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How about making 2015 be that for you?

The older you get, the more apparent it is that life – your life – is really short.  There is a scene in the movie On Golden Pond where the character played by Henry Fonda is celebrating his 80th birthday with his family.  His wife (Katherine Hepburn) asks him, "How does it feel to be 80?"  He answers, "Well, I’m surprised it got here so fast."

The only way I know of to not get to old age fast is to not slow down – to speed up instead.  My way is to fill my life with more adventure than ever.

As old age approaches, lots of people make a "bucket list," things they dream of doing before it’s finita la musica.  Yet the sooner you start your own bucket list, no matter what age, the better – for the more time you’ll have to live your dreams.  Don’t be under the illusion, however, that you have plenty of time. 

The years pass ever more quickly.  This last one has come and gone – 2014 is over forever.  Don’t let 2015 be the same before living one of  your dreams.  Carpe diem.  Here we go.  Ever see this?  It’s one of the most iconic pictures of World War II – a section of the famed Burma Road called 24-Zig.


The Burma Road was built to carry US supplies from Burma to Chiang Kai Shek’s capital of Chungking to fight the Japanese in China.  It turns out that the 24-Zig is not in Burma, it’s in China.  It was lost for many years and has now been rediscovered.  How’d you like to go there with me?  Or here?


Or here?


You may recognize these last two if you’ve ever taken a look at Hidden China III.  I added 24-Zig because I have now learned it’s possible to go there just before Hidden China III begins on February 28. 

And I’m telling you this because my partners in Kunming have just told me I can bring two more of you with me:  a couple, father/son, mother/daughter, two friends.

This is my third trip to China in the last 18 months and it’s going to be a while until I run another.  If you have ever dreamed of seeing China – extraordinary, unbelievable China far beyond the Great Wall or Shanghai (although they are easy to add to Hidden China III if you want) – now is your chance.

Life lasts but a snap of the finger.  Please consider this opportunity to add a great adventure to your life in 2015.  Take a look at Hidden China III and enjoy the pictures, then imagine experiencing all this yourself – the Black Dragon Pool, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Luoping Rapeseed Fields, Hani Rice Terraces – making them a part of your life.

If you can and can move fast – my deadline for adding two of you to Hidden China III is just two weeks from now, January 26 – then call Miko now to schedule when you and I can talk.  I’ll give you a call to answer whatever questions you may have, as there’s no time to waste. 

Call Miko at 202-656-3008, or email him at [email protected]. 

Now, after looking at all the pics in Hidden China III, if you want to locate the famous Burma Road section on Google Earth, enter "Qinglong, Qianxinan, Guizhou, China."  Now zoom in to these coordinates just south of Qinglong (latitude/longitude are in the bottom Imagery tray): 25 49’16"N 105 12’09"E.

Zoom way in. There it is, "24-Zig". Rotate the Compass Orientation in the top right corner to face straight East instead of North and you see it just like the picture.  How cool is that?  This is a pic of 24-Zig now:


Picture yourself standing there with me, driving up the 24-Zig with me, taking this astounding history into your life, and all of Hidden China III as well.

Call 202-656-3008 or email Miko ([email protected] ), and we’ll talk about it.  I’ll see you in Kunming.

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