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Warsaw, Poland. We killed it once, when it was disguised as the Soviet Union.  But vampires have this way of not staying dead, and it has risen again to suck the life blood out of any country it can sink its teeth into.

So it looks like we’re going to have to kill this creature all over again.  This time, let’s drive a wooden stake through its heart and end it for good.  Looks like the stake will be made in Poland.

Poland’s history is one of tragedies and triumphs. It starts in 966, when the chief of the Polan people, Mieszko (930-992), rejected the entreaties of other Slavic tribes to accept what was becoming the Russian Orthodox Church, and chose to be baptized as a Roman Catholic instead.

It was a momentous decision that turned his people towards the West, rather than the East.  Miesko’s son Bronislaw created Poland as a Christian nation, with Pope John XIX declaring him the first King of Poland in 1025, and the Poles starting to participate in Western culture.

The young nation waxed and waned for the next three centuries under such rulers as Ladislaus the Elbow-High (1261-1333).  He was very short.

But Ladislaus laid the groundwork for the creation of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania that was one of the largest states in Europe for 400 years (1385-1772).  It was also one of the freest, with religious tolerance (no Catholic-Protestant wars, Jews were welcome), and a form of democracy with a parliament (the Sejm) that elected the king.

The greatest Polish King, Jan Sobieski (1629-1696), is also one of the greatest heroes in the history of Western Civilization.  In a word, he saved it.

Sobieski was a military genius who had made a career of inflicting terrible defeats on Moslem Cossacks, Tatars, and Turks of the Ottoman Empire.  In 1674, the Sejm (pronounced same) elected him king.  In 1682, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet IV as the Caliph of all Islam decided now was the time to realize the great Moslem dream and conquer all of Christian Europe for the glory of Allah.

The Sultan ordered his Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha to lead an army of overwhelming force to destroy Vienna, the great obstacle in his way.  By July 1683, 140,000 Ottoman soldiers were at the gates of Vienna.  Intimidated by Vienna’s fortifications, Mustafa settled in for a siege.  By September the Viennese were starving.

With the fate of Christendom at stake, Sobieski crossed the Danube above Vienna on September 6 with 23,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry – the famed and feared Winged Hussars – where he was joined by a force of 18,000 from German states organized by Pope Innocent XI, and 30,000 of the Hapsburg Emperor Leopold I.

Placed in command of the entire force, Sobieski ordered the infantry to attack before dawn the morning of September 12.  Although outnumbered 3-to-1, the Christians fought the Moslems to a standstill for 12 hours.  Sobieski had massed his cavalry on the hill of Kahlenberg overlooking the battle.  By late afternoon, he judged the Ottoman soldiers were becoming exhausted, and gave the signal.

Twenty thousand armed horsemen galloped down the slopes of Kahlenberg, the largest cavalry charge in history, with Sobieski and his Polish lancers at the lead.  The cavalry trampled the Ottomans and made straight for their camps.

Kara Mustafa fled out of his tent and barely escaped with his life (it didn’t last long – the Sultan ordered him strangled).  The Moslem threat to Europe was over.  Sobieski wrote a letter to Pope Innocent XI, paraphrasing Julius Caesar:

Venimus, Vidimus, Deus vincit” –  We came, We saw, God conquered.

Here, in Warsaw’s Royal Baths Park, is the statue of Sobieski trampling the Turks at Vienna:


So Poland saved the West, but the quickest drying liquid known to science is tears of gratitude.

All through the 18th century, Poland’s neighbors employed a divide et impera strategy, culminating in a conspiracy between Frederick II of Prussia (1712-1786), Catherine II of Russia (1729-1796), and Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780) to partition Poland among them in 1772.

The man who oversaw the extinction of his country was Poland’s last king, Stanislaw Poniatowski, who ruled from 1764 to 1795.  The man who fought to prevent it was Poland’s great patriot, Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817) – or Thaddeus Kosciusko here in the US where there are many memorials to him for being a hero of our Revolutionary War.

After the First Partition, he emigrated to America, became a close friend of Jefferson’s and Washington’s chief engineer of defenses all the way through Yorktown.  Congress made him a Brigadier General and US Citizen.

But he went back to Poland to rebuild its army against Russia, which invaded in 1792.  He won every battle but Poniatowski treacherously surrendered, whereupon Prussia and Russia divided most of what remained of Poland in a Second Partition (1793).

