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pence-decision-criticalI am still in Bali, 13 hours ahead of Washington DC.  It’s getting late at night here while it’s only mid-morning on this fateful day of January 6.  Early tomorrow morning Rebel and I will begin the long process of flying back home.  So I can report only what is happening now, before Mike Pence decides America’s fate.

What has happened is the Dems have stolen the two Senate seats in Georgia – which means Pence “coming through for us” is more mortally critical than before.  For his doing so is no longer just winning the presidency – it’s preventing Democrat Fascist Communists from being in total control of the entire federal government.

If the Dems get away with these latest election thefts in Georgia, the Senate will be tied 50-50 – meaning the Vice-President presides as President of the Senate to break a tie vote.  The only way to prevent Dems from completely controlling the Senate is to block Kamala Harris from being that tie-breaker.

But there’s more.  TTP old-timers will remember Senator Jesse Helms (1921-2008, Senator 1973-2003).  During the Reagan years I met him many times.  I’ve never forgotten him telling me that he would rather be Vice-President than President. He explained:

“Because the Vice-President is the President of the Senate when he chooses to attend, with plenary power as the presiding officer.  As such, he is the boss of the Majority Leader, he controls the agenda, who gets recognized and who isn’t, who is out of order, what bills are accepted, on and on.  No Vice-President has exercised the full power and authority over the Senate that he has – much more than the Majority Leader.  I would.”

Thus Pence, by ordering the suspension of the electoral count and turning over the choice of Electors in the seven disputed states back to the legislatures as the Constitution specifies, not only saves the presidency, he saves the Senate as well by presiding over it on a regular basis exercising his plenary power.

It’s late now for me and I must sign off.  In a few hours Pence’s historic decision will be known.  Will he choose poorly or will he  choose wisely?  The consequences are enormous.