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civil-war[TTP:  This article had been abridged for space. You can read the entire article here.]

Throughout time, there has always been a small group of people who ruled over the masses. They used their power to subjugate, suppress, dominate, and enslave the multitudes.

But the Founding Fathers of the United States disrupted this. They declared that we are not a nation of subjects.  That our representatives are our servants, not our rulers. And that, because our rights come from God alone, governments do not have the authority to take those rights away from us.

They made it clear that we the people, not the government or the ruling elite, own this country.

But today, the ruling class seems more determined than ever to dominate us. And, unlike the days of yore, the potentates now have advanced technological tools at their disposal to do just that.


Governments around the world are putting in place a technological infrastructure that will give them and their corporate cohorts total surveillance and absolute control over the global population.

Their goal? Our enslavement. This is not an exaggeration. The effect of today’s government policies is to literally enslave humanity.

All governments have the goal of implementing digital IDs to centralize all our data. Centralization of power is always great for tyrants and awful for us. And, since information is power, centralized data is centralized power. When these would-be rulers have information about us, they have power over us.

All countries are working hard to implement central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs will replace cash and give the people in charge total surveillance capability. CBDCs are a key component of the coming social credit system.

Each of us will have a digital ID, which will store every single bit of data about us. A digital identity will be a requirement if we want to access the internet, purchase products, open a bank account, get a job, go to college, and even drive our car.

The CBDC system in each country will be tied into its citizens’ digital IDs, so every single financial transaction we make will be monitored.


But CBDCs are about more than just surveillance. CBDCs will be programmable, which means we’ll be rewarded for doing what “they” (the parasitic politicians and the influential oligarchs they work for) want us to do and penalized for doing whatever “they” don’t want us to do.

If you purchase too much beef this month, you won’t be able to buy beef next month, because bovine belching is supposedly bad for the climate. If you exceed your monthly carbon credit allotment, you won’t be able to book a flight, and, worse, charging your electric car battery will be severely curtailed.

Yes, the CBDC will give our elitist overlords control over all aspects of our life. Post a social media comment railing against the flood of illegal immigrants and you’ll receive an instant fine of $100 for your “hate crime.” Post a criticism of transgender men using women’s locker rooms, and you’ll immediately be docked $200.

On the other hand, if you show public support for open borders and the trans movement, you may receive an instant reward. This behavior modification technique is how dogs are trained to obey. Yes, you are the dog.


Almost all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are in place now. You don’t believe me? Look up any flight on Google Flights. Next to each flight you’ll see a carbon score. This score is not simply for awareness. An elaborate carbon credit score system is in place, ready to be launched.

This is why governments are pushing for digital IDs, CBDCs, climate change initiatives, electric car sales, and smart devices. And this is why there is a global crackdown on free speech.

The people who comply will have a great life. The people who want to think for themselves and live free will be crushed. This is the dark future they’re working hard to create. And if we do nothing about it, there will be no escape. If you think the world is crazy now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our children and grandchildren could grow up in a pitch-black world.

But there is one powerful obstacle to their plans: the US Constitution.


The Constitution, the law of our land, was specifically designed to create a decentralized power structure. Why? Because the Founding Fathers knew that people in power always seek more power—and they do this by centralizing power.

The Constitution decentralized power with the Tenth Amendment, which says that the federal government only has the authority the Constitution specifically grants to it, which is surprisingly little. Most of the power is granted to the States and to the people themselves.

This is a vital point to understand: Most people think the federal government has more authority than the state governments, but this is not true. The states have more legal power than the federal government in most situations.

This is why, for instance, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, was able to defy federal tyranny during the pandemic. His independence from federal control greatly frustrated the globalists, who wanted to use COVID to usher in their worldwide control system.


So, just remember that . . .

  1. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and all “laws” that contradict its seven articles, Bill of Rights, and amendments are illegal.
  2. The US Constitution gives very limited powers to the federal government, and these powers are the only powers that the federal government legally has.
  3. All other powers are reserved to the individual States and to the people themselves.


