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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked America.  Seventy-nine years later, a Chinese professor boasted that China has almost succeeded in conquering America.

Our business and political classes have colluded with China for decades, and Joe Biden is one of China’s best buys.  The only barrier to China’s depredations has been Donald Trump.

For decades, China has hugely benefited Wall Street and America’s top-level politicians.  Companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others have become mind-bogglingly wealthy by selling cheap Chinese products to Americans.  Part of why these products are cheap because they’re made by slave labor.

Even now, the same companies that are all over the “black lives matter” and reparations movements are lobbying hard to continue using slave labor in China.

American corporations have also made bank off the fact that China benefited from the Universal Postal Union treaty, which often made it cheaper to ship goods from China to America than from one American state to another.  Trump finally put a stop to this.

While companies were making money from selling cheap Chinese goods in America, American workers were losing their jobs as factories that once provided quality versions of the same products shut down.  Communities across America collapsed.

When despairing people turned to drugs, China was there for them, illegally smuggling massive quantities of Fentanyl, a deadly, addictive narcotic, to Americans.  China’s made minimal symbolic moves to end the trade but has no real incentive to do so.  It benefits from American despair.

Despite its support for China, Wall Street has also suffered from Chinese depredations.  The technology that China exports to America, like most of the Chinese exports to America, comes via technological espionage.  China doesn’t innovate; it steals (JW: like Democrats with elections).

This is also true for trademarked goods, which China routinely illegally copies.

China has infiltrated our colleges with its Confucius Institute.  Professors have also been selling China our cutting-edge science and technology.

In the government, Dianne Feinstein, onetime head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had a Chinese spy as her driver for twenty years.  She suffered no consequences.  We also just learned that Eric Swalwell and others have been consorting with a Chinese spy.

Hunter Biden’s hard drive revealed what many had long suspected, which is that, when then–vice president Joe Biden took his drug-addled, debauched son to China, he pimped Hunter out to various CCP entities in exchange for millions for dollars in faux business deals that were actually bribes.

The media and the tech tyrants suppressed this story — so much so that 17% of Biden voters would have voted for Trump if they’d known about it.

The pièce de résistance of China’s depredations against the world is their Chicom Virus.  Remember that, while the CCP blocked travel in China, it encouraged its citizens to travel to other countries, taking the disease with them.

The world’s massive death, dislocation, and economic collapse is a China’s crime against humanity — this from the same country that is now using genetic manipulation to create “super troops.”

One could say that all of the above is just flotsam and jetsam, little random factoids from the keyboard of a Trump-supporter.  However, everything I wrote finds corroboration in the shocking video above showing a Chinese professor (which means a member of the CCP) telling the truth to an audience in China.  Although the video quickly vanished from Chinese and American social media, Tucker Carlson caught it and did the explosive report you see.

You must watch the video. If you can’t, here’s the summary: China partnered with Wall Street and American politicians at the highest level of government, especially in Obama’s White House.  These people happily worked with China right until Trump threw a wrench in these works.

At that point, dismayed to lose their profitable relationship with China, they conspired to get Trump out of the White House and place someone who would accede to China’s demands — that would be the corrupt, demented Joe Biden.  Indeed, the professor confirms that China was passing money to Biden through his son, and made it clear that Biden’s not the only one.

Rumors abound that, for the past four years, Trump has been collecting evidence about the way the monoparty political elites in America, in the Swamp, in Big Business and Big Tech, have worked against this country.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if those rumors were true?  Certainly, the professor’s words lend credence to the facts behind these rumors.


Andrea Widburg is deputy editor of American Thinker