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JW’s world travel map up 2013, needs updating to the present

JW’s world travel map up 2013, needs updating to the present

As you may know, I’ve had memorable experiences in every country in the world.  Ever since I was a young teenager, the world has been calling me to explore it – and I’ve been responding deeply to that call for well over sixty years now.

And yet… and yet… I must confess to you that I’ve barely begun, barely scratched the surface of the wondrousness of our Earth.

There is a literal endlessness to what there is to learn, witness and infuse your soul about the history, culture, people, and sheer magical beauty that surrounds our planet.

Can you feel it – the world calling you to experience and explore it?  The call may be loud and persistent. It may be faint, drowned out by the daily humdrum of life – or under the illusion that you’re too old or somehow unable.  But however loud or faint, it’s there in most of us – for how else did we humans populate the entire globe?   To seek, to know, to experience, to explore is a very deep part of what it is to be a human being.

The Call of the World is part of the glory of being human – of using our unique, unique of all life on earth, capacity for self-consciousness, of our human ability to appreciate and live in gratitude for being a part of this glorious Earth and Universe.

You know that for almost a half-century now that I’ve made a living enabling people to respond to the Call of the World.  This year, with the two year-long Dark Covid Winter ending, that response will be in the Himalayas, Central Asia, Atlantic Paradise Islands, and so much more.

I am hoping, of course, that you will be joining me on at least one of these explorations.  More than that, however, I want you to answer the Call of the World that most resonates within you.

Is there a forest, a scenic wonder, a historical town or place near you that you haven’t been to and wondered about?  Bet there is.  What about somewhere nearby that your kids or grandkids don’t know about and would think is very cool?

Whether the Call of the World in you is to the back of beyond or around the corner, life-memorable experiences await once you answer.  In all history that’s been or will be, our earthly existence happens only once for a tiny moment in time. I urge you to answer the Call of the World while you still have that time.  Carpe diem. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #187 photo ©Jack Wheeler)