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David Ben-Gurion and the Jewish Agency established the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948, with the backing of the United Nations and particularly Britain. The United States immediately recognized them.

The initial effort had started years before, with the Balfour Declaration, in which Britain supported and helped establish a national homeland for Jews in Palestine.

Israel was established according to “international law.”


Within 24 hours of Israel declaring independence, it was attacked.

Israel survived, and also survived more wars in 1956, 1967, and 1973—despite their adversaries getting bountiful shipments of arms from the Communist Bloc, as well as some Western nations.

Israel would show down with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (fronted by Otto Skorzeny’s alumnus Yasser Arafat) in 1982 and in Lebanon again in 2006 versus Iran’s proxy Hezbollah.

Throughout the time discussed here, Israel was subjected to other cross-border small unit and terror attacks too numerous to name, and perfidy from many ostensibly democratic nations, to include France and Britain ripping them off over the Mirage fighter and the Chieftain tank.


Israel, despite its victories in the major wars, and surviving the long one with few good friends alongside, has been magnanimous to the losers; passing up opportunities to hold conquered land including the entire Sinai Peninsula.

They also allowed the hostile Arab residents to remain in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to hold the Temple Mount following the Six Day War.

None of these locations have gotten more peaceful for it.

Proving further that no good deed goes unpunished, the Gaza Strip was unilaterally released by Israel in 2005 in a “land for peace” overture only to have it be controlled by Hamas in 2007 and turned into an offensive base worthy of an Alistair MacLean novel, from which to attack Israel.


If history had been otherwise—with Arab victories in any of the above wars or actions—Israel would now be extinct.  Another Holocaust would have followed Arab victory.

Still today, Arabs are at best lukewarm towards any normalization with Israel, while it is the intent of a significant numberPersian Iran (and an increasing number of ignorant college students) to wipe Israel from the map and kill everyone Jewish in it.

Hamas’s most notorious effort—and last mistake—came during the October 7, 2023 terror attack.

The worst display of violence since the Holocaust against noncombatant Israeli men, women, and children ensued around the Gaza Strip, resulting in almost 1,200 Israeli dead and 239 hostages taken.

It was as bad as anything the Einsatzgruppen, Khmer Rouge, or the terrorists of 9-11 did.

An equivalent attack in the United States for the population size would have meant 40,000 Americans dead.


Israel responded by invading Gaza and piecemealing Hamas from the ground and air in a military effort that is being considered historic for its surgical precision and avoidance of civilian casualties.

Israel’s Herculean patience with assorted past “peace processes” conducted with “Palestinians” and enemies around the compass have not moved its most determined enemies in Teheran, Damascus, Cairo, and elsewhere to give up their decades-long avowed goal of turning Israel into a giant Auschwitz.

Despite furious efforts not to say the quiet part out loud, most “Palestinian” people in Gaza and the West Bank supported the October 7th attacks.


This situation has become a moral Immovable Object for the world.

Israel has done everything possible to live normally alongside the other peoples and nations in the region, and, aside from some recent success, has usually been met with unrelenting hostility and violence.

Disarmament and kindness have been met with massacres.

Tolerance has been answered with rocks and bombs.

Peace efforts have not quelled war.

The conflict’s pressures have burned away all pretenses and laid bare basic questions of truth versus lies, strength versus weakness, and right versus wrong.

Israeli benevolence stands in stark contrast to the naked nihilism and hatred of Israel’s enemies.

Does peace truly mean peace—or a break between rocket barrages?

How does one have peace with someone who swears they will annihilate you?

Is it genocide to defend yourself against them?


On the shores of Israel, the world’s moral waves break.  If one looks at Israel and finds fault with their defensive acts despite their history of being constantly besieged, or can rationalize why it is somehow justifiable for their attackers to destabilize the Middle East with an almost eighty-year vendetta against this small country while claiming to be victims, one’s morality is not the type that once prevailed in the United States and in the enlightened institutions of the West.

It should not have surprised us, then, that His Royal Senescence and most “Western” leaders of the day are having such a problem deciding which horse to back here.

A historically unprecedented festival of equivocation and double talk has prevailed as they have simultaneously tried to rehabilitate Hamas and Israel’s enemies while saying Israel has a right to defend itself.


They appear to use the same process here that they come up with for matters such as “community violence prevention.”

In this view originating from the Airborne Fourth Point of Contact, the bad guys are actually good, or at least understandable.  It’s wrong to refuse to respect the other side’s view—particularly if your existence is at stake.

Money and convenience beat right and wrong.  You can fight people while helping them.

It’s not terrorists that are bad, but rather, weapons.  Treats can make bad people good.

Instead of black and white, there is a grey goo before us.


All the while the actual point is to forward an incoherent but doubtlessly evil globalist agenda and fool enough of the people enough of the time, or cheat, in order to stay in power.

But this time, their plastic banana ways may have met their match.

Iran is determined to wipe out Israel, as are their proxies.

Israel is as determined to defend itself, and will not be shamed to death or stopped by fifteen-day waiting periods on bombs.

It is clear that many Middle Eastern residents would not mind seeing Israel destroyed, even if they would let others do the dirty work.

The world is being pushed harder towards the Immovable Object, and the pablum and tricks intended for the streets of Chicago or Boston or Paris are falling apart against an array of nations that see themselves in an existential struggle in which there can be no quarter—one side, a symbol of enlightenment and humanity, and the other, a culture of death that can only hate, lie, and destroy.


Aside from all of this, there is a burning question of how the U.S. or the West would react to an October 7th style massacre in their own cities given what we have heard and seen in this case.

Perhaps Israel’s critics will ignore history and the stated intentions of so many of these terrorists to duplicate these feats here and in Europe—until they can’t.

Choices must be made and lived with, and sitting on the fence is becoming increasingly uncomfortable in an adult diaper.


Mark Deuce has had a life-long career in community law enforcement. He is the author of Deuces Wild for TTP.