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Is America as spineless as Michael Walsh says in TTP today (11/19)?  We have a golden opportunity to prove him wrong one week from today, Thanksgiving Thursday, November 26.

While the oft-repeated claim that the Chinese character for “crisis” is a combination of the characters for “danger” and “opportunity” is not accurate, what is true is that very often the two go together.  Thus the mantra of the modern Democrat Fascist Party: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Especially if you can create a crisis that terrifies people so much it’s an opportunity to get them to surrender their freedom to you.

That was – and continues to be – the entire purpose of the Global Warming/Climate Change hoax.  It’s all made up out of thin air, with the “evidence” provided by scientists-for-sale bribed with grant money to “prove” it.

But it’s proven to be a pathetic failure in scaring the unwashed masses because they could experience for themselves they weren’t dying of heat prostration or drowning in rising oceans.

Suddenly, some ten months ago, the Democrat dream came true, courtesy of Commie-Fascist China.  And it was real, no hoax, an actual virus that killed people.  Perfect!

True, it didn’t kill hardly anyone under 70 without serious medical problems, and most everyone who died from it was older than the average lifespan age – but the Fake News Media could be trusted to hide all that under the rug.  They could also be trusted to demonize any real, safe, and inexpensive cure, such as HCQ along with Vitamin D, Zinc, and azithromycin.

It was a Democrat Fascist Fantasy made real – you could successfully scare people into total submission, and get rid of your arch-nemesis, Orange Man Bad, at the same time by destroying what made him electorally invulnerable, the booming economy.  Who cares if that impoverishes tens of millions?  Dems don’t care about people – they care only about power

So here we are, one week from Thanksgiving, with Dems all over the country saying we can’t celebrate it while they are stealing the presidency in broad daylight.  And they are laughing about it – laughing at us, guffawing “What are you going to do about it, sheep?”

We should thank the Dems for this.

First, for stripping their souls bare naked for anyone with eyes to see what monsters they are.

Second, for giving us this crisis we can use as an opportunity to get rid of their lockdowns, rid of their election theft, rid of their cultural dominance that hates our country, rid of their cultural perversions, rid of their fascist power over us for good.

It starts next Thursday.  If you are in a lockdown state or community, celebrate Thanksgiving normally, ignore any fascist edicts as an act of peaceful civil disobedience – and if harassed demand a jury trial.

A revolution for freedom starts with disobedience – disobedience to evil.  Thanksgiving 2020 needs to be the spark of rebellion and disobedience towards the fascism the Democrats are perpetrating upon us.

Please consider copying and pasting this message into an email to everyone you know threatened by Lockdown Fascism.  Americans are not sheep.  We are Americans.  On this Thanksgiving, we can prove it.