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After Mr. Obama delivered his second inaugural address week before last, it has been dawning on people that his political strategy is that of the Thunderdome in Mel Gibson’s Mad Max 3 movie:  "Two men enter, one man leaves."  He is totally win/lose, the total antithesis of win/win.

From Mau-Mau tautology mixed with Marxist ideals inbred from his absent father and a mother enriched in the heresies of the deep left Communism of Frank Marshall Davis, this man has unfurled his true colors.

Unbridled by the need to appear moderate for his next campaign, "the One" has declared war on anything or anyone who would stand in the way of his Progressive radical agenda.

Yes, Saul Alinsky’s hand can be seen everywhere along with Chicago thuggery, but there is much more.

The guardian angel of the Progressive school as pronounced by Alinsky is Lucifer – "Rulesfor Radicals" is dedicated to him — the first pure rebel from God and his natural laws which abuts our Judeo-Christian ethic and are the predicate to our most sacred documents of individual freedom.

It is here that Mr. Obama has taken league and sword to all that would "stand athwart history" and challenge the warped manifest destiny of his twisted manifesto that has driven every socialist tyrant who has ever challenged freedom.

In this school, intolerance is mandatory for it is the front line of the zeal of rearranged utopia. It is unquestioned, for to do so would expose the fault lines and inherent lie for what it is.

Political Correctness is the pincers head of this intolerance. It shreds our values, questions our origins and speaks of a modernity which is a mere veil for the crooked, indeed evil, root of the radical.

Obama bears witness to this blasphemy —  from the infamous 2010 State of the Union address where he challenged the Supremes with lie and insult, to the latest excuse for an inauguration speech where he inverted our history deeming the Progressive dream of centralization and role of the government to be the parent and protector of the individual.

Under this thesis the individual rather than free is only "liberated" when he is duly tamed, corrected and led by a higher elite all-knowing body.

Hence the difficulty with God, the Constitution, and of course "those Republicans" who are errant pretenders from the wing span of the new order.

Having been raised to respect the opposition and loath to attribute the most extreme intent of the Obamanistas, Republicans sought to seek common ground and "work " with the Executive  They ignored the evidence and rationalized it as a mere product of a left-leaning exaggeration that could be corrected.

They were negotiating with themselves.

From an intentional defrocking of our nation through a foreign policy of surrender and embracing of our enemies to a domestic policy bent on reordering the relationship of the individual and "our" government, we have been bystanders to a game of which no one wanted to dare affirm its existence. 

In his first inauguration speech four years ago, he spoke of "reconciliation" with regard to spending and taxes only, outmaneuvering the gullible minority to extract high tax increases while increasing spending.

Within a breath of that victory, he willed that we had no spending or debt problem but a healthcare problem when every fact contradicts the insanity of Obamacare.

He now twists the concepts of legislative spending with our national debt as if both are undeniable and insulated from reproach. It is a lie. Our national debt service will be paid even if the debt ceiling is held. 

The Republicans have one and only one way forward; a fight based on principles and a denial of every crude attempt to usurp our freedom and bankrupt our house.

The clarion call is now. We are out of tomorrows.

Robert F. Agostinelli is co-founder of  The Rhone Group, a private equity firm based in Paris, London, and New York. He is listed among "The World’s Billionaires" by Forbes.