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At the White House press conference yesterday (2/06), Sarah Sanders nailed the key issue to the wall:

“Democrats are going to have to make a decision at some point really soon, do they hate this president more than they love this country.”

In other words, are Democrats going to choose to be Americans, or will they remain what they are now:  Americans In Name Only or AINOs.

It’s the same exact issue facing the Democrat Propaganda Machine, ridiculously known as the “Mainstream” Media.  There is nothing “mainstream” about this ilk who have abandoned the slightest pretense of honest journalism.

They no longer compose the “MSM” – they are now the WSM – the Waste Stream Media.  What they produce is a sewer of filth, lies, and Hate America narratives.

Conservatives have contempt for RINO politicians, Republicans In Name Only, and for good reason. The basis for conservative contempt of RINOs is their cowardice – the spineless refusal of the GOP Establishment Elite to stand up for their professed principles.

There are a few of them so suffused with hatred for President Trump that they have become AINOs as well – such as Jeff Flake – but only a few.

Not so with the Dems and WSM.  To call them simple cowards is too generous, for their hatred of America has become so visceral that to call it treasonous is no joke.

Let’s be very clear on this:  You don’t get more treasonous than effecting the permanent destruction of American electoral democracy.

We all know the purpose of the Democrats’ opening the floodgates for millions of illegal aliens pouring into our country: so they can vote Democrat.

Here’s yesterday’s (2/06) Breitbart headline: Booming Foreign-Born Population Handing Over Electoral Dominance to Democrats.

We all know that’s the purpose of Dem AINOs’ hysterical opposition to Voter ID. We know that’s the purpose of Motor Voter laws so that aliens get drivers’ licenses which gets them registered to vote.

We all know Dems and Dem judges are doing everything possible to enable mass illegal alien voting, systematic cheating, and eliminating Voter ID.

Solving illegal immigration is easy: Eliminate all government benefits for illegals. Plus E-verify, no Amnesty, no chain migration, and Build the Wall.

Solving mass voter fraud is not easy, especially when Dem judges rule it’s legal. You can follow developments on the National Conference of State Legislatures’ NSCL page on Voter ID Laws. You can get involved with True The Vote – I couldn’t encourage you more to do so.

Further, you don’t get more treasonous than a President of the United States, and his accomplices in the White House, the FBI, and Justice Department attempting to overthrow the election of that president’s successor.

You don’t get more treasonous than the AINO Democrats supporting this coup attempt all up-all in.

You don’t get more treasonous than the WSM hysterically megaphoning this support unrelentingly 24/7, while utterly refusing to expose the absurdity of the entire plot of non-existent “Trump-Russia Collusion.”

At this point, I’d like ask you to do me a favor right now. I’d like you to relax, take a deep breath, and think about the western classic movie High Noon.

As I hope you recall, it stars Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. Coop is the Sheriff of a town and learns that four outlaws are on the way to kill him and take over the town. The drama is that he can’t find any of the townspeople to help him fight the bad guys, not even his deputy – he has to face them alone.

The point I’d like you to focus on is that however much contempt we – or Coop – have for the townspeople’s cowardice, they are not the bad guys. The outlaws are the bad guys. We, like Coop, have to focus on getting rid of the bad guys.

Democrat and WSM AINOs are out to destroy our country – no hyperbole but for real, it is happening right before our eyes.  That is traitorous evil.  Regarding RINOs, we need to have in very sharp focus the vast moral difference between lack of courage to fully stand up to evil, and the evil itself.

The providential good news is that we now have a President with cojones the size of cannonballs, who is not only determined to stand up to AINO and WSM treason, but is also giving Pubs on Capitol Hill the spine to stand up to them as well.  (Note the present tense – GOP spinal reconstruction is a work in progress.)

So – what’s the bottom line for us, you and me, all conservatives and patriots in general?  Two specific demands we must make in every way imaginable:

*Demand that Obama, Comey, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, and Hillary be investigated by independent Special Counsel separate from Mueller for possible commission of treasonous acts against the United States of America.

 *Demand that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell eliminate the filibuster.

We must make every effort to have the terms AINO and WSM – Waste Stream Media – become memes commonly used by the general public.

What Obama and his minions tried, and what the WSM continues to try, has to be seen as actual real treason.

And as far as Trump’s legislative MAGA agenda, beyond what he can do with Executive Orders and having AINO Dem Judge rulings overthrown in the Supreme Court, it’s DOA with the Senate filibuster.  Note that Trump’s Tax Reform was passed only with very special rules disallowing the filibuster.

Our Gary Cooper must not fight the bad guys alone.  We have to fight right alongside of him.  Here’s the final gunfight of High Noon. Coop won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance.  The stakes for our President’s performance are infinitely higher than a statuette – they are the existence of our country.

This is our High Noon for America.  At the defeat of the AINOs and WSM, we must be with Sheriff Trump to make it possible.


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