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The Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore is one of surfing’s most legendary breaks.  It’s a triple-reef break, with these huge swells from Northern Pacific winter storms piling enormously up on an outer reef, then a middle reef, and lastly on an inner reef.

If you stand on the beach watching these gigantic waves rise above you, with surfers taking off into the wave’s tube or wiping out, you are sure the wave is going crash right down on you and sweep you off to sea.

But no, that inner reef smothers the wave and without warning the wave is suddenly gone to gently foam over your feet in the sand.

I saw that many times when I lived in Hawaii years ago, and immediately thought of it when I saw the news this morning.

Except, at Banzai, the waves don’t cheat.

That brain-damaged Fetterman beat a Moslem for Turkey isn’t an enormous shocker.  It was Trump’s most egregious mistake to endorse Oz instead of conservative businessman Dave McCormick who would have walked over Fetterman.  Nonetheless, PA is where Dem ballot-stuffing is an art.

In Arizona, the Dem ballot-stuffing is running amok to prevent Blake Masters taking a Senate seat, and prevent Kari Lake being governor – making sure it’s Katie Hobbs instead who as AZ Secretary of State oversees her state’s elections!  Being a Dem, she refused to recuse herself, of course.

In Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the despised Dem governors won easily with nothing to prevent their cheating.  In Georgia, Rino Gov. Kemp easily beat that disgusting Stacey Abrams, but as he despises Trump-supporting Herschel Walker, suddenly the 2020 Georgia chicanery has kicked in against Walker.

This could go on, but just notice where the GOP won going away, like Florida and Texas, they have good vote-fraud prevention in place.  It’s non-existent in the blue states where the Red Wave was supposed to wash the Dems away – so QED.

This is a moving train so we’ll be able to discuss this more fully in Friday’s HFR.  This is not over, lawsuits are soon to be flying, yet two items are coming in to focus.

First is, the #1 winner of the mid-terms is Ron DeSantis and the #1 loser is Donald Trump.  That Trump is starting to ridicule and threaten DeSantis is just about the stupidest thing he can do now. DeSantis is in the 2024 catbird seat, and El Donaldo better recalibrate smart and fast.

Second is, there is a silver lining to the outcome that’s emerging on Capitol Hill.  Whatever happens in the Senate – Laxalt in NV, Walker in GA, Masters in AZ winning would bring a bare 52-seat GOP majority at best – McConnell is toast.  Trump is right on this one, Rick Scott should replace him.

And in the House, the incoming GOP majority will be small, maybe 10 seats, so Kevin McCarthy has to go for doing such a pansy job with firebreather Steve Scalise replacing him.  Other firebreathers will be running the committees and that’s where the action will be – blocking funding for Bidet’s EO’s, investigating Dem criminality, this is where you bring the buttered popcorn.

I’m going to sign off now.  I am of course just as disappointed as you are, expecting a massive Red Wave and instead getting a Red Ripple that barely foams our toes on the beach.

Today is World Freedom Day, as November 9 was the day the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.  We expected today would be America Freedom Day, when the Woke Wall of the Democrats would fall.  And admittedly, I thought America would give me a nice birthday present as it’s also my birthday.

But no.  So far too many Americans voted for what’s coming – roaring inflation, unemployment, and a recession impoverishing most all of them.  Republicans now get to say – “You voted for this! Shoulda voted for us when you had the chance!”

But yes, that’s small beer.  We’ll meet again at the HFR to talk more about where we stand.