Also remember that the federal government does not have the authority to grant another country or global body, such as the World Health Organization, the ability to usurp the US Constitution. For this reason, some states have made laws forbidding the WHO authority within their state borders.

Each state can legally block CBDCs, and many have. Indeed, states can prevent any action taken by the globalists to seize power over individuals and institutions in the US.

You can be sure that states’ power pisses off the globalists no end. No other country is set up like this. No other country is as hard to subjugate as the USA. And we the people know it.


This is why our would-be overlords want a civil war. Our Constitution is in the way, and they know it. So, they’re looking for a way to remove it or change it without going through the normal amendment process.

WE MUST NOT GIVE THEM A CIVIL WAR! They are prepared for it. They are chomping at the bit for it. But they must not have it. For, if they get their way, we will lose the USA.


What can we do to take back our power over the absolutely corrupt federal government, whose globalist elements are working hand-in-hand with other globalists outside the government and outside the US to enslave humanity?

All we need to do is follow the law of the land.

Right now, we are not following either the Constitution or its Tenth Amendment, even though the Tenth Amendment is our path to liberty and peace.

Instead, we have allowed the central government to encroach ever so gradually on the Constitution and assume powers it legally does not have. We’ve been like the frog who has gradually adjusted to the rising heat. But now it’s time we realize we’re getting boiled alive. It’s time to take back our power.


Although previous generations, like ours, surrendered their power to an overreaching federal government, the Constitution has not changed. The law is the same, and any law that violates the Constitution is an illegal law.

For example, the federal government does not have the authority to create the countless federal bureaucracies that now exist, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Education (DOE), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and numerous others.

These agencies are “the swamp” in which America is mired. Unelected bureaucrats occupy agency positions, creating anti-constitutional rules and regulations that affect each American.

We the people have no recourse against them. We can’t vote them out of office, nor do we even know who they are. Like ticks, they continue to feed. They get engorged and suck the life out of the US and the individual rights enshrined in both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Uncle Sam is infested with these bloated parasites. They are feeding off their host, we the people—draining our life blood and killing our liberty.

I don’t think it’s possible to remove these ticks—or drain the swamp, if you prefer—at the federal level. The long-timers in these executive-branch agencies are highly skilled at fighting for their own survival, and there are too many federal employees who love the power they have. They will never let it go.

But there is a solution: cut their legs off. Yes, you heard right: cut their legs off.

OK, not literally. Figuratively. But how?


Gov. DeSantis showed the rest of the nation how to stand up to an aggressive, overreaching federal government. The trouble is, he didn’t go far enough. We need, for starters,just one governor who will stand up fully for the Constitution, without compromise. And we need a single state legislature whose members will support that governor’s efforts by putting the appropriate laws in place.

<snip> [The suggested declaration of that State’s legislature can be read here.


The states and the people have the authority. It is up to us to take it back. It doesn’t matter what the US Congress, the US President, or the US Supreme Court say. If their actions violate the US Constitution, those actions are illegal.

While this may sound radical, remember that what I am proposing is simply to follow the supreme law of the land without compromise.


The USA is in a very bad place right now. This is not due to stupid policies by stupid people. Rather, it’s due to destructive policies by evil people who are intentionally destroying our society and our economy.

I believe certain intelligence agencies and other dark elements of our government are creating a situation in which we the people will get so frustrated that we will start a civil war. This possibility is something that 47% of the US population believes will happen.

And this is just what the fomenters want. They are ready. They surely have their FBI plants installed to incite a war. And they certainly have the media machine geared up to crush the insurrectionists.

In short, they will win such a war. Then they will modify the Constitution and make it impotent.

Instead of fighting with guns, we must fight legally by following the US Constitution without compromise. We cannot hope to fix what ails us at the federal level. The power structure is too entrenched, too solid. The people in power will never give up their positions.

But with a single action, a governor and the state legislature can legally cut off the legs of the federal bureaucracies. In one single swipe, they can neuter the globalists and give the power back to the people.


Glenn Meder is a privacy expert and writes The Liberty Zeppelin.