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We are pleased to announce a new special feature of To The Point available to all TTP members:

The To The Point Business Network.

There is already the TTP Social Network where TTPers can share their opinions and plan social activities with each other.  But what about sharing business expertise and opportunities with each other?

There is so much business experience, knowledge, and creativity possessed by TTPers.  So we have decided to synergize it.  These are troubling economic times.  But synergized TTPers can help each other overcome them.

Whatever your business talents and abilities are, whatever your economic situation, you’ll find fellow TTPers willing to share their thoughts and ideas with you, willing to help – just as you can help them. 

The link to the To The Point Business Network is in the left side bar of the TTP home page, just below the Main Menu categories. 

So join and sign up now, and start making 2010 a business success story for you and your family.  Many thanks to TTP general manager Miko, and Marco "The Wizard" Gilligan, for making this possible!