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The short answer is: No, they can’t – not this year. They can’t emotionally afford it. BDS – Bush Derangement Syndrome – requires them to overcook their turkey, serve it with sugarless cranberries to match their bitterness, and wash it down not with a good chardonnay but with bile.

Their propaganda machine known collectively as the MSM – mainstream media – should be re-nicknamed the BNM: the Bad News Media. The Democrats must refuse to acknowledge and the BNM must refuse to report anything good about America whatsoever.

Failure on their part to do so might cause dangerously blasphemous thoughts to occur to the American public, like we are not losing the War on Moslem Terrorism, we are not losing the War in Iraq, President Bush is an honest and decent man whose moral character infinitely exceeds theirs ( and most especially his Democrat predecessor and opponents in 2000 and 2004), the American economy is doing spectacularly well, the sky is not falling nor the oceans rising due to global warming, that America has so much to celebrate on this Thanksgiving Day.

The Dems and Libs will on this day mouth pious platitudes about our “blessings,” making sure to riddle them with let’s-not-forget buts: “Thank you, O (substitute whatever they put in place of God) for America’s blessings but let’s not forget the victims of Katrina and the homeless and the starving Banglesdeshis and every ailment on the planet because they are all America’s and George Bush’s fault.”

Democrats cannot truly celebrate Thanksgiving because they no longer have the capacity to celebrate being American. This is not hyperbolic. It is a tragic truth.

The purpose of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for being American. Thankful with no buts. This is the day to celebrate the goodness of our country – the moral goodness, the moral decency of American institutions, American history, and the character of the American people.

No whining and moaning about what happened to the Indians, or about slavery and poverty and racism. No buts. Complain tomorrow. Not today. Think that Democrats can do this? Let’s see. Ask any you might know to agree that:

*America is the least racist nation on earth (to disagree, another country must be named and knowledgeably described with less racial turmoil and animosity).

*Americans are the most charitable and generous people on our planet; no other people or country comes remotely close.

* America has more religious freedom than any other nation.

* American capitalism has created more wealth for more people than any economy in the world history.

* American soldiers have brought more freedom to more people throughout the world than those of any country in world history.

* Western Civilization, of which America is the pre-eminent example, has brought incalculable benefits to mankind, compared to which its blemishes seem negligible.

* I love being American. I am proud to be an American with no shame, embarrassment, or apology.

* I want us to win in Iraq. I want our American soldiers to score a decisive victory in Iraq against Jihadi terrorism, even if it means that George Bush will get the credit. What benefits my country and its security is always more important than what benefits my political party.

The number of Democrats in the Senate who could agree to these statements you could count on one hand – such as Joe Lieberman. The number of Democrats in the House, not many more – like Colin Peterson. Howard Dean, the Chairman of the Democrat Party, would choke and gag on them.

We are not talking about the Loony Left here, the professional America-haters, the Cindy Sheehans. Thanksgiving for them is a day to curse their country, not praise it. We’re talking about the Democrat Establishment, the folks who run one of the two major political parties in the country, who plan to seize the Hill in 2006 and the White House in 2008.

So while you’re busy in the kitchen today, peeling potatoes and turnips, preparing for the feast, reflect on the wisdom of the ancient Greeks who were fond of observing, “He whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” The Democrats have gone stark raving nuts with BDS, and that will lead them to their doom.

Literally – because doom and defeatism do not win elections. In most any political contest, the candidate perceived by the voters to be more optimistic wins. Voters may be temporarily persuaded by the BNM’s unrelenting pessimism and the Democrats’ unrelenting lies to be in a sour mood. There’s no way that’s going to prevail a year from now in the November 2006 elections.

Sooner than later it’s going to sink into voters’ brains that the Democrats are rooting for the other side, that they want America to lose in Iraq so they can win elections, that they are the party of defeatism instead of patriotism.

It’s not that Pollyanna will triumph over the Dark Side, but that the antidote to The Big Lie technique practiced by the Dems is too easy and obvious. It’s called The Big Truth.

The Big Lie as taught by Hitler works through unceasing repetition using loud megaphones. The BNM’s megaphone is loud, but so is the White House’s. The message is simple: the Democrats distort the truth, the President tells the truth. The message is easy because the truth is in fact on our side.

The truth is that we are winning in Iraq, not losing. The (non-conservative) Brookings Institute now reports that per capita income in Iraq has doubled since 2003, that there are five times more cars on the streets than in Saddam’s day, five times more telephone subscribers, 32 times more Internet users, that the Iraqi economy is expected to grow 16.8% in 2006. Where there was complete suppression of the press under Saddam, there are now 44 TV stations, 72 radio stations, and over 100 newspapers.

As an indication of the increasing success of the Iraqi Army ( and its American training), the most dangerous road in Iraq used to be the one between Baghdad International Airport and downtown. Now it’s the safest, secured by Iraqi Army units.

Examples could be multiplied – see Allah’s Waiting Room from last week – which all serve to highlight that the more we are winning in Iraq, the more desperate the Democrats become in claiming we are losing.

This is why they dragged out “Cut and Run John” Murtha last week to provide cover for their treason. Murtha was physically courageous in his youth as a Marine in Vietnam, but is such a moral eunuch in Congress he called for retreat of the Marines in Somalia in 1993. It was easy for them to con Cut and Run to be their point man on calling for surrender to the terrorists now.

Duncan Hunter’s successfully calling Cut and Run’s bluff in Congress is the canary singing in the Democrat’s coal mine. Congressional Republicans are going to return from Thanksgiving break determined not to put up with treasonous defeatism any longer.

What Bush and Cheney need to do is not just back them up once or twice but endlessly, repeatedly – endless repetition of the Big Truth is the key to overcoming the Big Lie. This is what you are going to see in the coming weeks and months.

Americans have so impossibly much to celebrate on this Thanksgiving. The flaws don’t matter on this day. America is the noblest nation in the history of humanity. We are members of history’s greatest civilization at its prime.

Take the time to savor your presence in history, the incredible blessing Providence has bestowed upon you in being an American, on this day. Drain the goblet of gratitude while the Democrats quaff their cup of bitterness. Gratitude to Providence for the existence of America, gratitude for the privilege of being American. There is no greater privilege, there is nothing more to be thankful for, on this Thanksgiving Day.