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mitt-collapseMitt Romney is thoroughly damaged by Trump derangement.  This has been evident for a long time over the last four years, but his vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson is a bridge too far.

For a man of the Mormon faith to accept a judge who is perennially partial to purveyors of child pornography is incomprehensible.  How does a man with five sons and twenty-four grandchildren suffer from the same Woke blind spot as Judge Jackson?

Only his hatred of all things Trumpian, like common sense, can explain such an appalling breach of American values, let alone Mormon values.

He is a carpetbagger, but he represents the state in which Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and held hostage for nine months!  One would think he would be crucially sensitive to the sexual abuse of young children.  But apparently not.  He, like the ever-on-the-fence Susan Collins and eternal RINO Lisa Murkowski, has voted to confirm Judge Jackson.

Bottom line?  These three traitors to their constituents need to be voted out of office.  They’ve revealed themselves to be members of the Left, the Globalist Elite who are dedicated to the wholesale destruction of America as founded.

Romney and Murkowski seem to revel in their betrayal.  As for Susan Collins?  Inexplicable but for the fact that she has no children of her own.  But who among us cannot imagine the horror of child sex trafficking?

Romney’s duplicity can be explained only by his vitriolic animosity for President Trump, who won the presidency in 2016, whereas Romney lost to Obama in 2012.  Mitt believes himself to be far, far superior to the equally wealthy but more savvy Trump.

He does not seem to realize that this country was better off throughout Trump’s four years than under Clinton, Bush, Obama, and the wretched Biden.

Romney then seemed the perfect solution to the “manage the decline” attitude of the Obama administration.  How wrong those of us who supported him were.  He’s just another go-along-to-get-along establishment pol, rich and always wanting to be richer.  Many conservatives likely have more respect for Nixon than they do Romney at this moment in time.

What is it about people like Biden, Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore, McConnell, Feinstein, etc., all of whom have been willing to and continue to sell out their nation for more power and more money?

The possible answer is that they all lack character; they are all empty suits, devoid of any shred of decency or self-awareness.

Like the globalists in Davos, who see themselves as superior beings meant to rule the world and to be in charge of how the rest of us peons live our lives, people like Romney have only contempt for people not of their financial class.  Don’t bother them about pedophiles and child pornography; they do not care about the victims or the perps.  They cannot grasp why Normals are offended by their lack of concern.

Romney’s purported religious faith must be fake; if it were real and true, he would be unable to vote to confirm Jackson.

Mormons dictate that adults protect children, their physical safety, and their innocence.  The American Left has vigorously tossed that particular value aside.  That is what Judge Jackson’s leniency for sexual predators proves beyond a reasonable doubt.

Biden has gone so far as to support hormones and surgeries for minor children who may or may not be suffering from gender dysphoria.

Activist groups on the Left have long sought to normalize pedophilia since the days of NAMBLA, which is still operating.  But it was not until Biden became president that the entire Democrat party joined together openly to make pedophilia, the sexual grooming of very young children (a federal offense), and transgenderism essential to their platform.

In just fifteen months, the sexualization of children has become the Biden administration’s most pressing issue.  The Left does not believe in parental rights.

Of the three finalists for Biden’s pick for SCOTUS, only Judge Jackson has a record of decriminalizing users and distributors of child pornography.  We know for a fact that two of those to whom she gave minimal sentences re-offended, one of them for child rape.

This disgusting record of Judge Jackson on this issue and now the Democrat party at large flies in the face of the values of the vast majority of Americans.

Biden’s military is being eviscerated by the same nonsense — an obsession with putting the needs and wants of LGBT persons above all else.  They are destroying women’s sports by demanding that men be allowed to compete as women.  So offensive is this stand that Democrats who vote to confirm Jackson might lose their seats.

Romney’s, Murkowski’s, and Collins’s vote to confirm Jackson is insult upon the injury perpetrated by the Democrat party.  How did we get here?

Our media buried Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is loaded with proof of various perversions, not to mention evidence of many serious financial crimes.  Did Biden select Jackson because he expects his son’s case to someday come before the Court?  He seems to think “everyone” knows someone who has sent or received naked pictures of friends or acquaintances!

The anti-grooming bill that passed in Florida says nothing about “gay.”  It simply bans the teaching of any sexual topics to K to 3rd-grade children.  The Disney company is horrified by this bit of common sense and has joined the Democrats in support of presenting children ages five and up with lessons on sex and transgenderism, knowing full well that they are not old enough to grasp the adult nature of those issues.

That is grooming.  These radical leftists no longer accept the fact that biological sex is inborn, evident before birth.

The Democrats have bought into Black Lives Matter’s hatred of the nuclear family.  Perhaps that is what this is all about: to bring about the destruction of America by blowing up the very concept of the family.  The Democrats — and perhaps those three Republicans — support exactly that.


Patricia McCarthy is a TTPer of many years and writes for RealClearPolitics and American Thinker.  She teaches numerous courses on professional ethics for CPAs, and has won awards for her photography and poetry.