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Be Afraid and Be Protected

This week’s letter is meant to frighten you. Hopefully you’ll become sufficiently concerned that you’ll take the necessary steps to protect yourself. I’m sure you’ve noticed your inboxes filling up with spam. There’s been widespread media coverage of the problem. I have little to add, except to emphasize the spam is normally not innocent. It consists of spyware, Trojans, viruses, adware and other assorted malware that can ruin your whole day.


Need Help With Windows?

[To The Point is exceedingly happy to announce a new feature: a column on computers, science, and technology by Dennis Turner. As my friend for almost 40 years, Dennis is almost impossibly smart with a stratospheric IQ and a deep understanding of the welter of technology that can so easily baffle and infuriate the rest of us. I suggested to him that he write a TTP column with advice we could really use to make life with computers, science, and hi-tech easier. Here’s his first. Among his many talents, Dennis is a world-class professional computer programmer. If you or your company has any serious and difficult-to-solve programming needs, you can contact him at [email protected]. As you can tell by the “il” country code, Dennis resides in Israel. -JW]