He then led a huge national revolt known to history as the Kosciuszko Uprising, which came close to succeeding until the Russkies captured and imprisoned him.  Russia, Prussia, and Austria then completely carved the country up in a Third Partition in 1795, whereupon Poland ceased to exist.

Kosciuszko remains revered as Poland’s National Hero.  Portraits of him show him to bear a striking resemblance to movie matinee idol Victor Mature (1913-1999).

The Poles rebelled futilely against their Austrian, Prussian/German, and especially Russian colonial masters in 1830, 1846, 1848, 1860, and 1863; their language, culture, and religion violently repressed; they revolted again in 1905, and were forced to fight for their three masters in World War I at a cost of 1,128,000 Poles killed.

The bright side of WWI was that all three masters were defeated, allowing President Woodrow Wilson to demand full Polish independence, recognized by the League of Nations in 1919.  Lenin ordered the Red Army of now-Communist Russia to immediately attack.

But just-reborn Poland had the luck to have as its president a brilliant general, Jozef Pilsudski, who so skillfully counterattacked and defended Warsaw that the Soviet Russians sued for peace in October 1920.

Lenin’s dream of conquering Poland as a stepping stone to conquering Europe for Communism was over – once again a Pole saved Europe.  After 148 years since 1772, Poland was free once more – but only for 19 years.

On September 1, 1939, Hitler’s Nazi Army invaded from the west.  On September 17, Stalin’s Red Army invaded from the east. In April-May 1940, the entire Polish Officer Corps and thousands of Polish soldiers and civilians (25,700 in all) were slaughtered under Stalin’s direct order in the Katyn Massacre.

When Hitler invaded Soviet Russia in June of 1941, Poland was completely Nazi-occupied.  Some five million Polish citizens were killed during World War II, including some three million Polish Jews.

Near the end of the war, the Red Army invaded, and Stalin seized the whole country.  Poland was in Russia’s colonial clutches yet again.  After over 30 years, its grip weakened in October 1978, when the Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Karol Jozef Wojtyla, became Pope John Paul II.

It weakened more when an electrician at the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk named Lech Walesa formed a “Solidarity” labor movement in 1980.

The unraveling had begun.  As the Soviet Union itself disintegrated, so did the governing Polish Communist Party.  In November 1990, Lech Walesa was elected President of Poland.

Today, Poland is experiencing its longest period of freedom for 240 years.  It is bursting with optimism, energy, entrepreneurship, and opportunity.

Since 2009, it has enjoyed the highest GDP growth in the EU – and 4.4% in the 1st quarter of 2011. It has smartly kept its own currency (the zloty), staying out of the collapsing eurozone while staying in the EU.  And now, its economy is set to rocket.

Yet all this while, the Russian Vampire has striven to keep its fangs sunk in Polish flesh.  The primary way it does so is through control of Polish energy supplies.

It gets seriously cold in Poland in the winter.  The primary fuel Poles use not to freeze and to cook their food is natural gas – two-thirds of which is imported from Russia.  Putin and his KGB thugs running Russia are determined to maintain this dependency – which is rapidly coming to an end.

This is made possible by the technology that is game-changing the world, hydraulic fracturing of shale deposits or “fracking.”

It turns out that Poland may have the highest recoverable shale gas reserves in Europe – 5.3 trillion cubic meters.  That is 300 years’ supply at current usage.

That figure of 5.3tcm is from the US Energy Information Administration – and note it is for recoverable reserves, immediately extractable with current technology.  The EIA estimates that Poland has a total of 22.45tcm in all, which lasts Poland for a over a thousand years.

Goodbye dependence on Russia.  The Poland Gas Rush is on.  Conoco-Phillips, Marathon, Exxon, Chevron, and several others are drilling right now.  Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced this week (9/26) in the Warsaw Business Journal that Poland will be commercially producing shale gas by 2014, and be on a path to not only full energy independence (i.e., from Russia), but to being a major exporter of gas (i.e., in direct competition with Russia).

