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Welcome to the second issue of a new feature on TTP, Weekly Mind Food, which aims to show you what TTPers without a regular column, but with deep expertise in key fields, are paying attention to. We call ourselves TTP’s Team B. Paul continues to focus this week on Internet technology & security, with some side trips into economics. David will soon be joining us to cover technology, economics, and Plan B personal security; and Citizen K is beginning to cover the global hydrocarbon industry. More to come. We also congratulate TTPers mrapp, hardcharger, and dougk, for freelance link suggestions that met the test.

Note the "Weekly Mind Food" category in the left side-bar now, which will have all our issues. We’ll put out each issue by Friday, so you can peruse the linked articles at your leisure over the weekend. Note also that "Weekly Mind Food" is Free Access, as are all the linked articles.

To simplify your scans, I’ve divided the links into sections: Polis (domestic politics), Techne Logos (tech), Economos (global economy), Stratiootika (geopolitics & military), and Friday Joy (brighten your day and/or make you better). Enjoy!


Techne Logos



Over The Hump: Wednesday Joy

Recruiting & Submissions

Those of you who have been to TTP Rendezvous know how much knowledge and experience can be found within the TTP community, outside of the regular columnists. "Team B" aims to tap the knowledge and experience of those TTPers, and the community in general, by offering some of the best things they’re reading and recommending.

We’re looking for a small core of people with really deep expertise in a specific area, especially knowledge related to economics, key industry sectors, technologies shaping our world, geopolitics, etc. I am a bit flexible about the areas covered, so if you have an area of deep expertise that you aren’t sure would fit with Team B, I say "try me."

To apply, email me to explain your desired focus area and background, and throw me an example link or 2 (joe at windsofchange dot net, subject "Team B application"). If you’re not an "official" contributor, but stumble on something great, email me (joe at windsofchange dot net, subject "Team B item"). No guarantees, but even if I decide not to include it, there’s always an open avenue in the Forums to add it there (Recommendation: give such posts their own title).

The TTP bonus cookie is still unclaimed. Can you use this week’s forum to explain either the "Team B" appellation’s national security history, or Jack’s original "FTC" from which our feature’s new-era sign-off is derived?

For The Constitution!

Joe Katzman