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It’s one of the most terrifyingly memorable scenes in all motion pictures.  If you’ve ever seen The Godfather, the 1970 original, you’ve never forgotten it.

The Godfather’s consigliore goes to see a famous movie producer about a movie role for his godson.  This is what happens:

In a subsequent scene, it’s casually mentioned in passing that the godson got the role.

I was prompted to recall this by the events of the last several days.  You can prod and prod and prod someone until they finally snap and can’t take it anymore.  Everyone has their limit and I have reached mine.

Year after year after year, the Left has been waging relentless war against Normal Americans.  What would have been rightly considered mentally ill just a few years ago is now praised to the moral moon, and anyone objecting is condemned as morally contemptible.

The latest example is the Left’s passion for a mental illness creating a compulsion for self-mutilation known as gender dysphoria – as the Left terms it, “transgenderism.”

A few years ago, anyone advocating that a man suffering from this brain malfunction has a moral right to use women’s bathrooms would be thought to suffer from a brain malfunction themselves.  Any Normal American thinks this today.

The number of these insane Leftist moral pollutions of our culture has been accumulating steadily, one straw after the other on our cultural camel’s back.  Finally that last straw was, for me and I’m sure for millions of others, placed on the camel by a loathsome subhuman creature named Samantha Bee on a national television show, describing the daughter of the President of the United States with the most vile and vulgar word it is possible to use on a woman.

Of course, that word applies to Ms. Bee, not Ivanka Trump.  That word, in fact, should now be considered Ms. Bee’s middle name as if it were on her birth certificate.

That word applies to all the talentless “celebrities” braying to the Scumbag Media how much they support Ms. Bee.

For me, this tears it.  I want to know where the Left’s horse is.

What is it that, if it happened to the Left’s culture mavens, from the New York Times to Facebook, Twitter, and Google, they would react with total submissive terror the same as the movie producer in The Godfather?

Probably it should be plural, horses, a series of terrorizing events.  Whatever they are, they need to be effected now.

Further, it’s important to emphasize that real actual violence – like actual bloody horse’s heads – is exceedingly counterproductive for what we want to accomplish.  Physical violence is not a necessary condition for inducing terror in the enemy.  Especially when being a coward-at-heart bully is a defining characteristic of any Leftie.

With that caveat, I am soliciting your ideas on what psy-ops would so disintegrate the minds of the Left they would no longer be able to carry on their demented campaign of hate and destruction upon our country.

Let’s put our heads together on this on the TTP Forum.  When we’re done, we’ll compile the most ruthlessly effective methods into a guide to finding the Left’s horse.  Let’s start doing to the Left what they deserve.  Are you in?