So how does the Russian Vampire keep its teeth in Poland?  The clues lie in that Warsaw Business Journal article.  Look at the section entitled “Local Issues,” and you’ll read this:

“Exploiting shale gas is very detrimental for municipalities,” said Mariusz Sagan, director of the department of strategy and investors services for the city of Lublin.  The region around Lublin is believed to sit on top of some of Poland’s largest shale gas deposits…

Mr. Sagan was bribed to say that.  He’s on the Kremlin’s payroll.  I strongly suggested to my business friends here in Warsaw that they request an official inquiry into Mr. Sagan’s bank accounts.

And Mr. Sagan is far from alone.  The KGB (or the FSB as it calls itself now) is conducting an absolutely massive bribery and blackmail program, targeting officials and journalists in Poland, Germany, and all through Europe, to “persuade” them to oppose and demonize fracking.

This goes all the way from minor bureaucrats in Lublin to the Energy Commissioner of the European Union, Guenther Oettinger. Earlier this month (9/09), he announced – in Wroclaw, Poland, to be sure there was no doubt to whom he was talking – the EU would be issuing permissions and rules for EU countries regarding shale gas extraction.  Herr Oettinger is on the Kremlin’s payroll.

Yesterday (9/28), the Polish government responded:  “Poland would veto any attempt by the European Union to create pan-European laws to regulate the shale gas sector.”  Note that the announcement came from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is headed by Radek Sikorski.

If there’s one guy the Russians will never be able to bribe, it’s Radek.  I’ve known him since we compared notes on our experiences with the Afghan Mujahaddin in the 1980s.  He’s 100% FTC and his integrity is unbreachable.

Millions of Poles back Radek up.  The hatred Poles have for Russia and their determination to be free of its domination is marrow-deep.  The mayor of the small town of Lebien, Elizbieta Riega, is one of them.  When asked by a Brit reporter if she was worried about her town being near a shale gas drill site, she told him:

“I hear about people who don’t want these kinds of things, but it gives us a chance to free ourselves from Russia. We aren’t worried at all.”  Spoken like a true Pole.

Russia’s efforts to bribe Poles are failing.  They are now focusing on Germany, where Gerhard Schröder has been on Russia’s payroll since he was Chancellor (1998-2005), and now directs bribes to German officials, environmental groups, and journalists as a board member of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline project.

Trouble is, the Russkies haven’t got the technological know-how to get enough gas out of the Siberian permafrost to fill the pipeline, and no Western company that does trusts them enough to do business with them.  No, the Gas Rush is in Poland.  Polish gas exported to Germany next door will be a lot cheaper than Nord Stream Russian and there’ll be a lot more of it.

Polish gas will liberate all of Eastern and Central Europe from Russian gas dependence. Further, the amount of shale gas being discovered elsewhere, extractable at a cost that the Russians cannot hope to match, simply takes Russia out of the gas game – and gas is what props up the entire Russian economy.

Two examples.  Now there will be some real holes drilled into Blackburn, Lancashire in Britain – not just the Beatles’ 4000 potholes – with the discovery of 200 trillion cubic feet (5.7tcm, roughly same as Poland) of recoverable shale gas. ( Note the protests – financed with Kremlin rubles.)  As Britain uses some 3.3tcf a year, this find alone is over 60 years’ supply.

Or how about Ohio?  You’ve heard of giants like the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, but now there’s the Utica Shale which could create over 200,000 jobs in Ohio alone in the next four years.

Yes, Zero and his Interior Department have placed a chokehold on US energy production, but no, he’s not on the Russian payroll.  He’s just a willing Useful Idiot for the Krelim, as he’s motivated by the primal hate Marxist Fascists have for America.

But he is going to lose, just like all the bribed officials in Europe, and all the Luddite eco-fascist environmental groups too happy to take Russian money to be anti-fracking.  The amount of money and the number of jobs fracking is creating simply overwhelms their phony arguments, no matter how much they are paid to make them.

Just as abundant cheap clean energy is the key to America’s economic resurgence, so it is for Europe.  Zero is doing everything he can to prevent this in America, and he will be swept away in 2012.  Russia is doing everything it can to prevent this in Europe.

The key to Russia’s survival is the Kremlin’s capacity to control gas supplies to Europe.  Poland’s shale gas ends this capacity, driving a stake into the Russian Vampire.  For the third time, Poland is coming to Europe’s rescue.  This is a great time to be here in Warsaw.

Ps:  Enjoy this video of Sobieski at Vienna