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This is a first.  An opportunity for an extraordinary adventure has just arisen.  Ordinarily, I’d tell you all about it.  But I can’t – that’s what makes this a Mystery Adventure.

I can tell you the dates:  November 7 to 19.  That’s leaving the US and return, door-to-door.  I can tell you the cost:  $6,650.  That’s everything except international airfare.

But I can’t tell you where.  Except to say that when you get back, it will blow your every friend’s mind.  "You went where!?" they’ll all ask in jaw-dropping amazement.

I can’t tell you the itinerary.  Except to say that once you see the pictures, you will be astounded that these places exist.

I can tell you that we’ll be safe and secure.  I can tell you that there is now a window of opportunity during which the welcome mat has been laid down for us.  This is why we must carpe diem, seize the day and opportunity, for who knows when it might arise again.

Thus far, I have only told a few friends about this who have traveled with me often before.  They understand why I cannot make this public.  Yet, being TTPers themselves, they have suggested that I tell all TTPers about it, however elliptically.

This is because I have three spaces left and I’m running out of time.  There are no special requirements, as the Mystery Adventure is not physically rigorous, you only need normal good health. There is no camping — we’ll stay in the best hotels and dine in the best restaurants in the country.  It is for men and women, couples and singles.  

This is an adventure of thousands of years of culture and history, and as timely as current events get.  It is one of breathtaking natural beauty and eye-opening wonder at how friendly and pro-American people on the street are.  It is an experience you will never ever forget.

Here’s the deal.  I’ll send you a Powerpoint PDF of the Mystery Adventure – it’s a big 5.8MB file due to the photos – if you personally request it and provide your TTP bonafides.  Like how long you’ve been a TTPer and why.  Frankly, I have to be very sure of who I bring with me.

Let me know at [email protected] or Miko at [email protected].

Please, though, don’t make the request unless you’re sure you can make the dates – November 7-19 – and the cost — $6,650.  Yet if you can handle both, better let me know right now.  There’s no time to spare.

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