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We at TTP are so gratified over the tremendous response we got to our survey.  So many of you took the time to take it, and to respond with substantive comments.  Thank you all!

I thought I’d share with you what we learned – and quote the best comments.  We asked, How long have you been a TTPer?

An amazing 77.4% of you have been with us more than three years, 17.4% since the very beginning of TTP in 2003!  We have to be doing something right to keep so many of you that long.

Second, What type of member are you (paid, free, or gift?

type-of-ttp-membershipsOver 83% of you are paid.  As advocates of capitalism, we believe what we provide at TTP is worth paying for – and you certainly agree!  Trading value for value in a win-win relationship is the essence of capitalism.  Appreciation of this is one of the fundamental distinctions between those on the Right who value political and economic liberty, and those on the Left who don’t.

Next, What do you like or value about TTP?

ttp-value-percentagesWe strive to give you “insights and viewpoints not available elsewhere” – and 83% of you agree.  You’re interested in history, geopolitics, and a worldwide perspective, not simply the US.  And you trust us.  That means a lot.

These days, the number of news sites you can trust is shrinking rapidly.  The entire “Mainstream Media” in print, television, and the web has become “American Pravda” – a disinformation machine producing nothing but Democrat Agitprop.

Even Fox News is turning Left. Just look at Shepard Smith’s or Judge Napolitano’s crazed anti-Trump rants.

To The Point’s goal has always been to be an Oasis for Rational Conservatives.  For conservatives to have such an oasis of sanity from all the insanity we’re deluged with 24/7 is more important than ever.  We’re so grateful TTPers see this.

We asked, How often do you read TTP?

Wow – almost 80% of you said, “Most of the time – I wouldn’t miss it!”   You can imagine how good that makes us feel!

Finally, we asked, How likely are you to recommend TTP to a friend or colleague?


recommend-ttp-chartThat almost 74% of you answered “I sure would” put us in high gear on how to incentivize you to do just that.  Soon we’ll be announcing a “Referral Partner” program where you can make money every month with TTP.

As one of you commented, “I feel like Dr. Jack is too big of a secret.  I want more people to know what he has to offer.”  Yes, and I want you to share in the revenue increase you generate by doing so.

Here’s a sample of other comments:

*I tell people about TTP all the time.  Recently, in a conversation where I relayed information from a TTP article, a gentleman told me I scared him because I was “too smart”.  Thanks for making me look good!

*Please, please keep up with the excellent work of arming us with cold, hard facts (Dr. Jack, Rahn, Delingpole, Ridley, etc.) that we can use to fight the continuous onslaught from the left, including unfortunately, so many of my close friends and colleagues who have drunk the kool-aid (and who swear it’s us who are drinking the kool-aid)…

*The Half Full Report is the highlight of my week where news is concerned. I wait for it AND I trust it.  How’s that for a real compliment? Actually our choices of good news sources are dwindling.  So, I am always looking forward to your articles and love sharing what I learn from Jack.

*I have been reading TTP for many years, over the shoulder of a friend who is a subscriber.  I finally broke down and subscribed myself and plan to continue to do so, at least as long as doing so doesn’t require missing meals.  You guys are the best.

*My son actually recommended your site to me years ago and I’ve been a member ever since. Yes… my son (48) is a smart kid! 🙂 With respect to news it wasn’t until Trump was elected that I realized along with a lot of people just how corrupt the lying swine media is. You are about the only people/site I can trust:TTP and Breitbart are about it…everything else is not to be taken seriously or with a heavy dose of skepticism. Thanks for providing an oasis of truth!

*There is nowhere else to get the perspective and insight available at TTP. I reference and quote the articles I read here at least weekly in conversations with friends and family members. I love the website; keep up the great work.

*Jack and TTP have given us advanced warning about international drama and perspectives that cut through the fog. Don’t get that anywhere else.

*It’s the only blog I would pay for. I’m as excited to read articles now as I was in 2004.

*This is the best thing online! And not only the blog – the forum multiplies the goodness. And actually getting to know the wonderful folks who are a part of TTP makes it a “triple threat!”  I LOVE TTP!

*TTP is a bright light and a strong voice in the war that will determine the life or death of western civilization. Jack is a Renaissance man of our day and a front line warrior in the existential battle to save western culture from extinction. How he does it all is a wonder…And extremely entertaining I might add.

*TTP is the only website/news source that I pay for.  Keep up the great work and thank you.

*This is far and away the best conservative information and editorial content anywhere… and I do sincerely mean “anywhere”.

*NOBODY provides accurate, detailed current information about politics, economics and world events like To The Point; information you simply cannot find anywhere else. NOBODY provides the same exceptional degree of informed analysis as To The Point. The regular contributors in particular consistently write articles of admirable perspicuity. This website is unique. I am a charter subscriber and have never regretted it. Liberty finds its full voice at To The Point; there is no finer advocate of freedom.

This is a small sample from the scores of comments we received.  Thank you all so much.  Our job now in 2017 is to live up to your praise, and to make TTP better than ever.