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Enough is enough.  I want this lying corrupt fascist out of the White House, and I don’t want to give him 38 months to leave – 38 months in which he will relentlessly continue to destroy our economy and put our national security in gravest danger.

Fortunately, I am far from alone in this desire.  Scores of millions of Americans feel the same way.  And now, more have arrived on the battlefield.  The Millennials are joining us.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this.  We discussed Strauss & Howe’s generational model back in February 2004:  The Curse of the Xers.  Back then, I predicted that, as the Millennials seized control of the popular culture from the Xers, we’d be saying goodbye to smartass sleaze and cultural degeneration.

It’s taking a while, but the process has clearly begun.  The HFR two weeks ago (11/22), for example noted:

"College kids, especially the young ladies, think those Hosurance ads meant to entice them to love Zerocare are sleazy and creepy.  Backfire City.  What’s really funny is how clueless are the libtard smart-aleck Xers who wrote the ads. 

These guys in their 30s and 40s are too dumb to understand that folks in their 20s and teens are generationally different, they’re Millennials.  As such, they are not going to be taken in by libtard Xer tacky cynicism." 

This week, Millennials have taken over the headlines with news of their rejection of Zero’s Sleaze Presidency.  Millennials Abandon Obama is a headline denoting a generational tsunami.  It takes a while for kids to grow up, as we know from personal experience.  Now they’ve started to, and their teen-age crush on The Won is over.

Watch as the process continues.  When they start to get married and have kids, they’ll become a lot more pro-life and pro-normal marriage.

Regarding this Sleazeball Presidency, however, we don’t have to wait nor watch any longer.  This is a signal moment.  When Harvard University reports that 47% of young Americans between 18 and 29, and 52% between 18 and 25 want to "recall" Zero – as in resign, quit, step down, get out of here and go away – you have a real turning point.

The question now is, how do we max this turning point out?  How do we take the best advantage of this moment?

What is fruitless, as an example of what not to do, is clamor for the House to initiate impeachment proceedings.  The list of Zero’s impeachable offenses is a mile long, and it’s irrelevant.  Impeachment is a complete waste of time, as that’s only the indictment.  It takes a Senate trial to convict – which Dirty Harry would obviously block. 

Further, we can’t sit on our hands waiting for a Pub Senate majority 14 months from now.  We have to carpe diem with no delay.

No, the clamor must be for him to resign.  There should be signs and protests with demands of "RESIGN!" at every public appearance Zero makes.  More importantly, there should be a clamor for everyone’s Pub Congresscritter and Senator to demand he resign at every press conference and floor speech.

They should use as their model the famous demand of the Roman Senator Cato the Elder (234-149 BC).  The mortal threat to Rome was Carthage, whose empire, based in present day Tunisia, controlled North Africa, much of Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, and part of Sicily.  Even though Rome had defeated it twice, it had rebuilt itself and become a threat again.

Thus, in every speech Cato gave at the Senate, no matter what the subject, he would always and invariably end his speech by declaring, "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" – "Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed."  In the 1600s, British Latinists abbreviated it to simply Carthago delenda est – Carthage must be destroyed.

Of course, we don’t want Zero to be destroyed – we really don’t want that.  It’s Cato’s tactic we want employed, not his words.

What we need to demand is, at the end of every floor speech by any Republican, no matter what the subject – it could be about patent reform, or renaming a post office in Wichita – he or she should say, "Furthermore, I consider that the President must resign."

This has to be repeated over and over and over again, endlessly at every opportunity. 

The context of the demand must be stated clearly, that this president is the most corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, and divisive in anyone’s memory; that his presidency is one of utter failure, whether in terms of jobs and the economy or national security and foreign policy; that we can no longer afford such incompetence and failure such that, for the good of his country, he should resign immediately.

This puts the House and Senate Republicans on the offensive.  The message is: We have to have this obstructive President out of the way so we can start bringing greater freedom and prosperity, more jobs and less government control to America.  It is time for Mr. Obama to step aside.

By taking this offensive, the Pubs can then exercise their Constitutional authority to pass a budget – which we haven’t had since 2007, the government being run on a series of Continuing Resolutions – which defunds all of Zero’s illegal actions and those of his agencies such as the EPA. 

The game has been for Dirty Harry’s Senate to refuse to vote on the House budget, then Zero threatening a shutdown if the House doesn’t pass a CR funding everything he wants – with the Enemedia ensuring the Pubs always get the shutdown blame.  It’s time for this game of demagoguery to end.

This Tuesday (12/03), the highly regarded constitutional law professor, Jonathan Turley (and no conservative), in a Capitol Hill hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, testified that:   

"I agree with many of the goals of the Administration in the various areas where the President has circumvented Congress. However, in the Madisonian system, it is often more important how you do things than what you do…

President Barack Obama has crossed the constitutional line between discretionary enforcement and defiance of federal law…  All citizens – Democrat or Republican or Independent – should consider the inherent danger presented by a President who can unilaterally suspend laws as a matter of presidential license…

Despite the fact that I once voted for President Obama, personal admiration is no substitute for the constitutional principles at stake in this controversy. When a president claims the inherent power of both legislation and enforcement, he becomes a virtual government unto himself. He is not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system; he becomes the very danger that the Constitution was designed to avoid."

Our country, our government, our economy, our society and culture, our rule of law, our national security cannot withstand over three more years of this president’s illegality, usurpation of the Constitution, phony-crony capitalist corruption, strategy of dividing Americans against each other, serial lying and dishonesty, and unrelieved failure and incompetence any longer.

He must step down.  He must put his country before his narcissistic self.  That is the demand every one of us must make, starting today.  That is what we must insist that every Republican in Congress – and any Democrat who wants to be reelected in 2014 – demands.

It must be on placards, posters, bumper stickers, and signs at protests.  It must become a chorus heard throughout the nation, the meme of our day.  We can do this.  For even if he refuses in his bottomless arrogance to accede to the demand, we will have delegitimized and emasculated his presidency.

It must be heard from the rooftops and at every cocktail party, have countless Facebook Likes, be on ten million Tweets, be stated at every press conference on the Capitol Steps, and at the conclusion of every floor speech in Congress: