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Are you ready for a Texas-size To The Point Rendezvous?  The dates are final: 

Friday, January 29 to Sunday, January 31.

(Note the dates – chosen specifically to lie on the bye weekend between the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl.)

The location is fabulous:  The Hilton Palacio Del Rio right on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

We’ll be just two blocks from The Alamo itself – which we’ll of course visit as we rededicate ourselves to remembering the Alamo and recapturing America from the horde of anti-American moonbats who have temporarily seized control of it.

We’ll hear from TTP’s Jack Kelly, Dr. Joel Wade, and Marco The Wizard Gilligan, from legendary intelligence analyst Alex Alexiev, famed financial analyst Chuck Butler of The Daily Pfennig, and world-famous life extension scientist Durk Pearson.

Dr. Dave Janda, MD, will wow us with the same briefing on health care that has persuaded so many in Congress to be for health freedom instead of health fascism.  And yes, I’ll be there to talk about anyplace in the world you want.

But right now, what I want you to do is email us at [email protected] and confirm your attendance.  The Rendezvous fee is $275, which includes meals and all meetings.

We have arranged a special rate at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio of $169 a night, single or double occupancy.  Within the next few days, we’ll have a special website set up so you can book your room directly. 

You read about the extraordinary time we had in Williamsburg last month in What A Rendezvous!  That’s because of TTPers themselves – we are a community of rational pro-Americans and we love each other’s company. 

This will be Rendezvous VII – the biggest and best ever, which it has to be for it’s in Texas!  You simply have to be there!  So commit to being with us now and email us at [email protected] or call TTP general manger Miko at 703-992-4529.

The Schedule:
January 29, 2010 – Friday 6pm – 10pm

Start End Session# Title Presenter
6:30pm   Reception Rendezvous Begins with ReceptionMeet TTP Community & Speakers   
7:30 9:30 Dinner  Dinner Buffet  
8:00 8:30 Session 1  Double “D” Dr Jack Wheeler
8:30 8:45 Q&A – 1 Q&APlus: Capt Larry Bailey (Ret)  
8:45 8:50 Action  

Dr Joel Wade

8:50 9:00 Break    
9:00 9:45 Session 2 The Third “D” Skye D’Aureous
9:45 9:50 Q&A – 2    
9:50 10:00 Break    
10:00 10:30 Session 3

Choosing Power & Freedom-Part 1

Rebel Holiday


Evening Session Ends


San Antonio Rendezvous – January 30, 2010 – Saturday

Start End Session# Title Presenter
7:30 9:30 Breakfast Breakfast Buffet  
7:30 8:20 Special Session Optional Session Dr Jack WheelerRoss Miller
8:20 8:30 Break    
8:30 9:00 Session 1 Choices & Power – Part 2 Rebel Holiday
9:00 9:30 Session 2 World Markets & Currencies Chuck Butler
9:30 9:45 Q&A – 2    
9:45 9:50 Action  

Dr Joel Wade

9:50 10:00 Break    
10:00 10:50 Session 3 

Map of the Future-Part 1

Includes Q&A

Dr Jack Wheeler

10:50 11:00 Break    
11:00 12:00 Session 4

Map of the Future-Part 2

Includes Q&A

Dr Jack Wheeler

12:00   Break

Break for Lunch

12:00 2:00 Lunch

Go to Riverwalk for small group lunches


Short walk away

 2:00 4:00 Off-Site

See The Alamo 

 4:00 5:00 Event Special Event – Meet Sichan SivAuthor “Golden Bones” Walk to this Off-Site Event Sichan Siv
5:00 6:30 Free Time Break before Evening Program  
6:30 7:30 Reception Reception before Dinner  
7:30 9:30 Dinner  Dinner Buffet  
8:00 8:45 Session 1 Putting An End to Islamofacism Alex Alexiev
8:45 8:55 Q&A – 1    
8:45 8:50 Action  

Dr Joel Wade

8:50 9:00 Break    
9:00 9:45 Session 2 The Crumbling of the Ancient Regime Mike Kelly
9:45 10:00 Q&A – 2    

Evening Session Ends


San Antonio Rendezvous – January 31, 2010 – Sunday

Start End Session# Title Presenter
7:30 9:30 Breakfast Breakfast Buffet  
8:00 8:45 Session 1 Health Freedom Dr. Dave Janda
8:45 9:00 Q&A    
9:009:10 9:209:20 Action Q &A  

Dr Joel Wade

9:20 9:30 Break    
9:309:45 9:4510:00   “Technology To Protect Yourself”“Internet  Security” Mark GilliganPaul Rosenburg
10:00 11:20 DiscussionSession All Speakers – All Topics Open Group Discussion All Speakers
11:20 11:30  

Acknowledgements & Thank You

Jack Wheeler


Rendezvous Ends


Shuttle Service Information:
From the airport there is a Paid Shuttle to the Hilton Palacio called SA TRANS (tel. 210-281-9900) and it costs only $18.00 one way. Guests can get back to the airport using it as well for the same price. There is a service desk at the airport for this shuttle. And a taxi cab would be $25.00 only one way (20 minutes).

Here is the information for Hotel Bookings:


Click this link: HILTON PALACIO DEL RIO and follow the easy instructions.


The attendees may call the 1-800- HILTONS and mention the arrival/departure dates for the event. 

Please don’t forget to mention the four letter code:

** They should then give you the TTP Special Group Booking rate of $169.00/ night

NOTE: We suggest that you go thru either of the steps mentioned above right away to guarantee you don’t lose out on the special rate and availability of rooms.

The next step after booking your rooms is to inform us via email 
[email protected] that your rooms are booked and we will then contact you for the event fee soon after.

We’ll see you in San Antone!