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Dear Chairman Priebus,

Last Friday (4/22), Politico ran a story headlined:  Delegates Face Death Threats From Trump Supporters.

Such threats are becoming commonplace throughout the country.  This is criminal activity, not political.  Perhaps the most revealing line in the Politico article is: “The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.”

By not making any effort to ensure this criminal activity conducted by his supporters ceases and desists, Mr. Trump is aiding and abetting it, thus becoming an accomplice to the crime.

Trump supporters issuing threats of violence are neither conservatives nor Republicans of any stripe.  They are thugs. Pure and simple.  They are not engaging in democratic political activity.  They are attempting to replace our democracy with a thugocracy.  This can not be tolerated.

One of the more prominent examples of this is a Trump supporter named Gary Forbes, publisher of “Trump Magazine.”  He’s compiling a database of photos of GOP convention delegates and their families, and overtly threatening them with “an extremely vicious response” should they vote for Cruz on a second ballot.

What follows is a quote directly from Forbes’ website.  He has a very large following of thousands of Trump supporters all over the country.  This is what he is explicitly advising them to do regarding a contested convention (underlining mine, italics his):

“Compile a detailed database of the highest risk delegates—those who’ve been granted permission from the Republican party leaders, to switch their votes—at will, from Donald Trump to a candidate of their personal choice. The database should include name, home address, telephone #, email, employment address, photos of the delegates and their family members in digital format.

Notify each of these high risk delegates, by physical letter with certified mail, that We The People will be expecting them to vote exactly as we sent them to, and that if they defy the will of the people by voting otherwise, no matter what the GOP rules suggest— we will deem their defiance an act of treason against our country. Let them know there will be extremely serious and unrelenting consequences.

After your group is certain that each delegate has received your letter, organize a protest of no less than 500 demonstrators to camp out in front of the homes of the at-risk delegates, and those on your GOP leaders list. The protests should be scheduled for the entire four-day period of the Cleveland convention.

Be sure to reach out to all large pro-Trump groups including bikers for Trump, truckers, local working class unions, etc. to show the anger and might of the American people. We want each at-risk delegate, while in Cleveland, to receive urgent phone calls from their families and neighbors, that there is a massive demonstration happening in their front yard, with protesters waving signs that are warning that they not betray us. Keep the demonstrations peaceful, as long as that delegate does not switch his/her vote. This will make them think twice about defying the will of We The People.”

Mr. Forbes should be arrested for inciting violence.  He is a criminal.  Mr. Trump should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting his criminal activity, should he continue to refuse to condemn Mr. Forbes and demand he cease.

The Republican Party cannot remain a viable organization if it capitulates to the rule of thugs.  It cannot conduct a legitimate presidential nominating convention if it allows its delegates and their families to be threatened by violence.

I therefore request – and ask that every major donor to the Republican Party make the same request – that you issue the following public statement:

“It is a matter of public record that countless threats of violence and death are being made by supporters of Mr. Trump to delegates to the Cleveland nominating convention and their families whom they suspect may vote for a candidate other than Mr. Trump beyond the first ballot.

Such activity is criminal.  It is being conducted on behalf of Mr. Trump’s presidential candidacy.  There is as of yet no evidence that Mr. Trump has denounced this activity nor taken overt and specific action to see that it ceases and desists.

The Republican Party Presidential Nominating Convention cannot and will not be held with its delegates and their families being so threatened.

Therefore, I must announce that should Mr. Trump continue to aid and abet criminal activity on his behalf and not do whatever is necessary to ensure such criminal activity on his behalf ends, he will no longer be considered a viable candidate for Republican presidential nomination.

We welcome his Republican candidacy, and his name will be allowed to be put in contention for nomination at the Cleveland convention if and only if he will no longer tolerate threats to our delegates be made in his name and takes overt actions to see they stop.

If he refuses to do this, he will not be a Republican candidate.  Period.  The threats must stop.  We will have a peaceful convention.  With Mr. Trump or without him.  The choice is his.  I am confident he will make the right choice.”

Chairman Priebus, to be blunt, the primary reason for the anger and rage directed at the GOP today is because it consistently did not have the courage – whether in the House, the Senate, or the RNC – to stand up to the unconstitutional lawlessness of President Obama and his administration.

Now this anger and rage has devolved into mob thuggery which will demolish not just your convention in July but your party’s very existence.  You must take a definitive stand against it and right now before it is too late.

I make this request in all sincerity and respect.  Thank you.

Jack Wheeler

Publisher & Editor, To The Point
[email protected]