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On Tuesday (5/31), Ron Paul announced that "we are on the verge of having way too much dictatorship in Washington, D.C."  Verge?  Verge??

The time is way past for verging.  Our Federal Government has already become a dictatorship run by a criminal conspiracy calling itself a political party – just as the totalitarian conspiracy of Islamism calls itself a religion.

We owe no respect whatever to a fascist ideology posing as a religion – and we owe no respect whatever to a criminal gang posing as a political party.

The time is way past for ending the charade.  If it is not ended now – if the Democrat Gang retains the White House in 2012 – then game over for America.

We’ll itemize a few of the legion of examples of the Gang’s criminality – but at the outset, let’s clearly state the purpose here. 

It is of mortal importance for our future that we deny legitimacy to the Democrats.  They are not a legitimate political party advocating legitimate political goals.  They are a collection of looters, gangsters, thugs, extortionists, hustlers, shakedown specialists, scam artists, smooth-talking con-men, and mafiosi.  All banded together to steal our money and control our lives with guns.

The monumentality of Democrats’ corruption is overwhelming.  They are a criminal conspiracy, not a political organization, and they belong in jail, not Capitol Hill or the White House.

The current leader of the Democrat Gang, Barack Hussein Obama, is a Chicago mobster for whom "the law" is only a device to extort money and power.  The current Exhibit A is Waivergate, his policy of using waivers from ObamaCare to reward his cronies and punish his foes.

It is little wonder that the Gang’s leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, is ObamaCare’s Waiver Queen.

One of Pelosi’s principal partners in crime is Barney Frank.  No one is more responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis and 2008 meltdown of the entire economy than him – and now it turns out he used the government scams known as Fannie and Freddie to benefit his homosexual boyfriends and himself.

The IBD says this should be a slam-dunk case for resignation from Congress – it should also be one for prison.

Or take "Global Warming."  Warmism is not a genuine scientific theory – it is a criminal conspiracy run by the Democrats to extort trillions of dollars from the private economy by paying scientists billions in grant money stolen from taxpayers to come up with phony research and GIGO computer models.

Last week, Richard Rahn mentioned the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which, according to Treasury, "requires overseas financial institutions to identify U.S. account holders and report account information directly to the IRS, including the account balance."

It’s actually much worse than that.  It was slipped into HR 2847, the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment or HIRE Act signed into law by Zero in March of 2010.  It is a clear indication of the level of fascism the Democrats have planned for us.

Here is one of HR 2847’s provisions as described on the IRS website:

FATCA will also require foreign financial institutions ("FFIs") to… withhold and pay over to the IRS 30-percent of any payments of U.S. source income, as well as gross proceeds from the sale of securities that generate U.S. source income, made to (a) non-participating FFIs, (b) individual accountholders failing to provide sufficient information to determine whether or not they are a U.S. person, or (c) foreign entity accountholders failing to provide sufficient information about the identity of its substantial U.S. owners.

What this means in reality is that as of January 1, 2013 when this law takes effect, any money you send internationally as a bank wire – personally, say to pay for an overseas vacation, or for a business expense – your bank will add a 30% tax (the recipient FFI will demand this to save it the hassle).

What this means as a consequence is that your local bank will simply stop offering wiring money internationally as one of its services.  Your money will remain trapped in the US where it can be targeted by the Gang.

Of course this is unconstitutional.  90% (at least) of what the Federal Government does is unconstitutional.  There is no enumerated power for FACTA’s provisions any more than there is for the EPA or the BLM.  This is what makes the Democrats a Gang, not a Party.

As Pelosi Galore sneered at a reporter when asked where in the Constitution was the authority for ObamaCare, "Are you kidding me?  Are you kidding me?"

Outlaws and criminals have, by definition, no regard for laws and have no intention of obeying them.  The only purpose of the "laws" the Democrats pass is to use them as a weapon to steal money from taxpayers and control their lives.

Well, if the Democrats feel no obligation to obey the Constitution, what obligation have we to obey their unconstitutional laws?  Indeed, the edicts they pass and our gangster president signs are out-laws, not legitimate laws at all.

What about the Republicans? 

First, they are an actual political party with political, not criminal, goals.  There may be among them individuals desirous of office for criminal gain, but they are in the minority, instead of the majority of Democrats.

Often, they are the bullied or intimidated accomplices to Democrat criminality.  More often, they simply do not possess the courage of their convictions.  The townspeople of High Noon afraid to stand behind Gary Cooper come to mind.

This is why what is critically needed in 2012 is the antithesis of a Republican Establishment candidate such as Romney.  Someone crazy ballsy enough to go straight at that Establishment while slitting Democrat throats with a smile.  Someone crazy brilliant enough to turn pompous enemedia journalists into panicked paparazzi.  Anyone come to mind?

The fundamental event that must take place, however, is not an election.  It is a change in perspective leading to a decision.  What created the American Revolution was not any decision by the colonists to fight the Crown.  It was first a change in their perspective on the legitimacy of the British Crown to rule over them.

Only when the American Colonists decided that the British Crown had lost its moral authority to rule them could they then achieve their freedom.

Only when a sufficient number of Americans today look upon the Democrat "Party" as an illegitimate criminal conspiracy to steal their money and ruin their lives, decide any laws or regulations they pass are not binding upon them, and deny their authority to rule them will we begin to regain the freedom we once had and have now lost.

This will not be easy and will take time.  The struggle may be dire.  The Gang has made vast millions of voters dependent upon stolen money, turning them into parasites, moochers, and rent-seekers who will turn to violence once deprived of their subsidies and "entitlements."  We must be willing and prepared to repulse such violence.

The fascist scam of stolen money buying moocher votes is not legitimate democracy.  Those elected via this scam have no legitimate authority over us. Once again, the fundamental issue is legitimacy.  Deny the Democrat Gang legitimacy.  Do this, and freedom follows.  Do not, and freedom shall not.