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Folks, I am really trying to get a grip on myself right now.  Thank heavens I have TTPers to whom I can write and will understand.  Many of you if not most may be going through something similar. I have been trying to write and post TTP articles since last November with some sense of objectivity and dispassion. Today the dam burst.

Earlier today (9/07), we posted Ice Cream Joe’s Culture of Death.  It starts by referring to a sermon ereyesterday (Sunday 9/05) by Pastor Jack Graham at Dallas’ Prestonwood Baptist Church paying tribute to the Martyred Thirteen at the Kabul Airport.


The TTP article then segues to Pastor Graham’s praise of the “culture of life” Texas Heartbeat Law.  But before he did, Pastor Graham had his audience watch a video of US Congressmen who had served in Afghanistan themselves talking about what the loss of these thirteen Service Members meant to them.

Watching it, I simply broke down.

First, all the memories I have of all the times I spent with the Afghan Mujahaddin in the 1980s welled up inside me – all the firefights and getting shot at, all the experiences I had with men who made me their brother fighting to rid their country from the world’s curse of the Communist Soviet Union.

Second, all the bitterness came back over the CIA betraying the Muj and allowing Afghanistan to be taken over by Pakistan-supported stone-age “Taliban” and Al Qaeda, resulting in 9/11.  Recall that no one at the CIA, including DCI George Tenet, was fired for this.

Third and most of all, was the full realization of the pain my son Brandon was going through, who, as a USMC Captain led his 2/6 Marines in seven months of daily combat in Helmand Province.

His best friend was killed right next to him by a Taliban sniper on patrol.  What is he to think of the sacrifices his fellow Marines made, and now betrayed, tossed in the trash can by a Benedict Arnold in the White House who was allowed to steal the presidency of the United States?

What am I?  What are you? What is any patriot who loves America?

The dam has burst.  Let’s be clear.  The government of the United States, from the White House to the State Department to the FBI to the CIA to the Pentagon, has been seized by traitors, with all of their top leadership guilty of treason.

What is to be done?  Frankly, I don’t know – except to state the truth, and advocate peaceful non-violent solutions, such as civil disobedience.

In any regard, here is the video that caused by emotional dam to burst.  It may do the same to you.