zero and Xi toasting each other in eternal friendship. That’s all public ceremony. The important meeting is dinner tonight.

It will be child’s play for Xi to play Zero like a Stradivarius and smoke him like a Gurkha Black Dragon. Xi is a vastly more intelligent, knowledgeable, ruthless, and competent leader than our pathetic know-nothing narcissist. But what if he were up against an American president his equal in both brainpower and willpower? A president as determined to defend his country as Xi is his?

Not a President Trump, whom Xi would simply stroke his ego until Trump was purring on his lap. No, someone truly smart and savvy.

What would the conversation be tonight if Xi were having that working dinner with a President Ted Cruz? It would go something like this.

Cruz: “President Xi, let’s dispense with all the silly talk about friendship. Here’s how I see things. The only way China and the US can get along is if we play win-win and not win-lose. Right now, you play win-lose with everyone, and I want to convince you it’s not in your interests to do so.”

As Xi objects, Cruz raises his hand.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but spare me. The South China Sea is a perfect example – it’s all yours, no one else’s, win-lose. This is the most important international waterway on earth. It’s not yours, we will prevent you from seizing it, you must learn to share it like a normal country with the other countries that border it.

We will form an alliance between Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan who will mutually agree on their EEZs (Exclusive Economic Zones). You’ve shown you can do that with Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin and South Korea in the Yellow Sea. Your artificial islands mean nothing in terms of claims by international law. All you’re doing is making enemies. Start sharing and start making friends instead of all your South China Sea neighbors being enemies aligned against you.”

After some blah-blah response, Cruz continues.

“There’s a fundamental geopolitical difference between us. China is a continental power while the US is a sea power. Thus we look upon the open sea as international waters with rights of free navigation, while you look upon water as if it were dry land to be territorially owned, other claimants be damned. Win-lose. Which means you will lose regarding the South China Sea. I suggest you look elsewhere.”

When Xi raises his eyebrows, Cruz explains. “You’ll be growing a lot of food now in the TransBaikal, I hear. That’s good news.”

(The TransBaikal is the region of Russian Siberia east of Lake Baikal consisting of Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai bordering China and Mongolia.)

“Your leasing increasingly large tracts of land, hundreds of thousands of hectares, will enable Chinese migrants to produce needed food. Of course, in so doing you’ll in effect control the Trans-Siberia Railway, the main transportation link connecting Siberia with Russia proper, but I’m sure that’s coincidental.”

Cruz would thus steer the conversation towards Siberia and imply that’s where China needs to look for its future. Then he’d go for the gold.

“President Xi, as you know, we have an extremely serious problem with state-sponsored computer hacking into our government and military computer systems, such as the theft of millions of government employee files. I don’t need to tell you how vulnerable your systems are to hacking and even total dissolution, far more than ours. My predecessor refused to do anything regarding this but I have no such reservations.

“So I am sure that you will make every effort to prevent any more such events in the future, if only to preserve your own most vital systems. That said, I’d like to address the issue of Intellectual Property protection. For example, my computer security people tell me that more than 90% of all Microsoft products are pirated now in China. That may be why Bill Gates wasn’t able to have dinner with you last night in Seattle.

“The PRC only uses its patent office as a filter for US companies to target. Not respecting and enforcing IP protection is costing the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet the PRC holds over a trillion dollars of our debt. The policy of my administration will now be to track PRC piracy violations and offset our debt to the PRC commensurately.

“It would work like this. The PRC holds most of this debt in US Treasuries of staged or “laddered” maturity. We will provide a grace period of say 60 days to see if the piracy ceases. If not, then we will cancel the bills most nearing maturity as a direct offset to the thefts of our intellectual property. If the thefts and hacking continue, we will cancel more; if they stop, payment of the future maturity date T-bills will be allowed.

“Trust is the key factor here, and there is none.  It’s one thing to ‘spy’ on both friendly and unfriendly countries; it is certainly a much more serious offense to steal property (even IP) and hacking (which is a grave national security threat).  That is an act of war in my opinion.  Can you imagine if the US was doing this?  The world would be outraged.

“Oh, and in addition, I am ordering that the US will now begin blocking Alibaba and all PRC commercial IP addresses from entering the US.  After all, the PRC blocks Facebook and Google.  Trust is a two way street – and it must be earned. We want to play win-win, mutual cooperation for mutual benefit. But we can play win-lose if you insist.

“Yet let me assure you — you succeeded in playing win-lose with my predecessor. You may expect a decidedly different outcome with me. Now that we understand each other, let’s enjoy a good glass of wine and a pleasant dinner.”

We need that combination of brains and moxie to stand up for America. Cruz has it, and he’s the only candidate who’s in the arena and actually doing it regarding The Surrender Party.

What will happen at the White House tonight and tomorrow with Zero and Xi will be a tragic farce. We need to make very sure we have a president in 2017 with whom that won’t happen when a Chicom comes to town.