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[ssba]Last Saturday (7/30), the New York Post published – next to a side bar with old photos of a naked Melania Trump – Why ‘White Trash’ Americans Are Flocking to Donald Trump.

Two days later on Monday (8/01), the New York Times published Black Lives Matter Coalition Makes Demands.  Treating the OBLM – Only Black Lives Matter – with deference and respect, the libtards at the Times would be horrified at the suggestion their article should be entitled Why ‘Black Gimmidats’ Are Flocking to Hillary Clinton.

“White trash” is a racial slur on a par with the Forbidden N-word. If you Google it, you’ll get over 9 million hits.  You’ll find thousands of articles arguing that Trump’s core supporters are “white trash.”  The term is an overt sneer referring to “poor white people.”

WhiteTrashDefinedOn the other hand, you never see the term “black trash” referring to “poor black people.”  Google has a lot of hits for it, but the vast majority of them refer to buying or supplying plastic black trash bags.  Let’s substitute, then, the term “Black Gimmidats” for the OBLM crowd.

As we all know, from Hollywood movies to television series to books, academia, the media and pop culture, the one group of people it’s politically correct to be racist towards is whites.

So let’s state the obvious:  the greatest and most destructive racial problem in America today is anti-white racism.  Particularly so because of what such racist hatred is doing to whites themselves.  It is causing them – from white limousine liberals to “check your privilege” white college kids to working-class whites who are now dying younger – to be auto-racist, racist towards themselves.

It is hard to think of anything that would improve life in America more than a cure for white auto-racism.

Well-off whites would be free to stop being Marxist Democrats as an envy-deflection device.  White college snowflakes could stop being pussies afraid of the world and actually start learning about it.  Working-class whites would be proud of themselves again, regaining self-reliance and rejecting the booze, opiates, and welfare dependency that’s killing them.

We’d have an America that would stop apologizing for its success and its history.  We’d have a military that focused on defending us rather than indulging in gender social experiments.  We’d have a government that got out of our way instead of making us subservient to the State.

And we’d have a society inoculated against guilt-mongering by shakedown artists playing the racist intimidation game.  A society that simply laughed at the demands for “Reparations” made by Black Gimmidats.

Here are the Reparations demands on the OBLM website.  It gets comical when you realize their demand for a Guaranteed Minimum Income, when abbreviated to GMI is pronounced gimmie.

It’s the latest iteration of racist demands from “slave descendants” that billions of dollars be extorted from American taxpayers and deposited into their beggar bowls.  Millions of self-respecting hard-working Black Americans must be mortified by this.  It’s white auto-racist libtards who encourage the gimmidats.

To help them overcome their auto-racism, let’s explain just who owes reparations to whom.  The claim is that the descendants of slaves are owed lots of money by the descendants of slave owners.

To claim some kind of voodoo tribal guilt regarding slave-ownership that mystically applies to all Americans no matter if they immigrated here last year, their parents immigrated here forty years ago, or none of their ancestors owned any slaves whatever is an assertion beyond reason and evidence, and resides in the realm of religious fanaticism.

For there to be the slightest shred of justice pertaining to slavery reparations claims, the claims must be upon – and only upon – those people whose ancestors owned slaves beyond any reasonable doubt.

It turns out there are millions of descendants of slave-owners among America’s citizenry today. They are the only people of whom the reparations crowd could possibly claim should pay reparations.

Who are they and how do we know they are descended from slave-owners? Let me relate a little story.

In November 1962 when I was a student at UCLA, Malcolm X came to our campus and made a speech. It stunned me that he spoke with the same kind of racist hatred towards whites that Hitler did towards Jews.

Finally, one of the other students couldn’t stand it anymore and yelled, “Why do you hate white people so much? You’re part white yourself!” Malcolm X acknowledged the obvious, that his light brown-yellow skin revealed his partially-white ancestry, by responding in a voice of utter venom, “Yes, and if you had the blood of a dog in you, you wouldn’t be proud of it either.”

Proud or ashamed, the fact is that Malcolm X was not just “black,” he was black-and-white. He was not just the descendant of slaves. He was also the descendant of slave-owners. That the slave-owner raped a slave or used his superior position over her to extract a sexual liaison is irrelevant to the fact that Malcolm X never would have been born had it not been for such a liaison.

He – just like the majority of American blacks – owes his existence to slave-owning ancestors.

Some time ago, the WaPo ran a story entitled “Slavery’s Children Seek Reparations.”  The writer interviewed a lady named Suzanne Anderson, who advocated reparations because “My great-great-grandmother was a slave in Florida.” But what about Suzanne’s great-great-great grandfather?

The bottom line is that the substantial majority of black people in America are only partially black. They are also partially white, and are so because they are of mixed white slave-owner and black slave owned ancestry.

If justice requires that the descendants of slave-owners compensate the descendants of slaves, this means that people of such ancestry – again the vast majority of American blacks – must compensate themselves. They are virtually the only folks in America of whom there can be no reasonable doubt that their ancestors owned slaves.

Blacks owe reparations to themselves. The chant and battle cry of  Black Gimmidats is “They Owe Us!” The truth is that they should be chanting: “We Owe Us!”

Let us hope that this reductio ad absurdum will help bring reparations advocates to their senses. For the bald truth is that the reparations argument is fascist thuggery run amok. It doesn’t matter whether my ancestors never owned slaves or were the biggest slave-owners in the South. I never had anything to do with it and I don’t owe any slave descendant one damn dime. Neither do you.

In truth, Black Gimmidats owe reparations to America. But the reparations shouldn’t be paid in cash.

It should be paid by swearing off their addiction to whining, begging, and victimizing their lives with anti-white racism.

It should be paid by standing up and facing the reality of their slave/slave-owner heritage.

It should be paid by a conviction to be proud of themselves for what they accomplish as individuals and not for membership in a racial group.

It should be paid by being proud to be an American with no reservations.

Nowhere in the world, nowhere in history, have black people accomplished more and flourished more than in America. Nowhere else on earth do black people have the opportunity and freedom to prosper more than America.

All Americans have a right to be proud of these achievements. The celebration of these historical achievements would be the best reparations of all.

And the best reparations white liberals could provide for the vast amount of guilt-induced damage they have done to their country would be to look in the mirror and see how racist they are towards themselves and the color of their skin – and then toss their auto-racism in the wastebasket of their soul.

If white liberals could abandon their auto-racism,  we’d have an America without White Trash, without Black Gimmidats, but an America of… Americans.  That’s the America we should all aspire to.