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The memory of exactly where I was remains vividly clear.  On July 20, 1969, in the home of Leeds and Linda Davis in Honolulu, Hawaii, I sat transfixed in front of a television with a group of friends – several of whom are TTPers today – and watched the single greatest achievement in mankind’s history as it was happening:  Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon.  

We all realized we were witnessing an unmatched heroic triumph, but we didn’t realize at the time just how heroic.  As the Eagle Lunar Lander was on approach to land at a spot NASA dubbed Tranquility Base, its computer malfunctioned, the fuel gauge was flashing red-empty, and the designated landing area was riddled with boulders.  The Eagle Lander was about to crash.

Armstrong took the controls away from the computer, and smoothly flew the Lander himself to a boulder-free spot, gently set it down on the surface of the moon, and calmly reported to NASA Control and all humanity:  "Houston, Tranquility Base here – the Eagle has landed."   

This great man passed away last Saturday (8/25) at age 82.  A Congressman who I talked to observed, "One thousand years from now, the single most remembered name from our times will be Neil Armstrong."

One of the least remembered names will be that of a hirsute hippie rabble-rousing raving Marxist runt leading a student protest at the University of Hawaii, where I was a graduate student, a few days after Apollo 11.  He hated capitalism, he hated America, he hated anyone of true achievement, so he took the opportunity to ridicule the Apollo 11 astronauts in the filthiest language. 

I never forgot what a contemptible contrast the envious sawed-off dirtbag was to the epitome of heroism that was Apollo 11 – and he still is to this day, even though he’s now Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie.

I’d like to suggest that you take a few moments this week to read Aeschylus and America (August 2004) to put the moon landing in historical perspective.  You could focus in particular on the section Aeschylus and Neal Armstrong.

The greatest achievement in the history of mankind was American.  We’ve been on a downhill slide ever since, save for the Reagan Era.  It’s important to understand why, why we retreated from that uniquely glorious achievement, and why we must retreat no more.

I believe a, or even the, principal reason is Marxist Envy and the fear of it, promulgated by politicians like Abercrombie (he was a US Congressman from 1990-2010) and the moochers who vote for them.

Which brings me to another hero named Armstrong. 

The world’s most challenging athletic test is the Tour de France:  21 days of bike racing covering 2,000 miles including multiple high mountain passes in the Alps and Pyrenees.  It is the equivalent of running a marathon several days a week for three weeks, and climbing Mount Everest three times in altitude gain. 

It is an astounding achievement to win "The Tour."  Bradley Wiggins, who won the 2012 Tour last month, is a national hero in Britain as he’s the first Brit victor ever since the race’s inception in 1903.  A few riders in all the years since have won it more than once; four riders (Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, and Miguel Indurain) have won it five times.

No one had ever won a sixth Tour – until Lance Armstrong.  From 1999 through 2005, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times in a row.  It is the greatest athletic achievement in the history of competitive sport.  More incredibly, he did this recovering from terminal cancer that had metastasized to his brain and lungs.

No athlete in any sport in history can come close to Lance Armstrong.  Naturally, many of his competitors hated him for it.  Most hateful of all were, and are, the French leftie media. 

Shortly after Armstrong’s first Tour win in 1999, the US Olympic Committee (USOC) created something it called the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to test US Olympic athletes for "performance-enhancing drugs" or PEDs that USOC said they couldn’t use.  Almost instantly, a rabidly left-wing America-hating newspaper in Paris, L’Express, began making headline accusations that Armstrong had won the Tour using PEDs, and demanding the USADA test and investigate him.

L’Express produced no evidence whatever, just anonymous hearsay – exactly like Harry Reid’s saying someone told him Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes.  Further, the USADA had no authority whatever to test any non-Olympic American athlete, particularly those competing not in the US but internationally.

Of course, the USADA seized the opportunity to expand its power and authority, metastasizing into an international goon squad of "doping vigilantes" endlessly subjecting US athletes of any sport they could worm themselves into to an unending nightmare of "random" testing.  As Armstrong won one Tour after another, the French accusations became ever more hysterical, and the USADA targeted him specifically.

By the time Armstrong had won his 7th Tour, he was the most drug-tested individual in the history of humanity – and he never failed a single test.  This just made the USADA fascisti more determined than ever to ruin him – especially its Legal Affairs Director, Travis Tygart.  When Tygart became the CEO of USADA in 2007, he launched a viciously personal vendetta against Armstrong.

The USADA is a straight-forward fascist outfit.  There is no physical evidence whatever against Armstrong. The USADA lead attorney William Bock had admitted in court Armstrong never tested positive on a single test out of hundreds and hundreds. There are only accusations of people who say they saw him use something. 

But these people are anonymous, the USADA refuses to disclose who they are.  Further, Tygart is blackmailing a number of cyclists who have tested positive:  accuse Armstrong and we’ll exempt you from testing; refuse to accuse Armstrong, and we’ll ban you.

The USADA sets the rules which you must prove you didn’t break – guilty until proven innocent – then acts as the prosecution, the judge, and the jury all in one. If you don‘t break the rules, it changes them and makes the changes retroactive. It engages in Red Queen justice straight out of Alice’s Wonderland:  Verdict first, trial later.   

As the Los Angeles Times explains, the USADA’s rules are so "ruthlessly rigged" against athletes that it is "the most thoroughly one-sided and dishonest legal regime anywhere in the world this side of Beijing."

It is clear what Tygart is up to – smear one of the most world-famous athletes as a means to gain more federal funding and expand the bureaucracy’s power.  For yes, the USADA is 87% funded with US taxpayer dollars (66% a federal grant, 21% from USOC fed money).

Tygart is counting on every envious no-accomplishment leftie in America to cheer a hero being destroyed with lies and smears.

And of course, our slimeball dirtbag media trumpets the envy on their front pages, blaring that Armstrong has been "stripped" of his victories and medals – hahaha, take that you hero.  It’s so disgusting you want to spit in Travis Tygart’s face.

Plus the media envy is so blatantly dishonest:  Armstrong has been "stripped" of nothing.  The USADA has no authority whatever to "strip" or take away or vacate his 7 Tour championships, as it has no international authority, only in the US.  The Tour is in France.  The USADA only has authority over US Olympic athletes.  The Tour de France is not an Olympic event.

The only entity that has the authority to vacate a Tour victory is the organization that runs the Tour – the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI – International Cycling Union) based in Aigle, Switzerland.  The UCI has demanded that Tygart and USADA lawyers disclose their evidence against Armstrong.

Until they do, and unless the UCI decides it is valid, Armstrong’s titles remain.

The entire "anti-doping" fascist scam has to come to an end.  It tried to destroy the greatest slugger in baseball, Barry Bonds. Bonds was never convicted of steroid abuse, which is why his MLB records still stand.  It tried to destroy the greatest pitcher in baseball, Roger Clemens.  He was found not guilty of the Feds’ witch hunt against him, which is why his MLB records (including 7 Cy Young Awards) still stand.

For far too many years have we lived in an Age of Envy, where anti-heroes are idolized and real heroes are ridiculed or torn down to the level of envious nobodies.  The epitome of this are the depraved lunatics who pretend they believe the moon landing was faked.  (Anyone who truly believes this is mentally incapacitated.)

Neil Armstrong understood this, which is why he assiduously avoided any kind of public limelight for the rest of his life.

And now, ironically timed with his passing, another American hero named Armstrong is being sacrificed to appease the envious.  Or as the American Spectator puts it, Lance vs. the Losers.

The good news is that the Age of Envy is coming to an end. 

In Columbus, Ohio last Saturday (8/25), Mitt Romney said:  "We don’t attack success in America and we don’t apologize for success abroad." Before that, Paul Ryan said: "We don’t resent people’s success, we want to emulate people’s success."  The thousands of people listening cheered.   

The ancient Greeks understood the difference between envy and emulation.  Envy is wanting to ruin someone for having something you don’t have – because you don’t think you are capable of achieving it yourself.  Emulation is being inspired by someone having something you don’t have – because you do think you’re capable of achieving it yourself.

The most ancient Greek poet, along with Homer, was Hesiod (ca. 700 BC)  In his poem Works and Days, he explains the difference:

"There is not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature. For one fosters evil war and battle, being cruel…but the other is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbor, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbor vies with his neighbor as he hurries after wealth. This Strife is wholesome for men."

President Zero is the apotheosis of our Age of Envy.  On November 6th, both he and this ruinous age will be swept away.  Romney and Ryan will usher in an Age of Emulation, a time of positive striving for prosperity, rather than negative resentment of victim-posers.

In a word, we are going to live in Armstrong’s America again.  That’s the title of a moving eulogy in the New York Post (8/26) to the most heroic human being of our lifetimes. 

Neil Armstrong embodied everything that is exceptional and admirable about America.  As the Post expressed it:

"Behind all his amazing feats was something greater, an America that believed in character over celebrity, in accomplishment over image and solving problems instead of blaming someone else. That was the America that made him who he was and put him on the moon."

Neil Armstrong never stopped believing, that despite America abandoning the moon in the face of the world’s envy for her superhuman achievement, that one day somebody would come back and "pick up that camera I left there." 

In other words, Neil Armstrong never stopped believing in America.  In Armstrong’s America.  "Many Americans," the Post notes, "despair of ever getting it back. But the truth is, it never went away. It’s still there, waiting. Like Neil’s camera, we just have to go pick it up where he left it."

And with President Romney (2012-2020) and President Ryan (2020-2028), the "we" who will return to the moon, who will return our promise and prosperity, will be American and not Chinese.

Let us drink a toast of honor to two American heroes, Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong, to the American heroism we had for so long and shall have once again – and soon.